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- Yumiko Nakajima, an active Japanese Heepster, contributed with three
pages of Heep from Japanese rock magazine "BURRN".  The pics are for
everybody, the text only for Japanese Heepsters:

- We digged up some old but very interesting articles on Heep.  Weird and
sometimes very funny stories from 1972 and 1975.  The Heep and ex-President
Ford at the same hotel... and more...
All from the Monique & Leo Spruit's collection... thank you very much!

- As announced here, the new "Deluxe Extended Versions" of both "Very 'Eavy
Very 'Umble" and "Salisbury" are completed now, featuring liner notes by
Dave Ling of Classic Rock magazine and new (updated) notes by Ken Hensley.
The bonus track and ordering info can be found at
http://www.terrapinmusic.com .  Work has already begun on both "Look At
Yourself" and "Demons And Wizards", and they will probably be mastered next


- A bit of "trivia" here... two previously unreleased David Byron solo
tracks from December '75 were recently found: "Look What Your Doing" and
"Prince Of Madness"!  The latter is 16-20 minutes in length.  A home for
them will have to be found soon, as they are so Heep sounding!  Classic

- Bernie Shaw's Mortice has a new song available at MP3.com:

- David Amendolara from Belgium went to the John Lawton gig in Verviers on
October 4th 2002.  Here we have a few great pictures and review, all by
Dave of course: http://www.moreheep.com/jlspiritof66/spirit.htm .  Also,
there are reviews by Dave and Staf Pypen on John's own website:

- On January 10th (next Friday), Budgie, Bronz and Pig Irön will play at
the Mean Fiddler in London, UK.  Why is this Heep-related?  Well, there are
a few tenuous links here: Bronz will be playing a few Heep numbers like
"All My Life" and "Other Side Of Midnight" (they were label mates to Heep
in the past), this being one of the very few gigs they have ever done since
the early 80's.  Budgie is of course one of the finest power trios ever,
and Robert Corich of Red Steel is currently re-mastering their catalogue
with bonus tracks for them.  Pig Irön have done 3 weeks ago a session at
Maida Vale studios and aired live on radio with Bruce Dickinson (Iron
Maiden) on vocals doing "Space Truckin'", so maybe some surprises are
expected for their concert too.  Their bass player, Hugh Gilmour, did the
artwork for John Lawton's "Heartbeat" and "Rebel/ZAR" CDs, as well as for
the "Ken Hensley Anthology".
Full details: http://www.geocities.com/~uheep/budgie_gig.jpg

- Bob Daisley fan launches online campaign to restore early Ozzy Osbourne
CDs!  An irate Bob Daisley fan has launched an online campaign to get Ozzy
Osbourne's early CDs restored to their original form after they were
recently re-issued with re-recorded bass and drum tracks courtesy of
current Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo and drummer Mike Bordin.  The fan,
presently known only as "William", has written a message to Daisley stating
his intentions. The letter, which was published on the bassist's official
web site, reads as follows: "I have recently started a thread over at the
Harmony Central guitar forum. It is in regard to the CDs that have been
destroyed by Ozzy. You have a lot of supporters over there, and we would
love to hear your comments, so jump in! We're over 100 posts and are at
over 2,500 views and counting. The goal of the thread is an e-mail campaign
to Ozzy letting him know how we feel. We all loved your (Bob's) work on
those albums and they MUST be restored!".  For more information, click
p (thanks to Jay Pearson)


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