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Hi Heepsters!

"Uriah Heep would like to wish everybody a fantastic New Year! As always we thank you so
much for the support you have given us over the year 2007 and we are looking for 2008 to be a
very exciting year with the release of the 'Wake the Sleeper' CD. It was brilliant to put a few
of these songs in the live set and get a really positive response each night and we have so much
to build upon so it is onwards and upwards.
'Appy days!
Mick Box"


- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
Jan 18 - Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Holland
Jan 19 - Plato, Helmond, Holland
Jan 20 - Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland
Jan 25 - Principal Club, Thessaloniki, Greece
Jan 26 - Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- Videoclips recorded at a recent Uriah Heep concert in Germany show 3 brand new songs that
will be included on the upcoming album "Wake The Sleeper"! Check them out on the links below:
*** Shadow
*** Tears of the World
*** Overload

- We have up on the official site a special guestbook during this festive season so everyone
can send his/her wishes to the band! Check it out at
http://www.uriah-heep.com (main page).

- Some photos from Heep's concert at the Spectrum in Augsburg, Germany on December 13th 2007 are available here:
(thanks to Yeti). Also 31 photos from the December 16th gig in Pratteln, Switzerland) are
available at
http://www.ozzyd.ch (under "Uriah Heep" of course... a slideshow with music!). Thanks to Osi Dirilgen.

- It is now possible to subscribe (for free) for the "Heep in" event in the Barbier café in
Hellendoorn, Holland prior to the Heep gig at the Lantaarn on January 18th. A quiz is being
organised and... who knows what else! Some of the prizes will be for example an original German
2007 tour poster framed and an original woven Innocent Victim badge. The event will happen
from 5 o'clock in the afternoon on. All info (and some photos of the prizes) available at
http://www.uriahheepholland.com .

- The Classic Rock Revisited website conducted recently a poll to choose the Top 50 Live Albums
of All Time as selected by the site's visitors as well as their staff. Both lists are now available here:
http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/TopLiveAlbums.htm . Check how well "Uriah Heep Live" (1973) has done...

- A similar list was posted on the latest issue of the "Poeira Zine" magazine in Brazil. The
readers' Top 30 live albums list was published and "Uriah Heep Live" got the 8th position! The
magazine's website is here:
http://www.poeirazine.com.br .

- In regards to the "Uriah Heep tribute videos competition", we are going to change our voting
system since the initial one was obviously "abused". More details in the next e-heep!

- This date is added to the Heep gig list: Friday September 13th 1974 at the Municipal Auditorium
in New Orleans, USA. Opening acts: Suzi Quatro and Elvin Bishop (thanks to Jim Ghivizzani for
the info). Please keep sending your contributions to make this list as complete as possible!


- The late great Gary Thain is featured on the upcoming "The 27s" book. For all details and
ordering please visit this website:
http://www.the27s.com .

- On December 11th Ken Hensley & Live Fire performed at the "Kult Am Sonntag" TV Show in
Berlin, Germany. It will be broadcast on January 6th 2008, and link with all details can be found
http://www.heute.de/ZDFde/inhalt/18/0,1872,3981394,00.html . Also, Ken Hensley has recited "The Night Before Christmas" for the Classic Rock Revisited website, check it out here:
http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/nightbeforechristmas.htm .

- A video from Tapio Minkkinen and the Vikings group concerning Heepvention 2008 is now up at
http://www.johnlawtonmusic.com . Send your own HV08 video thoughts and greetings to
uheep@yahoo.com and they'll be uploaded to the Heepvention site. Use HV2008 fan video as the
subject line. And get booking for the event, of course! Thanks to Alan Keetley for the info.

- Two cover versions for Lucifer's Friend's original song "Ride the Sky" were recently
recorded. We have already mentioned here about Trouble's rendition on their album "Simple Mind
Condition", but now also Avantasia has included a version on their album entitled "Lost in
Space". Avantasia is a project led by singer Tobias Sammet of Edguy and the song is here sung
by Eric Singer (Alice Cooper, Kiss, Black Sabbath, etc.). Thanks to Antonio Pirani of Rock
Brigade magazine for the info.

- An interview (plus photos and a short video) with singer/guitar player Eiríkur Hauksson (Ken
Hensley's Live Fire) is up here:
http://www.heepfiles.info/kh/eirikur.htm . Thanks to Tapio Minkkinen.

- Call for songs!
http://www.heepstermusic.com is looking to host and present your songs. Details at http://www.heepstermusic.com/ Mp3Files.aspx . Just e-mail your MP3's, Heep-related or not to websongs@heepstermusic.com . Stay tuned for a fun contest when the 100th song is posted! Details will be forthcoming...

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