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update December 18th


December 18th 2005  

Germany tour pics updated 12/29

Metal Express Radio's review of Uriah Heep live in Oslo on the
4th of December:

And Uriah Heep pictures - live the same night:

All the best, Per Olav Heimstad

Metal Express Radio / www.metalexpressradio.com


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Great pictures of Heep Live in Oulu Finland december 10 2005
december 2005 UK tour

December 3th 2005

More Astoria photo's here, by Dougie the Mega

December 1th 2005

New dates for India, Indonesia & Thailand are added to the 2006 livedates page.

Here's the link for a short radio interview with Mick Box by by Metalexpress radio. Recorded in Sheffield.

November 28th 2005

Photos from the Astoria/Royal George  by Mike Taylor here

November 25th

Dougie the Mega sent  us these
Glasgow photos

November 24th

Mike Taylor sent us his Bristol november 23th live heepshots here

November 23th


september 30 2005 BRNO CZ by Mirek


September 23 2005


September 23 2005 http://www.live-on-stage.ch/newgallery/showconcert.php?concertid=1339#

http://www.festivalschupfart.ch thanks to Michael Ruchti

August 11 2005
Venice Italy

Thanks to Simone Parisi

More Venice by true metal.it

Even more Venice pictures by Federico Amato

August 5 2005
Forssa Finnland
- Bericht (in Deutsch) unter


July 31 2005

Thanks to Martin Kramer

More pictures by Osi:



Herning Denmark May 22th Photos by Mikkel Andersen
Lillehammer Rock Festival the 14th of May 2005.
Bernie and other guys was playing like gods at Lillehammer Rock Festival the 14th of May 2005.
There were a few problems with the sound in the beginning, but they managed to fix it up. For me it was a bigger event than "Magicians Birthday Party 04" in London. Anyway it was different. We were having
dinner with the guys (we didn`t see other stars Suzy Quarto, Nazareth..) only Mick, Bernie, Trevor and Phil.
They were great as always. Playing  favorites like "A year Or A Day", "If I had the time", "Free Me", but also
"Easy Livin`", "Gypsy" and "Lady In Black". They did a great gig with high temperture and enthusiasm from
the beginning to the end. The day after we met the group at the Oslo airport, and they signed my poster + we took
pictures with all the members. I can`t wait til the next time...........love Heep always!
Runar Wadseth, Aalesund


may 12th Regensburg,Germany from Anton Seutter
May 11th
Fantastic pictures from Augsburg

Thanks to 'Klangdynamik'

May 6th Reichenbach from Renate Fischer of SOT
"Hi Louis, Rod and Dave,
We have on our SOT-HP some new Heep-pics from Reichenbach, Heidenheim and Regensburg. The pics are made by Vroni & Max Weber.
April 29th Bern Switserland
Thanks to LiveOnStage.info
Konzert- und Eventfotografie
Michael Ruchti

Bern April 2005, the 29th. Thanks to Martin Kramer 



Russian tour febr 2005 280 new pictures from the Russia Tour taken by Mick Box! |  26 More | Even more... |

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