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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
January 21 - Mylos Hall, 56 Andrew Georgiou, Thessaloniki, Greece
January 22 - Gagarin 205, 205 Liosion Street, Athens, Greece
January 28 - Classic Rock Night, Messe Halle A1, Friedrichshafen, Germany
February 18th - March 8 2005 - Russia Tour
All details, links, etc.:
Classic Rock Night:

- May the Heep be with you!
The 2005 edition of the legendary Isle of Wight Festival will happen between 10th and 12th June.  There is a dedicated site for the festival with a discussion forum attached.  Let's discuss Heep there and see if we can build up some pressure to get Heep to the festival!  No bands have been announced yet but there are many rumours (U2, Queen, Cream, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones).  The festival website address is:
http://www.isleofwightfestival.org (thanks to Mike Taylor for the info).

- Very cool photos of Heep live in Austria can be seem here:
http://www.eventsfoto.at.tf (thanks to photographer Manfred Schmid).

- Photos and reports on the Pratteln (Switzerland) gig (December 18th 2004):
http://www.garage-gibraltar.ch/perso/heep/index.html and http://www.z-7.ch/osheep04.htm (thanks to Martin Kramer of UH Romandie for the links), and also: http://www.truemetal.it/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=9461 (thanks to Alessio Battaglia).

- There is a new Deep Purple book titled "Smoke on the Water", by Dave Thompson, including a good bit of notes on Spice and Heep.  In fact Heep gets a few mentions throughout the book (co-tours, etc.).  More info here:
http://www.ecwpress.com .  Also, the new Rush book by Martin Popoff mentions Heep a bit, from their tour together in '78.  For details: http://www.martinpopoff.com (special thanks to Kevin Julie for the info).

- An interesting Heepy item being sold on eBay right now:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=60980&item=6356913477&rd=1 (if you can't follow this link - sometimes Yahoo Groups mess them up - please go http://www.uriah-heep.com and follow the link from the "News" section.  All e-heep messages are stored there).


- Ken Hensley will be appearing as a guest star on the "Heroes of World Rock" Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on February 23rd.  Also appearing are Sweet, Thin Lizzy and Ian Gillan..

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