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Acoustically Driven !

news !

The official release date for the Acoustically Driven
CD, DVD and VHS is March 23rd.

Subscriber copies ,passes and wall plaques will be mailed the week commencing March 1st .

Thanks to all who subscribed and made this happen ! !

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For many years Uriah Heep fans have been calling for an unplugged set. We are delighted to be able to announce that in response to that public demand Uriah Heep have recorded an acoustically driven set for release as a CD. The performance was also be filmed for release as a television special and a DVD. This is going to be no ordinary album. From the very first rehearsals the group felt that some of the greatest moments sounded even better with a string section... others might benefit from some female vocals... and maybe some pedal steel.... a flute accompaniment here and so on....

  • (* With Ian Anderson)
  • Why Did You Go
  • The Easy Road
  • Echoes In The Dark
  • Come Back To Me
  • Cross That Line
  • Golden Palace
  • Shadows And The Wind
  • Wonderworld
  • Different World
  • Circus *
  • Blind Eye *
  • Traveller In Time
  • More Fool You
  • Lady In Black

  • Encore
  • The Wizard/Paradise/Circle Of Hands


Uriah Heep will be followed the same route recently chosen by other major acts such as Jimmy Page, Yes, Deep Purple and Marillion and using the power of the internet age to interface directly with the fans. This is in keeping with Uriah Heep's philosophy of making music first and foremost for the fans. In days gone by it was necessary to have a record label in the middle, but as a wide range of professional musicians from David Bowie to Peter Gabriel are discovering, the only way to protect your own interests and retain artistic control is to dispense with record company involvement in the creative process and forge a direct link with the fans.

This is where you come in. By subscribing you helped to provide the finance for pre-production, rehearsals, guest musicians, recording, mastering and packaging. Above all, you will actually be helping to create these milestone recordings.


There are three levels of support for the project and there are a number of benefits to becoming a subscriber:
  • All subscribers get a special limited edition boxed CD signed by the band which includes a roll of honour of all those who subscribed.

  • The Subscribers edition has extra bonus tracks not available on the regular retail version.

  • Gold subscribers also get the DVD in a limited edition "subscribers only limited edition" package.

  • Gold subscribers also get THE special laminated pass which allowed them to attend the filming session on December 9th !

  • Platinum subscribers get all of the above plus a framed, autographed wall plaque featuring an actual copy of the disc and engraved dedication.

  • You get the satisfaction of knowing you made it all possible


  • Silver Subscription
    The Silver Subscription costs 25/$40/75DM. It includes the special limited edition boxed CD delivered to your door and gets your name listed on the roll of honour.

  • The Gold Subscription
    The Gold Subscription costs 39/$62/98DM. It includes both the CD and DVD delivered to your door. You also get the SAME laminated passes that were issued to attend the filming/recording session in London on December 9th.

  • The Platinum Subscription
    The Platimun Subscription costs 69/$110/150DM. It includes all the benefits of the gold subscription plus an engraved wall plaque !

Please note:

Prices for Dollars and Deutschmarks are approximate and may vary slightly on credit card statements according to the prevailing exchange rates.

Methods of payment are:

  • By credit card. A one time charge will be billed to your credit card.
  • By International Money Order. Overseas subscribers can send a money order for the correct amount
  • By cheque. Cheques must be drawn on a UK bank.


    You can apply for a subscription anytime up to January 31st, 2001 and still have your name in the roll of honour. Platinum Subscriptions are strictly limited so apply early to avoid disappointment.


    Many of the current releases under the Uriah Heep name pay lip service to the idea of good packaging or comprehensive sleeve notes. These official recordings will be different. The limited edition booklets accompanying the unplugged album will feature extensive interviews with the band and reflections on the recording sessions by Mick, Lee, Trevor, Phil and Bernie. Legendary artist Roger Dean will provide one of his classic paintings for the cover artwork!


    The sound recordings were by Pip Williams who recorded Sonic Origami and the stunning Future Echoes set. Pip needs no introduction and we can look forward to the highest technical standards. Recordings were made on the Fleetwood mobile and mixed in the Stone Room.


    These new recordings took place in London on December 9th 2000. Time is short but, this is your chance to get in quick and play a part in creating these works !


    This wasn't an entirely acoustic set. It is unthinkable to have the music of Uriah Heep without the trademark Hammond Organ sound. Essentially you will be hearing the lighter side of Uriah Heep with an acoustically driven set.



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