Updated : June 24th, 2023

All research and documentation compiled by Konstantinos Takos. If you would like to contribute any material or memories, we would be glad to hear from you.

"AUDIO": An audio recording exists. Do you know of any other Uriah Heep recordings? Please let us know at gigs@uriah-heep.com

Feb 14 - Imperial College, London (w/ Matthews Southern Comfort)
Feb 17 - Festival Pop, Chelmsford (w/ Lloyd and Dear Mr Time)
Feb 21 - St Mary’s College, Twickenham (w/ Deep Purple) {last show as "Spice"}

Mar 20 - Technical College, Salisbury

Apr 26 - Roundhouse, London (w/ Sunforest, Kilborn Tentet, Tony Crerar (mime show), Georgia Brown, David Benedictus, Ivor Cutler, John Clees & Tim Brooke-Taylor, Floating Sun, Mark McCann, Delivery, Mother's Dead Face, Grots Bag, Asgard, Alexis Kanner, Pan's People (dancers), Annie Ross, Spontaneous Music Ensemble and the Mike Westbrook Band)

May 05 - BBC Maide Vale Studios, London AUDIO
Set List: Dreammare / Gypsy / Come Away Melinda
May 16 - The Institute, Braintree ("Four Group Charity Dance" w/ Gracious, Lloyd and Dear Mr Time) photos
May 19 - Marquee, London (w/ Hardin & York)

Jun 08 - Marquee, London (w/ Gracious)
Jun 20 - Derby Platz Klein Flottbeck, Hamburg, Germany ("Big Gig Open Air Festival" w/ Black Sabbath, Steamhammer, East Of Eden, Humble Pie, Rare Bird and Gentle Giant)
Jun 21 - Derby Platz Klein Flottbeck, Hamburg, Germany ("Big Gig Open Air Festival" w/ Colosseum, Family, Renaissance, Juicy Lucy, Pete Brown & Piblokto and Keith Emerson)
Jun 27 - Brunel University, Uxbridge ("Six Hour Summer Special" w/ Matthews Southern Comfort, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, Mandragon, Jug Band, Pongos Litter and Eric Silk Jazzband)

Jul 01 - Resurrection Club, Barnet, London
Jul 03 - Civic Hall, Birmingham
Jul 04 - Greyhound Stadium, Portsmouth ("Pop Day '70 - A Progressive Extravaganza" w/ The Keef Hartley Band, The Strawbs, Hookfoot, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, Affinity, Gypsy, Gentle Giant, Heaven, East Of Eden and Rosemary)
Jul 09 - Daventry Hill School, Daventry
Jul 10 - Nagshead, Woolaston Northants
Jul 11 - Alex Disco, Salisbury {The show that inspired the title of the "Salisbury" album}
Jul 14 - Marlow Rooms, Sidcup
Jul 17 - Lyceum, London (w/ Formerly Fat Harry, Clark Hutchinson, Yes and Black Sabbath) {All-nighter show with Uriah Heep doing two sets}
Jul 18 - Youth Club, Billericay
Jul 26 - Wake Arms, Epping
Jul 30 - Revolution Club, London

Aug 01 - Burtons, Uxbridge (w/ Catfish)
Aug 07 - Mothers, Birmingham (w/ David Symonds)
Aug 08 - The Temple, London (w/ Charge and Misty)
Aug 10 - Marquee, London (w/ Czar)
Aug 12 - The Castle, Tooting, London (w/ Bram Stoker)
Aug 17 - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 18 - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 24 - Speakeasy, London
Aug 28 - Star Hotel, Croydon (w/ Hog)
Aug 30 - Farx Club, Southall, Middlesex

Sep 05 - Beat Club, Langelsheim, Germany
Sep 06 - Müll Tonne Pop-Center, Hannover, Germany
Sep 11 - Reflections Club (Bassett Hotel), Southampton
Sep 12 - Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
Sep 13 - Wake Arms, Epping
Sep 18 - Avery Hill College, Eltham (w/ Amazing Grace, Information and Yes)
Sep 25 - Maryland, Glasgow
Sep 27 - Jazz Club (Coatham Hotel), Redcar (w/ Barclay James Harvest)

Sep or Oct - Catacombs, Wolverhampton

Oct 02 - BBC Maide Vale Studios, London
Set List: Salisbury / Bird Of Prey
Oct 02 - The Temple, London (w/ Kripple Vision and Sweet Slag)
Oct 03 - Acid Palace, Uxbridge (w/ Ginger)
Oct 05 - Kings Head, Romford (w/ Nosha Brown)
Oct 09 - Electra House, Moorgate, London (w/ Trees)
Oct 10 - University, Sheffield (w/ Deep Purple)
Oct 16 - University of Sussex, Brighton (w/ Kevin Ayers and May Blitz)
Oct 17 - University College, London (w/ Argent)
Oct 19 - Auditorium Maximum, Hamburg, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band - Kevin Ayers cancelled)
Oct 22 - Heidelberg, Germany
Oct 23 - Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 24 - Limmathaus, Zurich, Switzerland (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 25 - Messegelände, Saarbrücken, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 26 - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 27 - Circus Krone, Munich, Germany (w/ The Moody Blues and The Edgar Broughton Band)
Oct 28 - Müll Tonne Pop-Center, Hannover, Germany
Oct 29 - Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany (w/ The Edgar Broughton Band) {Cancelled}
Oct 30 - East Anglia University, Norwich (w/ Renaissance)
Oct 31 - Bradford (w/ Jan Dukes De Gray)
Oct 31 and Nov 01 - Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany ("International Festival" w/ Free, Spooky Tooth, Golden Earring, Cravinkel, Bronco, Cuby & The Blizzards, The Edgar Broughton Band, Insterburg & Co, Alexis Korner, Frumpy, Machine, Ekseption, P.T. Smoke, Kevin Ayers, Witthuser & Westrup and Brainbox) {Uriah Heep did not play}

Nov 01 - Liverpool
Nov 02 - Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton, London
Nov 05 - Locarno, Blackpool (w/ Stone Ground)
Nov 05 - Pavillion, West Rinton
Nov 06 - Trent Polytechnic Union, Nottingham (w/ Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts)
Nov 07 - Gala Ballroom, Norwich
Nov 10 - Bedford College, London
Nov 11 - Coopa Club, Northampton
Nov 13 - Polytechnic, Newcastle
Nov 14 - University, Leicester
Nov 20 - University, Exeter

Dec 05 - College, Bangor
Dec 11 - Polytechnic (Wearmouth Hall), Sunderland (w/ Stone The Crows)
Dec 12 - Imperial College, London (w/ T2)
Dec 16 - College, Bolton {Probably cancelled}
Dec 23 - Aquarius, Harlow (w/ Atomic Rooster) {Cancelled}

German Tour
Dec 25 - Beat Club, Langelsheim {Iain Clark's debut}
Dec 26 - Cheyenne Club, Itzehoe
Dec 27 - Stadttheater, Bremerhaven
Dec 27 - Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg (w/ Second Life)
Dec 28 - Studio M, Minden
Dec 29 - Discothek 'Count Down', Berlin AUDIO
Set List: Bird Of Prey / Time To Live / So Nice / Dreammare / Simon The Bullet Freak / Salisbury / Gypsy
Dec 30 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt
Dec 31 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt

??? ?? - The Place, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent