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North American Tour Reports 

June, 12th - Louisville Kentucky 


(All Pictures by Mac Steagall)


I have been a Uriah Heep fan since the early '70's (some of us survived). I had not saw them since the 1983 Abominog tour. Frankly I simply lost track. I heard on the local radio station that they were doing a FREE show in town! Great news. It was announced as the "surviving members of Uriah Heep. 

This could have been anyone of many who have been involved with them in the past 30 years. A couple of friends and I went down and were blown away! The Heep still rock! A ot of the songs were unknown, as i said i lost track of them in the early '80's. I really enjoyed them, which says that Mick's creative well is not dry. Of course the old favorites were great. This was a blast from my past that I'll not soon forget. 

One could plainly see that the band was having just as good a time as the audience. They got a great response from the crowd, and I could see the truly heartfelt appreciation of the band for this warm reception in a city they had not been to in many years. If Uriah Heep is coming to a town near you, GO SEE THEM! You will be thoroughly entertained. 

love and kisses,                                                                                                                A.J. Terrell

Hello there,

The Heepsters hit town on June 12th, last night in fact and played a roaring set that was pretty much the Electrically Driven set with a few odds and ends thrown in.


As Dave reported, which whom I met and didn't know who I was talking to half the night, Trever's Trace amps blew and he had to go out and purchase something to use, which he did; He got 2 SWR Big Bertha 2X15 cabinets and a SWR 750 head. He didn't seem real happy with them, he kept tweaking them, his sound was never really clear, I think he needs too add a Goliath Sr. 6X10 cabinet to give him some more punch.  Otherwise, Trever was kicking much ass as usual. Mick seemed to have sorted out his Marshall problem and was did on and having a grand time as the whole band was.

I have too add, I have seen all the singers who have ever graced the door of Heep other than Sloman, I have to say, Bernie Shaw is the best to be in the band, his voice and the range, you really don't appreciate it until you have actually seen him live. 

He has so much energy and a voice from Hell and is always smiling. You can tell he is throughly enjoying what he does, God love him. I haven't seen Uriah Heep since Abominog Tour when they were opening up for Judas Priest. Yes, it's been awhile, but I am still as ate up with them as I was the first day I heard them. 

You can never have too much Uriah Heep !

That's it from here, everyone take care and keep it loud and rockin. Feel free to email me and tell me about anything about Heep or anything cool.

Tony Allen
Louisville, Ky USA

WOW! What a concert! What fan support! WOW! 

If all the concerts were like
this, well, all I can say is "Germany move over."

Dave got us in thru the backdoor. We are staying in the hotel across from
the Coyotes - only 3 lanes of traffic to cross.

We sat thru the soundcheck like mice watching the cat. The boys walked around getting a feel for the place. One by one they took the stage to check their particular instument.

Phil needed 2 pieces of 2x4's cut so Lannis and I told Dave that we would
get it done. Dave has so much to keep up with and we were glued to our seats. UH broke into playing Return to Fantasy as the last part of their sound check. WOW! They were all wearing shorts and t-shirts. And looked comfortably hot - temp here today was 98 F. 

I asked Bernie what they do when they arrive in a town/city before sound-checks, etc. He said they like to walk around and see the local attractions. Last night they went to a baseball game between the Durham Bulls and the Louisville Riverrats. The local team won. 

Sorry, got to make the next post later. 

Bobbie  (and Lannis)

From: Mac Steagall

I just got in a little a few hours ago from the amazing, incredible, and totally unforgetable road show known as the www.Uriah-Heep.com USA Tour 2001. I attended the first 4 gigs in the USA in about seven years. Heep has been consistently great, that's nothing new. However, the gig yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky was in my judgement the best  gig I've ever seen by any band.

 The thing that made this such an incredible experience was the fan reaction that Heep evoked. I've never been to a  concert with the mass euphoria the crowd showed. I know there are a lot 
US Heepsters starving for another look at their band but this is more than that also. From the mass of people in Coyotes packed against the stage... the waving hands and screaming from the crowd, clapping at Bernie's every direction. It was quite obvious that this crowd of... I don't know... maybe two thousand were totally into Heep from start to finish. UH surprised alot
of people in Louisville and I think this may be the start of something big! At the end of the concert I was totally drained from participating in a Heep event. It was obvious by the looks on the bandmember's faces that they were overjoyed to see this kind response and Bernie in particular played to  the crowd and put on a great performance. Mick's guitar solos were greeted
with howls of delight. Mark June 12th, 2001 on your calendar! Heep has begun  to retake the USA. 

New songs in the setlist...
Traveller in Time (non-acoustic)
Look at Yourself

BTW I was asked about my Heep USA Tour 2001 t-shirt four times today at  various airports(Louisville, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham). Also we may have  to change the name of this tour to "The Grandad's Tour" from "The Birthday Tour". My granddaughter, Zia Kathryn Gibson, was born on June 13th, 2001 at 11:47am in Ocala, FL. 

Older than Dirt!