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Dave White


Dave lives in Ohio in the USA. He is the founder of the "Will you welcome please, England's Own Uriah Heep" website.

Dave, Hani So (Singapore) and Rod Werneck (Brazil) brought uriah-heep.com out into the world in March 1997, initially as a merge of Hani's original "The Uriah Heep Home Page", and Dave's site mentioned above. With www.uriah-heep.com  and the Heepsters on the Web on their way, his attention turned to the Heepsters on the Web recordings.

"It was the best thing we ever did to be able to meet and explore the possibilities of playing Heep music with people we found on the net. I love it!"

Past and current projects include "The Heepheads", "Promyse", The John Lawton Band (guest on Sting In The Tale), his own recording and performing hobbies in Ohio and over 120 recordings with other musicians met on the internet. Dave's personal website is www.davewhitemusic.com where lists of his music, gear, and net friends can be seen.

Past CD releases include "The Lowerroom Studios", "Seasons Of Fire", "The Heepsters On The Web" and "Senior Prom" (showcasing the talents of good friend John Lawton).

A Mick Box fan (of course), Dave also administers www.mick-box.net .
Dave is the musician of the webmasters gang - and we really mean it!!

He also co-founded and co-hosted the 1st two Heepventions in the USA in 1997 and 1998.


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