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A message from Jims family
At this very sad time in our lives it was nice to read all your kind messages about Jim. 
 A special thanks to Mick and the rest of the crew for attending Jims funeral and coming back to the house after, thank you all for your kind words about Jim.  I have listened to the song from Dave White and it touched my heart!. 
Jim is sadly missed by his family but will forever remain with us, as Jim lives on in his son Jamie.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all.  
With thanks 
Ellen Verity (Hughes) 
Jims sister 


From Mick Box

Jim Hughes 1955-2001  

Jim & Mick during the USA 2001 tour

This a very sad time in the “Heep” camp as Jim “Jimbo” Hughes passed away on the 30th December 2001. As you all know Jim was my Guitar Technician and the bands Stage Manager for over 15years. Jim worked so very hard for the success of the band and he will be missed terribly. I know Jim would say but Mick “ the show has to go on “ and it will, but I must say that Jim’s driving force, sense of humour, story telling , and just plain old Jim will be missed more than words can say at this moment. We have travelled through good times, not so good times and some bad times and it must go on record that having a person like Jim on your side you always felt you would pull through. He had an infectious positivity about him that made things happen when you really thought they would not. I will miss my cups of tea with him at the sound checks and so much more ,the smile on guitar changes the laugh’s on and off stage will forever remain in my memory. Whenever I had friends or family with me at shows they always had a good word to say about Jim as he treated everybody with the same courteous respect. Suffice to say that the character of the man is that he joined the band first as a guitar technician and then became a friend second and I would have to say that he soon became a friend first and a guitar technician second. He will be sadly missed by his family, me , the band, our crew and to be quite honest anyone who crossed his path.

May he now rest in peace and one things for sure he will always be in our hearts

Not so ‘Appy Days

Mick Box.

Jim was the one person who would make things happen, when all around people would be looking, he'd be doing. The American tour was one of lifes highlights and I'll miss his company and humour , the "spandau's" will never be the same, and I'm sure all of you with pictures of yourself with Mick and the boys will probably find Jim's grin peering over the top! We always joked we were twins - separated at birth, now we're separated by death , but his memory will live on with me forever.
My deepest sympathy to all those who were touched by his love and warmth,

Dave "cheesy peas" Owen.

Mick, Try not to be sad that jim passed on but be happy that he lived and
gave us great memorys of a great guy                                         
Jimmy Joe       

My sympathy to Jim's family, I will miss the laughs, the stories, and the

Joe Keenan

We so sorry...

Bizz TV

I'm so sorry to hear the news of Jim's passing. I did have the pleasure of meeting him this past year when Heep was on their USA tour. I couldn't have met a nicer, kinder, more friendlier person then he. I'm sure he will be with us all in memory and spirit. My condolences to Jim's family, Mick and the band.
With deepest sympathy, 



I'm sorry for the loss of Mr. Jim Hughes. I feel so sad that
such a young and hard working man has to be gone at the
height of his life. My sincere sympathies are with his
family, friends and members & crew of Uriah Heep. Please
allow me to pray in our traditional way. Gassho.

Yumiko Nakajima

I had the opportunity to meet Jim in Graz and Vienna in Nov 1998 and he was such a warm, nice person. Uriah Heep will miss him, and we will all miss him.
Rest in peace.
Ian MacLaren


My condolences to all of Mr. Hughes' family and friends.
Punxsutawney, Pa (USA)

life is such a awesome combination of expierences and emotion , yet
often so short. i never
met Jim face to face ,only watched as he handled the guitar tech
position. as a guitar player
myself i have such respect for those knowledgeable enough to do this (
especially one as talented as Mick Box ! ). this only reminds me of our
need to know Jesus as saviour - i wandered alone for years until i met
my salvation. it is my hope and prayer Jim is in heaven
today and there is a great rejoycing. my deepest sympathy to all who are
hurting so badly
at this time - i will keep you all in my prayers.  

Rob Nelson - Waupaca

In the words of God we are all one!   Jim is a part of us all and will never be lost.  Jim is not gone, but has only changed  form.   Once you understand that you never die, but only change form, the passing of someone close is not too difficult to accept.  Jim is in a happy place, and it is his choice to come back again or stay in the realm of the absolute.  Either way, it is Jim,s choice.  God has blessed the soul of Jim, as he has blessed all of us.  The show will go on and fortunately we have no choice. 
Love to all:    Marty Kane   Grand Blanc  Michigan
I am really saddened to hear the news about another Heep family members passing. My condolences go out to Jims family, the band and anyone who  knew and loved him and his work.


May God Bless Byron Hill
Brooklyn Center, MN


Shit , when things happen like this, life "sucks ". It's hard to lose such good friend. In so many years I come to the concert we always chat with eachother and I know how important he was for you guys. Let's hope he's in peace now and " Flying with Angels "
Jan Bokelman


I am really saddened to hear the news about another Heep family members passing. My condolences go out to Jims family, the band and anyone who  knew and loved him and his work.

May God Bless Byron Hill

Brooklyn Center, MN



Mick, Lee, Trevor, Phil and Bernie,

While I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim, I can tell he meant a lot to
you all. And I know he must have been a great guy. My sympathy goes out to
his family and you, his friends.

Timothy Jones

We met Jim the first time in Norway ' 95, and he instantly picked out my wife, Colleen to be a "Kiwi".
Always a very open and easy to talk to guy.  We'll miss him too.
Sigmund & Colleen

 I am so sorry not only for you, But also for his family.Never got to meet him But it's God's Gain. An old Baptist Preacher Once told me Whenever you hear Music you'll see an Angel and whenever you see an Angel you'll Hear Music,.........God Bless, 

Doug Mound.

Rest in Piece Jimbo!!!!

From Brazilian Fan
Nathanael Almeida de Oliveira


The loss of Jim makes us feel sad as we lost a very dear friend. We're glad that he is out of the pain now. But some things will never be the same again. Jim will always have a very special place in our hearts.
Willy and Rinus.

Every time some of US goes in another world
it is very sad and leaves inside of our heart an endless void, that we may
fill only with the memories.
I will never forget you, Jim, also if I never knew you.

Alessandro LORUSSO (Cagliari-ITALY)

From all American heepsters; bon voyage, Jimbo!

John Carlson

Jim was a diamond guy, gone but never forgotten.
Kev and Yvonne.

The loss of a friend can only be measured in the memories of his life.  For
all of you, we're sure a bit of the past will come rushing in, every time
you take the stage.  Our deepest sympathies are there with you.

Brad and Amber Todd

I only met Jim "properly" on two occasions - in Peterborough on two
successive tours. But he was one of those guys whom you didn't need to be
with for more than a mintue to know what a sincere, kind and fun person he
was. My condolences to his family, and to his close friends.

Graham Hulme

Dear Mick ,The Band and crew,and friends and family of Jim,

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.My girlfriend Brigitte and
I met all of you
during this past summer at two of the shows in Chicago.Jim was a perfect
fit for a band
consisting of such geniune people as yourselves.We know his talent and
comradarie will
be truely missed and remembered forever.

Bill Niesciur ,St.Louie,MO.

So sorry to hear it,

i'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your close friend. as a long time fan of
the band it's always sad to lose a member of the heep family. i saw the group
at the greek theatre gig and i can remember seeing jim on the side of the
stage helping mick out. i know how it feels to lose someone close, i lost my
father last year


Dear Jimbo . We will miss you badly my friend. Your big smile, the bear
hugs, the good stories, both from Uriah Heep and also from your time with
Katherina and the waves. You, telling us about your place in France, the
excellent red wine, I could go on forever. There is an empty space in the
Heep familiy now, a space that no one can fill. Rest in peace Jim. I know
you are up there, looking down at us with a big grin together with the rest
of those who are sadly missed. Our thoughts goes to Sandra and the rest of
your familiy.

Egil & Marianne Bokn

I met in nürnberg after you got the platinum records. We just spoke some
words and then he gave me and a friend of mine to talk to the band. I
remember him as an very nice and friendly man. we will miss him and his
smiling when he give another guitar to Mike.
Rest in peace

Harald Erb

I will always remember Jim because i am always chasing mick for plectums who always had one for me Jim
great humour obviously great technitian  greatly missed

cheers paul rickard [ toon army]

We are very sorry, that Jimbo past away and we hope, that he will find peace.

Dr. Pierre H. Schulze und Sabine V. Schulze

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim's friends and family, as well as the
entire Heep family, during this time of grief...

Joe & Lisa Kelly

We have only just learned the news about Jim. We only got to know Jim briefly and when he was very ill but he was one of life's gentlemen. He was very much a part of the Heep team that we have come to know and it will not be the same without him. To his family, Sandra and to everyone in the Heep team we send our deepest sympathy. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair.
Brian & Lorraine


Jim Hughes was a member of Uriah Heep.  Maybe he didn't perform on stage with the guys, but he lived through the ups and downs, the good and the bad, just as much. Jim exhibited the professionalism and friendliness which are Heep hallmarks. One of the highlights of the 2001 tour was Jim's friendship.  Jim's smiling face and his bear hug always welcomed me and Bobbie to the next gig location. Some special memories include: Jim and Charlie working together to get the sound just right; Mick getting Jim to help finish off yet another pitcher of beer before we could go back to the hotel; Jim escorting an overzealous female off stage in Scranton, when she got up to dance in front of Mick; Jim's special effort in making sure we knew where the after gig party was in Henderson, NV; Jim handing the guitars and picks to Mick; and last the hug in LA . Jim I will miss you and always keep you near to my heart.


Lannis Ethridge


Jim was one of those guys you could sit and talk to. We were fortunate to become friends with Jim in the summer of 2001. I asked Jim what he like to do when he wasn't tuning guitars. He told me he liked to read. And, at that time he was reading the Harry Potter books because those books were "easy reading." Jim was a deep thinker and read books such as the rise and fall of some extinct empire. We sat in the shade of a tree in Sioux City. His eyes glistened and a gentle breeze tossed his short gray hair as he explained the details of how his house overlooked the water and how he was looking forward to remodeling. He asked me if I knew that his hair had been long, down his back, before he became sick. Jim said "You wouldn't believe that I was big." Jim, my heart weeps for you and you'll never know how much you will be missed. Here's a hug coming your way...

Bobbie Hinson


Although I only spoke to him briefly one time, Jim was
part of the team.  Whether it was escorting a dancing fan
from the stage, helping Mick change guitars during the
set, or frantically trying to restore sound after Mick blew
his amp in Pittsburgh.  He was doing work to help make
a Uriah Heep show special.
He will be missed.
Ron Mann

I would just like to say that although I did not get to meet Jim; He was
lucky enough to have had the job that any Heep fan would have LOVED to
have. It seems that he touched many lives in a positive way and our
thoughts and prayers are with Mick; Jim's family & friends.

BiLL McCue

Mick, I feel real bad for the loss of jim, it is a sad time when you lose a friend and a good stage hand, but just as you say, he would want the show to go on, and you also should know that you made his life aloght better, just as he made yours better, just remember that God has a plan for all of us, and you will indeed see jim again someday Hang in there Mic the band and the rest of the crew

Love David and Crystal Leaming


I was lucky enough to see Uriah Heep in Santa Fe NM
this past summer. It was a very mememorable. I
remember seeing Jim working with Mick to get the
sound..just right...and it was. I never knew the man
but I know the work he did and I know that that the
band will miss him...I'm so sorry for the band and all
of us who heard his influence.

Kurt Wessendorf

So sad to hear of the passing of Jim ...
We had the big luck to know Jim over 7 wonderful years,
we never forget him. Gone, but ever in our hearts.
Rest in peace.

We wish Jim's family, friends and the band with crew
much Power in this terrible time ...

the girls from Liechtenstein
Simone and Elisabeth

I met Jim on the 1993 tour in Buffalo, NY. I have pictures of him in his
"URIAH WHO?" shirt. A very nice man. My deepest sympathy, 

Tom Hinterlong

As has already been mentioned, I don't know if Jim was on the U. S. tour, but I did notice all of the great work going on behind the scenes at the show I saw in Minnesota, including the guitar changes.  I agree that it is sad to lose any member of the Heep family.  There is no doubt that Mick and the rest of the band care for them and their fans a great deal.

My sympathy and best wishes to you all.  Hope to see you again soon.
Jim Green
Hastings, MN
So sorry to hear about Jim. A true heepster rest in peace my friend. Thinking of you all at this sad time.

Dougie Walsh

Somehow the stage now seems a lot emptier without the ever affable presence of Jim. Here and there with the gaffer tape, ready with the next guitar. Patient while the fans were impatient. Jim wasn't just part of the crew, he was part of the family and he made you feel like part of the family as well. Jim was very professional in his work, but always had that sense of humour to prevent things becoming too serious and make him a very approachable bloke. All Heep fans have lost a great friend. That flashlight from the side of the stage will be dimmer now.

Pete Wharton

Mick and the rest of Uriah Heep and Crew,

I'm very sorry for your loss. I know Jim was a valued member of the crew and
I know he will be missed dearly!

Wayne & Robin Catalde

I'm not sure if I met Jim, on Heep's U.S. tour, but anytime we lose
someone that is part of the 'Heep family' it is a very sad occurence.
All I can say is that Jim did an outstanding job and I know Mick will
miss him alot. Both myself and my wife wish Jim's family and friends
comfort in this most difficult time.

Dale and Helen Fredericks



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