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Hi Heepsters!

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This edition is dedicated to David Byron (29 January 1947 - 28 February 1985)


- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
26 March - Viking Cinderella Boat, Stockholm-Mariehamm, Sweden
05 April - The Olympia, Paris, France
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- A message from the band:
"This is just a quick note to everyone of you to wish you the best New Year ever!
Have a wonderful celebration of ringing out the old and ringing in the new and we look forward to seeing you out on the road in 2009!
 We are moving into 2009 with a positive energy and an air of excitement and as always we thank you all for your continued support.
 Onwards and Upwards!
?Appy Days!
Mick Box, Uriah Heep & Crew"

- Article about Barack Obama on the Chicago Tribune includes a reference to Uriah Heep: "Unlike media, Obama knows he's no wizard" -
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass-20-jan20,0,3410243.column .  Also on "Classic Rock" magazine's website: "What Do you Get When You Cross Uriah Heep And Barack Obama?".  Check it out here: http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/what-do-you-get-when-you-cross-uriah-heep-and-barack-obama/ .

- The January 30th, 2009 cover dated issue of "Goldmine Magazine" contains a fantastic interview feature with Uriah Heep!  Backstage Pass: Sleeping giant Uriah Heep awakens with new album:
http://www.goldminemag.com/article/Backstage_Pass_Sleeping_giant_Uriah_Heep_awakens_with_new_album/ .  See here for an additional interview ("Heep?s Not Asleep") with Bernie Shaw (scroll down a bit after the page loads to see it): http://www.goldminemag.com/article/Progressive_Ideas_Marillion_breaks_new_ground_in_file_sharing/ .

- Uriah Heep once again featured on "Classic Rock" magazine in the UK (York live review):
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/crmdec2008.jpg (thanks to Mike Taylor for the info).

- Arrow Rock Radio in The Netherlands keeps playing Heep almost every week.  Kees Baars is doing a great job for the band's popularity in the Benelux.  Check it out here:
http://www.arrow.nl/rock/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=29&Itemid=59 .

- "Best of 2008" article on Kennebec Journal includes Heep's "Wake The Sleeper":
http://kennebecjournal.mainetoday.com/happening/stories/5742705.html .

- Mick Box on "Guitar Player" magazine in the USA:
http://www.mick-box.net/Guitar_Player2009_1.asp .  Trevor Bolder on "Bass Player" magazine, also in the USA: http://www.bassplayer.com/article/wake-keeper-trevor/oct-08/89031 .  An interview with Mick on the "Guitar Site": http://www.guitarsite.com/news/features/interview_with_uriah_heep_guitarist_mick_box/ .  And yet another interview with Mick for the "Musik an Sich" site: http://www.musikansich.de/ausgaben/0109/r_uriah_heep.html .

- Skull Sessions host Bob Nalbandian is joined by author/BW&BK Editor In Chief Martin Popoff and classic metal enthusiast and former publishing editor of Metal Rendezvous magazine John Strednansky on this great discussion about Uriah Heep.  The three deliberate on the entire Heep catalog from their 1970 debut through their latest 2008 release "Wake The Sleeper":
http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/music/view.aspx?songID=2399 .

- The Ultimate Heep Quiz!
The winner of most of the past heep quizzes Konstantinos Takos now compiled a new heep quiz himself: you will have a week on from this e-heep release date to send your answers.  If the send button is not working for you please add the answers to an e-mail from one to ten and send it to heepfreak@hotmail.com .  So, here you go:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/heepquiz2009.php .  The winner's name will be added to the top of Heep.com for a week.  You will be the winner if you are the first one sending the 10 correct answers.  The Heep webmasters Dave, Rod & Louis guarantee a fair game!

- A great unseen picture from 1987 of Uriah Heep backstage somewhere in the Netherlands:

- In the night of December 31st 2008, "Easy Livin'" was broadcasted on Dutch TV in their Top 2000 show by means of a videoclip.  Over a million viewers have watched the show.  The TV staff people even mentioned the fans are called "Heepsters"!

- Trivia time...  Uriah Heep, the horse, starts well this year:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vok3bDnY5CU .

- A special mention has to be made about the gig list updates from the 70's.  During the last month more than 50 dates were added/modified, which is impressive concerning the fact that the 1970-1980 gig lists were already almost complete.  Many gaps were filled.  By the way, Heep must have done about 220-230 gigs back in 1971!  Here are the names of the Heepsters that helped Konstantinos Takos so far: Uli T, Giovanni Maccario, Graham Reed, Rodd Wilson, Peter Reynolds, Karlheinz Ruder, Michael Lotherington.  Also, the final gigs of Ken Hensley with Uriah Heep in Italy, Spain and Portugal were added including the very last one in Pra? de Touros, Cascais, Portugal on June 7th, 1980.  A crucial gap/mystery has been fixed once and for all, and John Sloman also helped us here.

- New picture galleries:
*** Many unseen stunning pictures provided by David Slowey from the UK, which even helped Konstantinos Takos to find the correct dates and venues back for Heep.com's gigs list:
*** Uriah Heep Wonderworld Tour - Preston Guild Hall 22-10-1974 by Phil Greenwood: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Uriah%20Heep%20Wonderworld%20Tour%20Preston%20Guild%20Hall%2022-10-1974%20by%20Phil%20Greenwood/album/index.html
*** Uriah Heep - Midwest Fireworkd - Deerfield, Ohio 2001 by Iain Barnes; photos by Alexias L.C. Burnette: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Uriah%20Heep%20Midwest%20Fireworkd-Deerfield%20Ohio%202001%20by%20Iain%20Barnes/album/index.html
*** Uriah Heep (1997) and Ken Hensley & Live Fire (2007) in Prague, Czech Republic, all by Ales Muzika:
*** German fan Manfred added a lot of historical Heep clippings to his website.  Thanks for sharing, Manfred. Click here to see all of it: http://heepmonster.oyla24.de/cgi-bin/hpm_homepage.cgi
*** Read this 6-page 1974 Circus article with stunning pictures in high resolution format, thanks to Hilco Arendshorst from the Netherlands: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Uriah%20Heep%20in%20Circus%20magazine%201974%20-%20Thanks%20to%20Hilco%20Arendshorst/album/index.html
*** From the latest Dutch tour, fans party and gig (by Jan Brouwers): http://www.rentrock.nl/uriahheep/Uriah%20Heep%20Enschede%20nov08%20by%20jan%20brouwers/album/index.html

- Have scans of Heep ticket stubs?  Please send them to louis@uriah-heep.com .  This 1985 one was sent by Eddy Bewsher and is from Trevor Bolder's homeland, Hull (UK): http://www.moreheep.com/t85.htm .

- Authorized Uriah Heep Merchandise can be found through the following links:
** Uriah Heep Official Store:
** Wake the Sleeper Special Collector?s Edition Artwork: http://www.dangerousage.com/uriahheep/


- Lots of interesting stuff has been added to the "Classic Uriah Heep Blog" lately, be sure to pay a visit:
http://classicheep.blogspot.com/ .

- Check this rare video showing Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) and The Spiders From Mars (featuring Heep's Trevor Bolder on bass) performing a live cover of Chuck Berry's "Around and Around" with special guest Jeff Beck on lead guitar (and talk box):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBKq9B8cXQQ .

- Check on the following link an interview with Ken Hensley done by the webmasters of the KK Downing (Judas Priest) website while Ken stayed over in Finland in October 2008:
http://www.kkdowning.net/Interviews/hensley_interview.htm (thanks to Tapio Minkkinen).

- New Ken Hensley live dates in Russia, Holland, Germany and Czech Republic announced at
http://www.ken-hensley.com (click on "Tour Dates"), and there's more to come.

- John Lawton also announces gigs in Brazil, Germany and Bulgaria soon.  Check them out at
http://www.johnlawtonmusic.com/ or http://www.myspace.com/johnlawtonmusic .

- Billy Squier is going to return in 2009, with a full tour, and his band will include Mark Clarke, ex-Heep bassist (Mark has appeared on numerous Billy albums and tours).  Thanks to Kevin Julie for the info.

- Listen to Italian band Kimera playing a cover of Heep's "July Morning" here:
http://www.kimeraband.net/index.php?option=com_jukebox&view=jukebox&Itemid=67 .

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