Updated : November 26th, 2018

All research and documentation compiled by Konstantinos Takos. As long as you have obtained permission from Konstantinos, you can then use any of this information only for non-commercial purposes and provided that you will mention the original source. Commercial utilization of this work (even partially) is strictly prohibited.

"AUDIO": An audio recording exists. Do you know of any other Uriah Heep recordings? Please let us know at gigs@uriah-heep.com

Feb 14 - Imperial College, London (w/ Junior's Eyes)
Feb 17 - Festival Pop, Chelmsford, Essex (w/ Lloyd and Dear Mr Time)
Feb 21 - St Mary’s College, Twickenham (w/ Deep Purple) {last show as "Spice"}

Mar 20 - Technical College, Salisbury

Apr 26 - Roundhouse, London (w/ Sunforest, Kilborn Tentet, Tony Crerar (mime show), Georgia Brown, David Benedictus, Ivor Cutler, John Clees & Tim Brooke-Taylor, Floating Sun, Mark McCann, Delivery, Mother's Dead Face, Grots Bag, Asgard, Alexis Kanner, Pan's People (dancers), Annie Ross, Spontaneous Music Ensemble and the Mike Westbrook Band)

May 16 - The Institute, Braintree, Essex ("Four Group Charity Dance" w/ Gracious, Lloyd and Dear Mr Time) photos
May 19 - Marquee, London (w/ Hardin & York)

Jun 08 - Marquee, London (w/ Gracious)
Jun 20 - Derby Platz Klein Flottbeck, Hamburg, Germany ("Big Gig Open Air Festival" w/ Black Sabbath, Steamhammer, East Of Eden, Humble Pie, Rare Bird and Gentle Giant)
Jun 21 - Derby Platz Klein Flottbeck, Hamburg, Germany ("Big Gig Open Air Festival" w/ Colosseum, Family, Renaissance, Juicy Lucy, Pete Brown & Piblokto and Keith Emerson)
Jun 27 - Brunel University, Uxbridge ("Six Hour Summer Special" w/ Matthews Southern Comfort, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, Mandragon, Jug Band, Pongos Litter and Eric Silk Jazzband)

Jul 01 - Resurrection Club, Salisbury
Jul 03 - Civic Hall, Birmingham
Jul 04 - Greyhound Stadium, Portsmouth ("Pop Day '70 - A Progressive Extravaganza" w/ The Keef Hartley Band, The Strawbs, Hookfoot, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, Affinity, Gypsy, Gentle Giant, Heaven, East Of Eden and Rosemary)
Jul 10 - Nagshead, Woolaston Northants
Jul 11 - Alex Disco, Salisbury {The show that inspired the title of the "Salisbury" album}
Jul 14 - Marlow Rooms, Sidcup
Jul 17 - Lyceum, London (w/ Formerly Fat Harry, Clark Hutchinson, Yes and Black Sabbath) {All-nighter show with Uriah Heep doing two sets}
Jul 18 - Youth Club, Billericay
Jul 26 - Wake Arms, Epping
Jul 30 - Revolution Club, London

Aug 01 - Burtons, Uxbridge (w/ Catfish)
Aug 07 - Mothers, Birmingham
Aug 08 - The Temple, London (w/ Charge and Misty)
Aug 10 - Marquee, London (w/ Czar)
Aug 17 - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 18 - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 24 - Speakeasy, London
Aug 28 - Star Hotel, Croydon (w/ Hog)
Aug 30 - Farx Club, Southall, Middlesex

Sep 05 - Beat Club, Langelsheim, Germany
Sep 06 - Müll Tonne Pop-Center, Hannover, Germany
Sep 11 - Reflections Club (Bassett Hotel), Southampton
Sep 12 - Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
Sep 13 - Wake Arms, Epping
Sep 18 - Avery Hill College, Eltham (w/ Amazing Grace, Information and Yes)
Sep 25 - Maryland, Glasgow

Oct 02 - The Temple, London (w/ Kripple Vision and Sweet Slag)
Oct 03 - Acid Palace, Uxbridge (w/ Ginger)
Oct 05 - Kings Head, Romford (w/ Nosha Brown)
Oct 09 - Electra House, Moorgate, London (w/ Trees)
Oct 10 - University, Sheffield (w/ Deep Purple)
Oct 16 - University of Sussex, Brighton (w/ Kevin Ayers and May Blitz)
Oct 17 - University College, London (w/ Argent)
Oct 19 - Auditorium Maximum, Hamburg, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band - Kevin Ayers cancelled)
Oct 22 - Heidelberg, Germany
Oct 23 - Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 24 - Limmathaus, Zurich, Switzerland (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 25 - Messegelände, Saarbrücken, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 26 - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 27 - Circus Krone, Munich, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 28 - Müll Tonne Pop-Center, Hannover, Germany
Oct 29 - Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band) {Cancelled}
Oct 30 - East Anglia University, Norwich (w/ Renaissance)
Oct 31 - Bradford (w/ Jan Dukes De Gray)
Oct 31 and Nov 01 - Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany ("International Festival" w/ Free, Spooky Tooth, Golden Earring, Cravinkel, Bronco, Cuby & The Blizzards, The Edgar Broughton Band, Insterburg & Co, Alexis Korner, Frumpy, Machine, Ekseption, P.T. Smoke, Kevin Ayers, Witthuser & Westrup and Brainbox) {Uriah Heep did not play}

Nov 01 - Liverpool
Nov 02 - Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton, London
Nov 05 - Locarno, Blackpool (w/ Stone Ground)
Nov 05 - Pavillion, West Rinton
Nov 06 - Nottingham
Nov 07 - Gala Ballroom, Norwich
Nov 10 - Bedford College, London
Nov 11 - Coopa Club, Northampton
Nov 13 - Polytechnic, Newcastle
Nov 14 - University, Leicester
Nov 20 - University, Exeter

Dec 05 - College, Bangor
Dec 12 - Imperial College, London (w/ T2)
Dec 16 - College, Bolton
Dec 23 - Aquarius, Harlow (w/ Atomic Rooster) {Probably cancelled}

German Tour
Dec 25 - Beat Club, Langelsheim {Iain Clark's debut}
Dec 26 - Cheyenne Club, Itzehoe
Dec 27 - Stadttheater, Bremerhaven
Dec 27 - Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg (w/ Second Life)
Dec 28 - Studio M, Minden
Dec 29 - Discothek 'Count Down', Berlin AUDIO
Set List: Bird Of Prey / Time To Live / So Nice / Dreammare / Simon The Bullet Freak / Salisbury / Gypsy
Dec 30 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt
Dec 31 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt

??? ?? - The Place, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent