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Added Dec 13,
Esa Ahola  Festival Club Pics !


 The Festival Club was where we met and greeted the fans, the band, John Lawton and Bassist/Guitarist Steve Dunning on an acoustic set (complete with the Heepsters choir), and Ken and John Wetton.

It was an open forum, a chance to listen to Pip WIlliams and Roger Dean tell how they do what THEY do, and also to have some fun with a contest for the Worlds Biggest Heep Fan.
Here are some great pictures courtesy of Esa Ahola ! 

Part of the Mercho stand :-)

Tina, Jyrki and Denise

Phil, Bernie and Mick survey the crowd

John Wetton meets the fans

Old Heep, New Heep, Classic Heep

Heepsters World Wide Meeting the band

SMILE !!!!

John Lawton and Lee Kerslake

The Festival Club

The Heep Golden Fleece is modeled !

Chris Bradley and the  Roger Dean Paintings for Auction

Pip Williams

Roger Dean

Fans meet and Greet Roger Dean 

Rich Wagner and John Lawton setting up the PA

John Lawton and Steve Dunning

John Lawton and Steve Dunning

The Heepsters Choir on Lady in Black

The Heepsters Choir
Tina Belts it out !

John Lawton and Steve Dunning


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