Uriah Heep

  • (* With Ian Anderson)
  • Why Did You Go
  • The Easy Road
  • Echoes In The Dark
  • Come Back To Me
  • Cross That Line
  • Golden Palace
  • Shadows And The Wind
  • Wonderworld
  • Different World
  • Circus *
  • Blind Eye *
  • Traveller In Time
  • More Fool You
  • Lady In Black

  • Encore
  • The Wizard/Paradise/Circle Of Hands

Acoustically Driven !

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The Rehearsals!

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From Sabine & Alfred Gerber, Karlsruhe, Germany

Well, much has already been written, but the show was really fantastic and absolutely worth coming from the southern part of Germany to London.

From the beginning, there was a very friendly and warm atmosphere.Wonderful music, "Golden Palace" from Sonic Origami (one of Heepīs Masterpieces), "Different World" & the songs with Ian Anderson among the highlights, but each song and each new arrangement had a spirit of itīs own - the sound of the female singers, the string quartett and the other additional instruments giving something special to the songs.

Perhaps a little acoustically driven section could become part of Heepīs future live set... Bernieīs really a great singer - and a great entertainer, too! Thanks to Mick, Phil, Trevor, Bernie, Lee and everyone involved in the Acoustically Driven-Project for the wonderful music and an unforgettable evening in London. Canīt wait to listen to the CD and watch the DVD!


Dana Dyck - Calahoo, Canada

What can I say that hasn't already been said?

The truth is, this show literally blew me away! From the first moments of Bernie singing "Why Did You Go" to the pipes at the end of "Circle Of Hands", there were many high points throughout. Each song was delivered with a feeling all it's own and each song had it's own glorious moments. For me, some of them were: the intense feeling of "Come Back To Me", the power of "Echoes In The Dark", the rhythmic beat of "Shadows And The Wind" and the all out rock'n energy of "More Fool You". Another thrilling moment was the pipes at the end of "Circle Of Hands".

The song that stands out most in my mind though, as pure magic, was "The Golden Palace". This version sent chills up and down my spine. "The Golden Palace" has been a grower for me ever since I first heard it on 'Sonic Origami'. It leapt to a whole new level with this performance.

The band seemed a little nervous at first but soon got on track and were brilliant, playing with marvelous skill and an intense emotion. Bernie's vocals were powerfully delivered and extremely moving. His sensitivity and respect for the feeling of the older material is amazing and he blends them seamlessly with the newer pieces. The musical arrangements were outstanding, and provided many exciting new twists and pleasant surprises while still remaining true to the original feeling of the songs.

The backing singers and additional musicians were wonderful vocalists and players, and added immensely to the performance. Ian Anderson came on stage and fit right in, with a super 'one-legged' performance on his two numbers, lifting them both up a notch or two. Finally, the set was well designed, contributing to the intimate feeling of the evening and putting in the finishing touches.

Aside from the performance itself there were a couple of other memorable moments. The first, was the presentation - by Ian Anderson and several lovely ladies - of the Silver disc awards for Sonic Origami. Next was Bob Carruthers' bag pipe solo followed by the presentation of a 30th year birthday cake for the band and the whole audience singing Happy Birthday.

I felt very happy for Bob Winward (and yes, a little envious) as he appeared on stage to present the cake. Just imagine - seeing the band live for the first time after following them for many years, and ending up on stage with them! Way to go Bob!

As Bob Winward said, this show was - without a doubt - definitely worth coming over from Western Canada to see. Thanks to the entire band, the musicians, singers and crew who made the show happen. Thanks to the fans for making me feel at home. Thanks to my wife Jane, for if it were not for her, I would have missed this opportunity. I will never forget my journey to the 'Acoustic Wonderworld' that was "Acoustically Driven".

Dana Dyck - Calahoo, Canada

From Brian & Lorraine Jones

Bob Thanks for the update and even more thank you for the idea and all of the hard work that you put into last weekend and indeed the last year. This obviously goes for the musicians and all of the crews who handled all of the complexity and imposing deadlines with humour and patience that a lot of people both inside and outside of the industry could learn from. The courtesy and friendship of everyone involved was exemplary and we are not surprised that we all as a team, artists technicians and paying public alike, created such an impression with the theatre. No drunks, no Prima Donna's just people enjoying themselves with an institution that grows each time.

It was great seeing you and everybody again, it must make things worth while when you see so many people from so many countries just joining together for one purpose. We are the lucky ones living here!! We certainly agree that the quality of everything to do with the band has increased without bounds and the professionalism was a joy to behold.

One little story which sums up the teamwork of all of this. In the Admiral George on Friday night Pete Wharton and myself were paddling in the Gents at one point only for one of the people in the Pub to walk in and comment that he used to like the band in the 70's. He asked if John Sloman and Chris Slade were still in the band!! After a few minutes of updating we walked back upstairs into the bar and walked straight into Mick and Trevor! This totally freaked the guy and I think that Mick gave him the usual cheery greeting. I had to re join my good lady but I know that Pete continued to up date him on what was going on and just before we left we managed another few words and confirm another firm fan for life. He was going to check the website and buy the missing CD's the next day. This makes it all worth while.

Thanks to all of you once again for a magical weekend and we cannot wait for our permanent record.

Brian & Lorraine

From Bob Carruthers
The man behind Unplugged !

I suppose I'm a bit like Dave O on this one . We have all said and written a great deal in praise of this group this year . After the excitement of the Legend Continues and Future Echoes ,superlatives are running out here in Stratford, but I shall try and be as calm as possible for a man who has just listened to the first playback of the (unmixed) soundtrack for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you will all agree that on Saturday we witnessed an event which confirms the fact that Uriah Heep in it's present incarnation is playing better than ever before , and that the present crop of songs easily stands comparison with a classic heritage which we all treasure.

I suppose all of the above should come as no great surprise. After all, if you put a world class band together with a peerless music producer and add a uniquely talented special guest, you would expect to get something very special out of the mix. But as we all know too well, life has a habit of tripping you up just when you thought you were on a roll. Well, not this time....

On December 9th 2000 I wasa very proud man indeed to be associated with Uriah Heep, with our own team from Cromwell,with the Webteam,the Heep crew, Dave O and his merchadisers,Pip and his team, Ian and James Anderson and, of course, the fans who made it all possible and turned it into a night we will never forget.

I thought before the gig we had something special. On the night I was sure I had heard something very special. Having now heard the rough recordings and seen some rushes, I know we have something very special. With this project we have achieved a new benchmark against which all future Heep recordings will be judged.

As the original architect of the set, as first proposed, I could be taking some severe stick at this moment, but after a few judicious substitutions by Mick and the boys we ended up with a set which is damn near perfect as it gets. Every single one is a little gem, which in many cases, have been brought out of neglected corners of the back catalogue and polished up till they shine like diamonds. Who would have thought a Uriah Heep set without July Morning, Stealin',Easy Livin',Gypsy or Look at yourself would become a hit with the fans?...well you only have a few weeks before you can hear why for yourselves.


My own weekend actually began on Thursday when I arrived in London just in time to catch last orders with Mick ,Trevor,Trevor's daughter Sarah and her partner Chris.Mick and Trevor seemed confident ,but I suppose we all still needed the reassurance of hearing all the musicians together under the same roof. We had all heard the individual parts being rehearsed separately, but we were all desperate to hear the whole shooting match.â€Ķ An agreeable evening extended to a few drinks at the hotel and we were comforted by the fact that we were now only 12 hours away from an answer.


Friday morning took me to the venue for various camera rehearsals and checks on the visual effects. It soon became apparent that the slide projectors were less than adequate, but everything else seemed to be working fine. The lighting and stage set ups were better than we could have hoped for and we were roughly on schedule for a 7 o'clock rehearsal. As the moment of truth approached I must confess I was very apprehensive, but from the first number we knew that we had something very special.

Everything seemed to gel and even the technical gremlins were relatively minor in nature. With the rehearsal over, It was with a happy heart that we made tracks to the Admiral George to meet up with Heep fans from quite literally all four corners of the globe.

Despite all they had been through over the previous weeks I was impressed that Mick and Trevor again made the effort to meet and greet the fans despite the fact that they had spent all day in a very draining rehearsal and could have been forgiven if they'd have slipped away for an early night.


The last great unknown was the fact that Ian Anderson had not yet rehearsed with the group, but we needn't have worried because Ian arrived and slotted in to the proceedings with apparent ease. Smiles all round as we all realised that we were on a roll. Things just seemed to get better and better.

As regards the actual performance itself, I was most struck by the warmth of the reception for the group. The roar that came from the audience was more like a rugby crowd than a music audience. For some reason I had expected a reserved reaction but that cheer vindicated the hard work that had gone into preparing for the concert. I knew the fans would be supportive of a venture like this, but their enthusiasm exceeded all of our expectations.

On stage,Phil impressed with the overall quality of his arrangements made in conjunction with Pip ,and also with some really great playing on the night.Bernie, as always ,gave a commanding performance and it was great to hear a unifying voice applied to such a disparate set.Trevor gave us his usual excellent standard of performance . Lee continues to impress us with his stunning drumming and underrated singing and Mick must have enjoyed the opportunity to take more relaxed role for once . He could be safe in the knowledge that ,with 15 other musicians around him, he could use the freedom to find some beautifully delicate touches which he did to great effect on the lightning switch from "Traveller in Time" to "More Fool You".

Each of the numbers in this set has its own merits, and for me there are no low points. It's like meeting old friends again, only in this case, the ageing process has reversed, they seem to get younger, fresher and more exciting than first time round. "Circus" and "Blind Eye" sounded great when we first heard them 28 years ago, but with Ian Anderson's unmistakable flute sound they found yet another dimension. Sheer class .

Unfortunately I had along standing business meeting next day so I had to leave at 12.30 to drive to the midlands, but the party looked set to continue well into the night with happy Heep fans revelling in the aftermath of a magical evening.

As always the group and the audience won new friends among the staff at the venue who were full of praise for the courtesy and good humour of the band, crew and fans . It was no surprise to hear the event described by the manageress as the best event she has ever seen in the Mermaid theatre. It is small accolades like that which make it an honour and a pleasure to know you all , and to be in some way associated with Uriah Heep.

...and as for 2001, well watch this space. We are definitely, almost, nearly ,warmed up, soon we could be ready to unveil something really special.

Now where did I put those superlatives ??


From Dave Owen
(Uriah Heep Productions LTD)

The Best Yet ...

I'm struggling here , I've used up my years supply of superlatives already this year , but it just gets better and better !

I just love the meet and greets prior to the concert and although the planned meet at the Blackfrier was a none event (due to the place being shut !!!) When the city closes for the weekend, it really closes! Thus the car parking was the cheapest Ive ever seen for London on a weekend Ģ2.00 all day Saturday and Sunday . I'll be using that again ! The night meet at the Royal George was great , so many familiar faces and a few new ones too . The workload at the Mermaid was incredible , the organisation that goes on behind the scenes at this kind of an event is incredible. Heading the role of Honour for that, is two of Cromwells staff , Lara and Audrey , who between them covered miles around the Mermaid and organised everything and planned it to perfection. And if a musician isn't fed at the right time , theres trouble !:o) Ewan on stage for the balancing act between monitors and mobile , at rehersals he worked his socks off. Pip for the general arrangement of everyone on stage , when he says play , they play ! He has a great ear and can spot mistakes almost before they happen !

I was told the shots from the monitors where amazing , so in advance the camera crew led by Chris , well done!.

The theatre staff too , brilliant, nothing was to much trouble. OK I've finished my little gush , well almost, I was supposed to check the tickets in on the door and also manage the merchandise . It was impossible ! I struggled on the door with some of the names ! and when I looked over to the merchandise area , it was swamped! So a special thanks to Alan , Kev , Mandy and Yvonne for all their help.

I'm sure there will be many reviews of the concert itself on the site but I must just say about my personal highlights. The last few bars of the set on those pipes , wow , the hairs on the back of the neck stood up. The pedal steel ! I noticed it more from the side of the stage than out front, but what a sound !

Amazing too , was that I really thought the highlights would be the reworking of the Byron era tunes , but they weren't . Different World, Golden Palace and More Fool You , really came to life . More Fool You, especially I thought, developed a "Magic Carpet Ride " Hammond riff , which drove it along - Hammond Driven !

I know the band worked their socks off on this , it really tested them , stretching them out musically . With so many other musicians to concider also , it was a test of their professionalism , one which they passed with flying colours.

Last but not least , a big thank you to Bob for making it happen , and a thank you in advance for all that will happen in the future.

So that's my brief summary, very brief really , beaten again by the fear of to many "great smashing super" superlatives !

I'll end with an apology to whoever brought a 1995 Sea of Light tour shirt , complete with smelly armpits ! I knew I shouldn't have left it there !!!


From Bob Winward

I am not sure where to begin, but the Accoustically Driven show was a smashing success in my opinion. I can only share the essence of this wonderful experience from my perspective, but there may not be proper words in the english language to fully describe the depths of emotion that I feel.

I sat in the third row, on left side of theatre, next to Mike and Denise Taylor. I couldn't get the front row, as the press and the royal family (well one of them looked liked Prince Charles) were in the front row. I noticed Rod and Louis were in the 3rd row center, so I was not slighted. I enjoyed the show immensely, but was worried about the guy behind me spilling his beer on my new Heep baseball jacket that was on the back of my seat. I later found out that was Rob Corich!! :-)

The band entered the stage and took their respective positions. Bernie was very loose and natural, cracking jokes, a true entertainer!! The band was joined onstage by 3 lovely women backup singers, who were sporting mini skirts and cleavage!! (yet my eyes remained riveted the whole time on the band itself) There was a percussion player, I believe his name is Melvin from a band called Sine, and a pedal steel guitarist. Along the rear of the stage behind Phil, was 4 females playing stringed instruments. I might add, Phil was dressed in a suit and looked like a lounge singer at a piano!! :-)

The crowd was hushed but there was electricity in the air, maybe not onstage (a little accoustically driven humor), but in the air. You could feel the emotion and the anticipation. As for meself, my heart was beating wildly in excitement. The situation was very informal and relaxed, as this was my first show, I am not sure if all Heep concerts are this intimate with interplay between audience, band and film crew. The first song was 'Why Did you Go', wow, it mesmerized me,with all the strings and background singers!! Well done!! The next song blew me away "Echoes in the Dark" it was accoustic yet heavy sounding, with lots of sound effects, absolutely brilliant!!! "The Easy Road" sounded like one would expect, no disappointment there either. Next up "Traveller in Time", my theme song for my pilgrimage to London!!! Another well done tune, and I might add, they even sounded better the second time, more on that later. At this point, I was in a state of euphoria, almost like the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) the dentist sometimes uses. I was on a cosmic trip that had a surreal feeling to it, very aware of surroundings yet feeling like it was a dream (a beautiful dream). "Come back to me" was in there too, and I can say this, Bernie is a totally awesome and fantastic vocalist. He does the Byron material with such emotion and skill, flavoring with his own style. Can there be another David, no, but we have Bernie now, and the guy is bloody fantastic!!!! I do notice that he does the Byron material much easier than the Lawton era material. John is great in his own right, that said I enjoyed 'Come Back to Me'. "More Fool You" was up next and went off very well. I cannot remember the exact order after that, but the songs are on the website, so it is no big mystery.

Some very impressive moments for me, was Ian Anderson coming onstage and playing on Circus and Blindeye. He played the flute of course, and he did the lead guitar part on Blindeye. Wow!!! He did some hair humor too, removing his ski cap and bemoaning his losses compared to Mick!! I remember them playing "Shadows and the Wind" and thinking to myself it should be dedicated to Ron Mann!! As I have always said "All Heep is good Heep", so I enjoyed every song. I particularily enjoyed the 2 tracks from Different World. The title track and "Cross That Line" which has always been one of my heep favorites. Somewhere towards the end, it may have been "Shadows and the Wind", Melvin the percussionist moved to center stage with Irish BagPipes, and played a resounding and moving solo which in the regular version was done by lead guitar. This was a highlight for me, so different, so effective!! I want to also say, Phil's keyboard playing was dominant and phenomenal, he is brilliant!!! Lee was awesome as always on drums, and Trevor actually played a 4 string accoustic bass, I did not know they existed. I originally thought he would be playing an upside down washtub with a post and string like the guy from Credence Clearwater Revival or an Electric Light Orchestra style standup huge stringed instrument. Bernie was "Spot On" vocally, and Mick, he made 6 strings sound better than they were designed for!!!!

Heep also did a medley consisting of "The Wizard", "Paradise" and "Circle of Hands", it sounded a bit odd and the Paradise part, is naturally one very difficult to pull off live, yet enjoyable. If there was point in the show I could say was not absolutely perfect, it would be the medley, but still sounded great to my ears!!. "Golden Palace was awesome, and showcased Bernies vocal range and the emotion that he sings with, another totally incredible number. Soon the encores came, I remember Lady in Black, Bird of Prey(?? I think) I am sure there was another one, but this poor chap was absolutely hypnotised by the moment. I do also remember another guitarist appearing onstage on one track, and found it to be Pip Williams. After Heep left the stage, an announcement was made by Bob Carruthters that the first 3 songs needed to be redone, video difficulties or something.

During the break, Dave Owen came through a doorway, and motioned to me to follow him. I had known ahead of time that he wanted my help with something and it had to do with a cake. But I was not prepared for the incredible experience I am about to convey. Dave led me backstage and said that he will go onstage after the last song, and say a few words. My job was to follow him with a cake adorned with sparklers. Dave would ask the audience to sing Happy Birthday (or was it Heepy Birthday?) Backstage, I met some of the crew, Bob Carruthers dressed up in kilts and sporting Bag Pipes and Pip, anxiously awaiting the moment with Dave. It was so cool hearing the first few songs played again, and seeing from a backstage perspective. Did I die and go to heaven or was this really happening?? I did burn my thumb trying to light the sparklers, and will cherish the burn forever, sweet pain!!! :-) I have a blister on my thumb, so it was real!!!!! I remember one of Bernies jokes after the 4th song, he said "I may be from Canada, but that was 4" Bob shouted back to him "More Fool You", how appropriate, hee hee, but then I realized, that he meant do that number again as well. After "More Fool You", Dave Owen winked at me and said showtime!! I followed him with the cake, being careful not to trip over any wires. I was not scared to be onstage, just totally amazed and excited. Dave walked to a mike in the back, so I went to the front of the stage and stood next to the band where they were assembling. I rememeber Mick hugging me, shaking hands with Phil and then saying to Bernie "Dave Owens bet me 20 pounds I won't mash this in your face, Bernie says, I'll give you 30 not to" As the crowd was singing, I felt such a rush of adrenalin, pleasure and excitement. Here I was, a heep fan for over 26 years, never having seeen them live, and then being onstage with my heroes!! Wow!! Why me?? I do not know why I was chosen (of course I suspect Dave White may have been behind it) but I am thankful for the opportunity, and very very greatful!! One last note, after I left the stage, when Heep came off, Mick stopped, hugged me for the umpteenth time (I loved every one of them) and said "Was it worth the trip Mate?"

Overall impression, not having seen Heep live in person, I cannot compare this. We all know this was something unique, and it came off extremely well. The band is very professional, so talented and so entertaining. Everyone there, seemed to be highly impressed and positive about the show. The cool part is there will be a cd and a dvd, so I get to relive the experience the rest of my life!! I will now know how Dale Fredericks feels when he listens to the King Biscuit cd. And to answer Micks question to all of you YES IT WAS WORTH THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Winward
"Insanely Driven to see Accoustically Driven and now deliriously happy"

From Clive Arnold

What night at the Unplugged recordings . Get your order in for the DVD CD NOW! The show was just ace! The format worked Heep have produced another winner . See them live next year. Roll on march at Folkestone . Easy Livin and A Happy Heepmas From Mark Verney

I went to the unplugged concert last night and it was brilliant, cannot wait for the DVD. Highlight for me was Circus.

From Marcel Wigmans, Brian & Lorraine Jones, Louis Raindrops KFOMH

Hello Dave and all Heepsters, Yesterday we had the opportunity to see a glimpse of whats going to be the acoustically driven tonight. It's so exciting to over 25 people working with the band...and there will be lots of musical surprises.

About this more later on... Down in the ROYAL GEORGE PUB!! we had a great meeting with japanese, swedish,Israeli,Canadian, USA :Mr. Winward with passport:-)) Danish, Dutch, English and Scottish Heepsters. Mick and Trevor showed up after a long day rehearsing...which whas very much appreciated.

Dave Owen, and gang showed us the new Acoustically driven T-shirt...which looks great. Please add it to the site...In London everybody have seen it now. So please stay tuned everybody.....and yes Dave we listened to your Theme during the soundcheck. Thanks for the nice words and we will be missing you and all the Heepsters who wanted to be here.. Pictures and reports...monday in the afternoon...

From Laurence Roughton

Hi !

Just to say thank you for a brilliant night on Saturday. There must have been some sort of method in the madness, because everything came together beautifully ! Shame we could not taste the cake. Having heard from you how this came about, I got a fit of giggles when I saw the candelabras and imagined the following conversation between you and Bob, sometime on Saturday morning :

Bob : Dave, need some candelabras for tonight.
You : What for ?
Bob : Never mind what for, just find me some will you.
You : Where am I going to find candelabras from ?
Bob : I don't know, try the church, bribe the vicar, chat up the choir girls, just use your imagination !

Whichever way you got them, they looked very Phantom of the Opera like and rather effective !

Needless to say that the music was sensational. A great night !


From Bob Winward

(From the Heepsters Mailing List)
> Bob doesn't know it...but he is in for a very big suprise tomorrow night >:-))

Oh yes, this was a surprise of my lifetime, and certainly a more positive one than forgetting my passport.

It started when I wrote Dave O before I left to see if there was any last minute changes. He wrote back all is well, but he had a little job for me to do at the show. Little did I know what I was in store for. At the Accoustically Riden event, just after the encore, Bob Carruthers announces the band has to replay the first few songs as the video did not come out. During the break, Dave Owen summons me backstage.

Once back there he says that there is going to be a cake for the bands 30th anniversary, and he wanted me to carry it out and present it, while he said a few words. So backstage, I see all the crew, I see Pip Williams doing his thing etc. It was so cool to see the band performing from that angle. Then, the moment of reckoning came, and we walked out with sparklers on the cake, following Dave Owen. But Dave walked to the mike in the back, so I walked up on front of the stage where the band assembles and I hold the cake.

I then waved my arm in an upward motion to encourage the audience in singing Heepy Birthday!!! I felt like the guy in movie Rudy (the moment of fame) I was not scared. but I was in awe, here was the band taking bows and me standing there with a cake for them!! Just the 6 of us!! I shook hands with Bernie and I whispered to him that Dave O bet me 20 pounds that I would not mash this in your face. He says, don't do it mate, I will give you 30!! Then I shook hands with Mick, Phil, Lee and Trevor. I then decided to exit stage left, while they took their final bows.

I cannot beging to describe the feeling of elation and shock that I had. It was totally a dream come true for me!! I waited backstage, as the band exits, Mick stops by and gives me a big hug, and says "was it worth the trip mate?" Wow!!!! Please no one pinch me and wake me up!!

Bob Winward

From Rob Corich
Subject: review

Hi Dave, heres the prognosis so far:

In a few words ...I loved it last night ...great atmosphere ....stunningly put together by the guys ..Hats of to Bernie especially: This guy's singing is getting better and better everytime I hear him. Some of the best 'acoustic' songs were one's that many of us would never have dreamed might have worked so well. A lot of work obviously went into this by the band and there is no doubt they were being adventurous, often trying unusual things within the music. ('Adventurous' in music is something those of you who know me know I like a great deal)

Did they succeed in what they were attempting to do? Well in my humble opinion they exceeded anyones expectations. This concert really was a class act by a class act.

Ratings against other unplugged concerts I have witnessed: Definetly one of the best and proof that a good song will hold its own and they picked a bunch of really good ones.

I really hope this gets the exposure and credit it deserves. After all Heep were doing 'unplugged' things in the early seventies, years before MTV or anyone else had dreamed up the idea.

Great job guys. Thanks for inviting me.

I will do a track by track review when Dave sends me the list.

Take care, Rob

From Paul Sweeting

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 23:50:52 -0000


Hello there,

I have to say that the weekend was the best thing I have ever seen. I was so glad to be part of it and it was so good to see the band afterwards. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Rob Corich

...just returned from gig ...really REALLY good

From Arthur Hornby



Nearly 30 years ago I had the pleasure of seeing a new band called Uriah Heep perform at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone. I guess they were one of the bands that really got me into rock music. Three or four times we were lucky enough to have the band return to the same venue. On December 9th, at the Mermaid Theatre, an 'Unplugged' Uriah Heep had me near to tears as all the memories and emotions from a bygone(?) era returned. No standing with a pint head banging this time, but a proper theatre with all the respectable 40 plus patrons sitting sedately waiting to be entertained. Enter the band. A different line up to that of yesteryear, clean cut and smiling.

A stage set without rows of amps, I don't think anyone really new what to expect. Sod respectable! The regular Heepsters were straight into the atmosphere of the night, with us 'lost soles returned', about half a second behind. From the first wonderful rendition, the evening just got better.

From early receptions of loud applause, to standing ovations that took me back to god knows when, the Heep could not put a foot wrong. After the obligatory encore, which blended much of the early music into one excellent piece, we had the treat of our lives. Another rendition of the first three songs. My heartfelt thanks to the relevant camera crew(you know who you are). Not content to leave it there, another half hour of extra entertainment.

This was definitely the best entertainment I have had in years. I must just add that Ian Anderson, the string quartet, the backing singers and the two accompanying musicians on percussion, Irish pipes, steel guitar and all the other backing instruments, brought that something extra that takes 'special' to 'excellent'.


From Mike Taylor

Well, Denise and I have just returned to the Isle of Wight from a really excellent evening of music and partying at The Mermaid.

We arrived at about 6.30pm and there was already a queue outside with some familiar faces. Within a few minutes Bob Winward turned up with Boris and shortly after the doors opened and in we went. Sadly we couldn't take any camera's in so we all had them removed to be collected again before the party.

There was just enough time for a quick drink before making our way into the theatre. I had a quick chat with Rod, Louis, Dave O, Ian Mac, Louis Ramp and a few others so I knew that it was going to be a great evening.

The Theatre itself is quite intimate and can seat quite a few hundred in absolute comfort and all with an excellent view.

Denise and I followed Bob to about 3 rows from the front to the left of the stage where we had a really great view of the stage.

Shortly after that the band come on stage to a huge reception followed by all the supporting musicians. At this stage everyone rose to their feet cheering and clapping. The band were visibly moved by this reception and admitted that they were a little nervous.

Looking at the stage Mick sat just left of centre with Trevor sitting just right of centre. Bernie of course sat in the middle. Just to right and a little behind Trevor was Phil in a dress suit surrounded by hammond and Grand piano. At the back underneath a film screen was Lee. Behind Mick and a little to the left on a raised piece of stage were 2 of the support musicians, a steel guitar/ slide guitar player and a percussionist. Immediately behind Mick were 3 very attractive female backing singers and behind Phil also on a raised bit of stage were 4 equally attractive girls making up a string quartet.

This may seem very strange but I can't remember what song started the show but I'm sure someone will remind me. The whole show was TRULY AWESOME, the sound quality superb; not too loud but quite loud enough. The numbers included were all those included on the sign up page on heep.com and all were greeted extremely enthusiastically by everyone with perhaps the biggest cheer for a really excellent version of The Golden Palace. The band began to relax a little as time went on and by the time Ian Anderson came on everything was working superbly well.

Ian did two numbers with the band playing his flute and standing on one leg during both; Circus and Blind Eye where his flute took the part of the twin lead guitars from the original. You will have to wait for the DVD to see just how well this worked. This was one of the many highlights of the evening.

Ian then introduced the awarding of Silver discs to the band for Sonic Origami for 50,000 sales before taking his leave to rapturous applause.

The main set finished to Lady in Black but of course the band were brought back very noisily for an encore. At they end of the show Bob Carruthers announced that some technical gremlins had got in so we would have to endure the first 4 songs again. Were we upset by this? I think NOT. Shortly into this Bob W was called away much to his surprise and very soon he was up on stage carrying a cake which he presented to the band along with Dave O. I'm sure Bob will tell you more.

Well, what of the Party? There isn't much to say except that we all got our chance to chat and have pictures taken with Mick and the Boys and as you can imagine they were in great demand. I did have a chance for a quick chat with Pip Williams but couldn't hear much as the other part of the evenings entertainment, a Beatles tribute band called The Cheatles started. I have to say they were great. They looked, dressed and sounded totally authentic, even down to the instruments and amps. If you looked quickly they were the Beatles.

At about midnight people started to leave and we took that as our cue to head back to the hotel. Bob shared our taxi and has promised to send in a MAJOR report on his return.


From Tadashi Tanaka

Thank you for the best birthday of my life
Tadashi Tanaka
(Born in Osaka, Japan Dec. 9th 1959)

From Webmaster Louis Rentrop
Webmaster - Uriah Heep.com


Marcel, Arnold and I arrived the friday afternoon, and met up with Brian & Lorraine Jones. We directly went to the Mermaid. There we were surprised with CREW passes, so we could walk in and out as much as we liked. We sat in the venue for a few hours watching the rehearsels and soundcheck. It was amazing to see how many people were involved. The stringquartet, a percussionist so good!! He played the scottish pipes...really stunning. It's used at the end of Circle of hands....wonderfull. The backing singers, three gorgious ladies..

I remember them best for their part in Come back to me. 'TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEART' is what they keep repating backing Bernie. It gives the songs a special touch. Bernie after the show told me, he really got emotional during the song. You will hear and feel that emotion on the CD.! The steel guitarist plays a few wonderlfull parts in Why did you go and the Golden Palace for instance. Am I still talking about the rehearsels:-))?? Yes I am...but that said this review will take to much...

Well I have to mention the moment when Dave Whites theme was played and he's wishing everyone a great evening....that was great Dave...and very much appreciated! Personally Rod & I where completely surprised by the platinum disc we got from the band.

They made my weekend...what? They make this year for me. Well you all noticed the setlist. You should have seen Ian Anderson acting on stage in the duets with Bernie, Phil and Mick....he also has a great sence of humor. He said Mick had kept all his hair in a remarkeble way:-) following with presenting the band their siver disc for Sonic Origami. My favorites of the night? Come back to me, Traveller in time, the Golden Palace, Circus... and the medley: The Wizard, Paradise, Circle of hands.. The show was great, and so was the audience....the band was so happy with the response they got..

Lots of mercho was sold, so it was a very succesfull night.Dave Owen & Alan Hartley were busy heepsalesmen A big hand for Bob Carruthers who was there and everywhere...even playing the pipes himself at the end of the show. What a man!!

We met up with everybody, Mike mentioned a few...well they came from Japan, Sweden, South Africa, France, Italy, USA, Canada,Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Finland....you name it. So many great Heepsters just to see the concert.

Well this is it for the moment...pictures tomorrow evening....about noon EST..

Louis Rentrop



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