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Here's 8-year-old Toby Lee rocking his first gig!!


My eldest son Tom from England wearing my old old Head First tour shirt
enjoying some down time ha ha

All the Best'

Peter Nod Ledger


Heepster Toby wearing his Heep badges on his jacket!  October 13 2012

Milton Keynes Stables from Dec 2011.

Russell with two new Heepsters Brandon age 13 & Poppy age 11.

Meagen Lynn Konas 16 year old bass player. Daughter of the guitarist Joe Konas of the Gods.

Hi, my name is Amy J and I really hope you enjoy browsing my website.

Spencer Konas aged 11, the son of the original guitarist Joe Konas of the Gods!


Woody playing elec guitar with Romeo & Joseph watching!


Joseph with Romeo & Woody watching!

Shepherds Bush! Romeo in blue shirt by Dad and Olly in red shirt!


Romeo, Joseph and Woody at Oxford O2 Academy

Romeo, Joseph and Woody with the guitar! Oxford O2 Academy


Jesse & Mick

Mick Box and son Romeo 
at the december 8th Shepherds Bush Empire London

Mick & Romeo at the december 8th Shepherds Bush after show party

Grace Reeves singing Nail on the Head!

Jesse from Switzerland with a SIGNED drawing - send in yours here

Nicholas and Paige Paidas from the USA - send in yours here


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