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Konstantinos Takos lives in Athens, Greece. He is a goldmine of knowledge, a true Uriah Heep "archaeologist" who mainly researches and documents the band's early live history (1970-1980 era). He is also the administrator of the historical gig lists section of www.uriah-heep.com  and an archivist of all kinds of Uriah Heep memorabilia, photos, recordings, footage etc. His museum-type collection is the most complete, thoroughly documented archive as it includes tons of rare material, such as unique live recordings and photos from the 70's (that would have otherwise ended up forgotten or lost).

The excellent, ultra-detailed work on the 1970-1980 gig lists represents years of unending, tireless effort and persistence. Konstantinos essentially unearthed and restored a real treasure: Uriah Heep's entire concert history, literally gig-by-gig, during the 1970-1980 era. At last everyone can get a full, clear picture of the band's extremely heavy touring schedule back in those days.

However, this contribution to the official website features just a small part of Konstantinos's research as his efforts basically concentrate on the rescue of every vintage "Uriah Heep document" that possibly exists - mainly photos and live recordings (audio & video). So, if you happen to have something rare or uncirculated (regardless of quality) or if you simply want to share your memories of a Uriah Heep concert you attended in the 70's, you can drop him a line at gigs@uriah-heep.com  - he will be glad to hear from you!



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