Tapio about Overload.......

OVERLOAD sounded very good indeed. It's a powerful uptempo song with qood strong melody in the same vein as Against The Odds and Between Two Worlds. It starts with Mick's guitar riff, then the rest of the band joins in. The tempo slowns down a bit in chorus and there's a slow instrumental midlle section and towards the end there's a lot of great soloing by Mick similarily to Between Two Worlds. Great song, really good heavy sound and strong melodies. The usual Heep trademarks were there but also something new, I think Russell has brought in some new influences as well. I already told on the Heeplist that if the rest of the album is of the same standard , this is a must for every fan.

The reception from the audience to 'Overload' was very good. There was a lot of clapping and cheering already when Bernie announced that they were going to do a new song and afterwards there was as much applause as any of the old songs. It was nice that the new song got such a good receiption from Finnish audience, nowadays it's very rare to get to hear an unreleased song played live so the fans can appreciate that.