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Fan Club Membership (10 - 20 euro admin fee) Unlimited numbers
Upon joining the fan club, purchasers will receive:
  • Welcome "Fan club special" DVD from the band
  • Membership letter with individual number.
  • Membership exclusive metal badge.
  • Plastic (Credit card type) numbered membership card through post.
  • Exclusive set of Band Photos

Ongoing benefits are:

  • Video Message every 3 months (either emailed or sent)
  • Heepster News letter
  • Advanced notice of shows/events, before they go on normal sale.
  • Occasional Fan Club specials (short acoustic sets with band, fan club parties etc)
  • 10% discount on swag purchases and M&G tickets at gigs.
  • Fan Club exclusive web forum (the band may occasionally read and answer certain questions/points)




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