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This is the place where you can add your own Heepsite to the growing list of sites that comprise the Heepring

It's easy to do, and will allow anyone who is logged on to ANY of the Heepsites to find you !

Once you fill out and submit the form, you will be added to the "Heepring" queue. I then receive an e-mail telling me that you wish to be added. After I do that, the system sends you a confirming e-mail telling you that you been have added (or if I don't or can't for some reason, I will e-mail you) , and ALSO sends you the necessary HTML code for you to include in your site ! Just cut and paste it on your opening page, PROUDLY ,where everyone can see !

It would be best that you put the HTML on the same page as the one you specified when you filled in the form below. That's all there is to it ! Once you have the code in your page, your part of the ring!

So, go fill out the form below... and hit the "Queue My Site" button !!

Please note...of course, if you have a broswer that doesn't let you send the form to me, please e-mail me and tell me the stuff you would have filled in. I'll do it all for ya, but only, please if your browser won't work.

See ya in the ring !


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Updating your Site info:

Once your site is in on the Ring, you can update your site info (URL, title, etc.) to keep the index updated.

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