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Congratulations to Andres Schulz !! This first quiz was a 'eavy :-) Give the next one a try...it should be more 'umble.....

End results update february 20th :

Andreas Schulz - Germany | 8 correct answers
Tapio Minkkinen - Finland | 6 correct answers
Daniela Wiesner - Germany | 6 correct answers


1. Who is this?

Chris Slade ( look at the 3th line up picture from the top on the left side of this page)





2. What is the title of the heep song with a hidden phrase ?

Woman of the World - High & Mighty ( You can stick that contract in your glue ) Listen carefully to the backing vocals.......


3. Who is this ?

Lee Kerslake ( click on bandpicture to enlarge)







4. How was the German Uriah Heep tour called in 1998

Double Trouble Tour with Nazareth link

5. What Uriah Heep line up first played behind the iron curtain ( East Berlin )

Mick Box, Iain Clarke, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton, David Byron


6.What is the name of this newspaper?

The Sun ( UK)














7.What Heep album is this picture referring too

King Biscuit Flower Hour Live in San Diego 1974


8. How was Blood on stone ( DW) originally called ?

Power and addiction


9. What is the name of the guy next to Mick Box

1. Michael Box jr

2. Mick Box

3. Doogie White

4. Dave White





10. Who are these two men?

Ken Hensley & John Lawton





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