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- Uriah Heep's Dutch Tour 2004 fan meetings and concerts update!
Presented by the Uriah Heep Holland Promotion Team: Jan Hoogland | Erik van
Loenhout | Evert Achterberg | Leo & Monique Spruit | Marcel Wigmans | Kees
Stroo Cloeck | Louis Rentrop | in association with the promoters of the
three venues. Chappoo to all!!! We are very happy to announce that the
"Biggest Heep Fan 2003" Yumiko Nakajima will attend all three gigs. A
chance for us the congratulate her one more time with the most wanted title
a Heep fan ever can be awarded with. Two of the three gigs will be
attended by a US soldier (and big Heep fan of course!) currently based in
Baghdad, Iraq. What to say eh? Amazing or what...
1) The "Heep In" in Boerderij on February 6th 2004
For this gig the Heep Bus will hit the road again! Family and friends of
Joost Dingenouts, the huge Heep fan who passed away on October 9th, will
travel in our bus to Zoetermeer. 30 to 40 relatives will attend the gig in
Joost's homage. The Heep Bus will stop in Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal
-Standaarbuiten - Zoetermeer. There are a few places left. The tickets
cost 12 Euro each.
2) The "Heep In" in Hardenberg on February 7th 2004
3) The "Heep In" in Weert on February 8th 2004
The classic rock band Fastfinger including the diehard Heep fan Erik van
Loenhout on drums will cheer us up at the pre-gig party (details on the
link above). "Look At Yourself" and "Time of Revelation" are on the setlist.
Are you from the UK, living near London?
The Sunday Feb 8th gig is pretty close to the Eindhoven airport. For 150
GBP (all included) you have a round-trip ticket by Ryanair
(www.ryanair.com). We are happy to help you on hotels and transports. You
get a great pre-gig party, the Heep gig itself, and after-gig party.... well??
Details about all the concerts can be found here:
For all further info check http://people.zeelandnet.nl/uriahboz/dutch.htm
Any questions? Please e-mail them: louis@uriah-heep.com

- "Classic Heep" double DVD is going fast, so if you want to secure a copy
you'd better run!!!
To order it:
http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/uriahheep/clheep.html .
Since a lot of people have been asking about which version to buy (NTSC or
PAL), here we have some info about this...
PAL and NTSC - What's the difference ?
PAL is standard for Europe, Australia, NZ and Africa.
NTSC is standard for North and South America, the Far East and Japan.
The TV standard for the region you live in will either generate a picture
from 525 Lines (NTSC) or 625 Lines (PAL). For that reason your DVD player
needs to generate a picture your TV monitor can decode. So if you live in
North / South America or Japan you will have an NTSC telly you need to
order NTSC DVD discs. These days many DVD systems sold in Europe are dual
standard and will happily detect and playback either NTSC and PAL so it's
increasingly less important to have PAL disc in Europe as virtually every
player and TV set will automatically recognize and play back NTSC. Older
players may require some adjustments and very old tellies will only play
PAL. However PAL pictures have more information and give a much better
quality so if you live in Europe always buy the PAL disc. American and
Japanese sets tend to play just NTSC so always order NTSC if you live in
those regions.

- Vote for Heep!! To vote on both the Sweden Rock Festival and the Classic
Rock magazine polls, please go to http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/vfhrs.php
and follow the link and/or instructions. To vote on the "World's Best
Band" poll go to http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html
. The Heep is now in #9 and with a few more than a hundred votes we'll
beat Status Quo. You only need to write Uriah Heep on the box beside the
"Dette er verdens beste band" phrase, and click on the "Send inn" button.

- We have a new addition to the "When We Were Young" Heepsters gallery. Go
to http://uriahheepholland.freeservers.com/rem0.htm and meet Belgian
Heepster Kris Degruytere. We want to have your pictures there, from then
and now...

- Peter Reul, a David Byron lookalike, is forming a new Dutch Uriah Heep
Cover band. The band's name is "Fridays King". They are now looking for a
"Hammond organ" keyboards man. Check
http://people.zeelandnet.nl/uriahboz/dutch.htm , is he a lookalike or
what? Contact Peter at : p.reul@home.nl

- Report and photos from the Cologne gig, by Marcello Loi:
http://www.thewizplace.it/uriah_heeo_photos_by_marcello.htm . Report from
the Hamburg gig by Ricky and Tina Rogers:
http://www.thewizplace.it/uriah_heep_world_news.htm (thanks to Enrico Fusco)

- Uriah Heep is featured on "Prog-Nose" website's News:


- Breaking news!!! The first Ken Hensley plans for 2004 just announced,
- "The Last Dance" World Tour 2004, beginning on February 17th in Oslo, Norway
- 3 new Ken Hensley Anthologies to be recorded and released
- DVD documentary
- Films and television commercials soundtracks
- Castle concerts in Spain
- Ken's autobiography
Read the first details at http://www.ken-hensley.com .

- The John Lawton Band brand new live DVD, "Shakin' The Tale", recorded
live at MBP 03, at the Mean Fiddler in London, UK, on November 7th 2003,
is now available for pre-ordering! To see the tracklisting and pre-order
it, please go to http://www.johnlawtonband.com and follow the link! All
pre-orders via the JLB site only, will be autographed by the band!

- John Sloman played a gig last week. A small review (as also some Robin
George news) can be found here: http://www.majesticrock.co.uk/ (thanks to
Ian MacLaren).

- A nice gift for you is waiting on the "Travellers In Time" forum
board. Go to http://www.travellersintime.com and open the forum, check out
the topic "For All Lawton Fans" in the Uriah Heep section (thanks to Ron
Mann for the info).

- All the details about "Circle of Friends", the 20th Anniversary Meeting
of the Stay On Top - German Fan Club of Uriah Heep, are now available at:
. Scheduled are concerts of John Lawton band, Ken Hensley, Lana Lane &
Erik Norlander (thanks to Renate Fischer for the info).

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