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The Official History of Uriah Heep Vol III

Sailing The Sea of Light - Limited Edition Book, Video and CD Set

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To celebrate the marvelous achievements in a landmark year for Uriah Heep,  Classic Rock Legends has been commissioned by the band to produce a very special commemorative release.

This fantastic limited edition comes in the same high quality format as the 
"Time of Revelation" set, but this unique edition goes much further and 
includes a complete recording on CD of the now legendary Astoria concert on 
March 23rd 2001 which marked the triumphant homecoming of the greatest name in rock.
Recorded and mixed by Pip Williams this is the Live recording that every Heep 
fan will want to have in their collection.

Also included in this stunning package is the DVD version of the complete "Sailing the Sea of Light Documentary" .

This is the powerful story of 15 years in the life of one of the world's great rock bands.

Join the longest serving line-up of Uriah heep on a journey across the Sea of  Light through the ups and downs of triumph and adversity.

Introduced by Tommy Vance, "Sailing the Sea of light" features the thoughts and reflections of the five members of Uriah Heep, and paints a vivid picture 
of the highs and lows in an astonishing career.

Drawing extensively on never seen backstage footage , "Sailing the sea of 
" puts you into the heart of the band as the members of Uriah Heep 
explain in their own words how they were able to overcome seemingly 


insurmountable record company problems in the nineties .to emerge triumphant 
in the new millennium.

Bonus tracks on the DVD include digitally re-mastered footage from the 
historic Moscow shows.

As if all of that wasn't enough the " Sailing the Sea of Light "Limited 
Edition also includes an abridged version of the major new book specially 
commissioned by Uriah heep from Classic Rock journalist Dave Ling. Running to 
88 pages this is the first official book ever published by Uriah Heep.

It gives the reader a backstage pass to join the band behind the scenes as we discover the ups and downs of life in one of the world's greatest rock bands.

As a respected rock journalist, Dave Ling made it clear from the outset that 
he wanted to produce a true picture of life in the band both good and bad. 
Dave was therefore given unlimited access to the band in order to ensure that 
Sailing the Sea of light was as accurate and honest as possible. The result 
is an unusually frank look at a remarkable chapter in the Uriah Heep story . 

Dave Ling's powerful text for Sailing the Sea of Light goes much further than the average rock biography in order to lay open the hopes and fears of the members of the longest serving line-up of a legendary band. We explore the stresses and the tensions as well as enjoying the triumphs and the humor of  life on the road. Including never before seen photographs and candid interviews with the band which take the reader on a 15 year roller coaster ride from the formation of this line-up through the triumphant Moscow shows, the difficult times with Legacy records and on to the triumphant homecoming 
to packed concert halls in 2001.

This is your opportunity to play a part in making this great work happen. By 
subscribing for the limited edition in advance , you help Uriah Heep to pay 
for the cost of having this unique package written, produced, filmed and and 
published. In return , the first 1000 subscribers will be listed in the roll 
of honour printed in the book. 

The subscription list is now open on the Heep web-site .Subscriptions for the 
limited edition close on May 31st so please make sure to subscribe now and 
play your part in the continuing success of Uriah Heep.

The price is just 25./ 89dm / $49
Available ONLY at The Uriah Heep Online Store !



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