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2013, take the road to Download

URIAH HEEP is delighted to be helping Download 2013 kick things off in style with an
appearance on the opening date, 14 June. This date has also had increased significance
for the band as Trevor Bolder, Heep’s long-serving bassist, has stated that he wants to be
back in harness for this show having been sidelined by surgery for pancreatic cancer.
The recovery of Bolder, of course a huge part of the Heep puzzle, and a former
Bowie/Ziggy band member, is going well. It looks like Heep will be able to welcome
him back, to take over from Dave Rimmer who is currently standing in for him, in the
near future.

In true Heep style, the gig schedule is as busy as ever. The ‘Nail On The Head’ tour has
already seen the band perform 10 acclaimed shows across the UK and the band will have
performed in 5 more European countries by the time the band take the Download stage!
And, of course, once that show is finished, it’s on to the next one with more European
and intercontinental shows to be announced soon.

Originally founded by guitarist Mick Box in 1969, Uriah Heep is truly one of the pivotal
classic acts that helped define the rock sound and an era. Part of the fabled ‘Big Four’
alongside Zeppelin, Sabbath and Purple, the Heep story still has a long way to go. With
classic songs like ‘Lady In Black’, ‘Gypsy’, ‘Easy Livin’’and ‘Stealin’’ full of ambition,
sophisticated writing, memorable tunes and, of course, the vocals - the 5 part harmonies
were a clear influence on the operatics of Queen. Uriah Heep was the first Western rock
band to perform in Russia, they have headlined at stadiums worldwide: truly they’ve
ensured their place at Rock’s top table.

With Mick Box always at the helm, Uriah Heep tours all over the world and is one of
music’s most exciting and reliable live acts. In a more-than-40-year career Uriah Heep
has released 23 studio-albums and sold more than 40 million units; the most recent
release was 2011’s ‘Into The Wild’ - Today’s line-up is settled as Mick Box
(Guitar/Vocals), Bernie Shaw (Lead Vocal), Trevor Bolder (illness-permitting,
Bass/Vocals), Phil Lanzon (Keys/Vocals) and Russell Gilbrook (Percussion/Vocals).
There’s more new music to come soon. Uriah Heep – still “Very ’eavy, very humble”.

Still unmissable.

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