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Russell had his first lesson when he was 4 years old, earning money from the age of 6, and was depping West End shows at the age of 12. Russell turned professional at 16 and did every kind of job i.e. cabaret, cruises, touring shows, pub gigs, sessions etc.

Russell has toured with Alan Price (The Animals) Chris Barbers jazz and blues band and Van Morrision. Russell has also worked with Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath). Russell’s an accomplished clinician with almost 200 clinics throughout Europe, these have also been alongside Billy Cobham, Greg Bissionette, Kenny Aronoff, Liberty Divito to name a few.

Russell has been a member of the legendary band Uriah Heep for the last 5 years, and to date they have toured in over 53 countries. In 2011 Heep toured 23 countries in 229 days. Uriah Heep has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has 2 European Grammy awards.

Russell is very proud to endorse Natal drums, Paiste cymbals, Hardcase, Protection Racket, Baskey drum rugs, ACS in ear monitoring and Shure Microphones.


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