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- Trevor Bolder will be taking on the role as the producer for the mixing
of the music for the upcoming Uriah Heep in Trenton's "Classic Rock
Festival" acoustic DVD that will be available later this year!  A March or
April release is expected...

- Some very special live recordings of Mick Box most famous solo's will be
available at http://www.mick-box.com mid week... be sure to visit!

- Uriah Heep will be joining Status Quo, Deep Purple, the L.A. Doors,
Wishbone Ash, and Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Arrow Classic Rock Festival on June
27th!  12,500 seats are available for this fantastic gig.  All current
details can be found at http://www.classicrockfestival.tk , hosted by
Uriah-Heep.com's webmaster Louis Rentrop.

- Bernie Shaw and Mortice announce that the album "Mayhem" is now available
at http://www.mp3.com/mortice .  The album includes 12 brand new songs!

- Last week we announced some old stories and pics being available online
for your pleasure, but unfortunately we had some problems with servers.
Anyway, they are now up and running at:
Ex-Heep roadie Del Roll, who happens to be an e-heep subscriber,
contributed with some lines about the story about the ex-USA President
Ford... find it on the links above... thanks Del!
Also, during a Dickens' Festival in Deventer (Holland), Uriah Heep was
photographed and mentioned.  Thanks to Jos Min for contributing:

- The first two re-remasters, "Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble" and "Salisbury",
are now ready and being shipped!  They look and sound fantastic... no-one
in their right mind will want anything but these ones once they see them!
With 20-page books, swish slip cases, etc., they are just great!


- Last week we mentioned two previously unreleased David Byron solo tracks
from December '75 that were recently found: "Look What Your Doing" and
"Prince of Madness".  In fact, a correction is due: the latter is actually
called "Prince of Darkness"!  Sorry for the mistake.  Anyway, a lot of
people e-mailed us asking for more details on them, so here they are.
Robert Corich of Red Steel speaks: "While working on the original
"Lansdowne Tapes" CD in '91 or so I discovered a lot of 'weird' stuff ...
mostly unmixed and flaking tapes or water dmaged... so I fixed them up...
mixed various bits and pieces... these Byron tracks were from very late 75
(New Year's Eve!) and I think they were for what could have been a second
Byron solo album... so they have been around a while... and over 12 years
with me... but I forgot about them... they are great tracks though!".
Let's cross our fingers that they might be included somewhere, somehow, in
a future compilation of old Heep and/or Byron material. (thanks Rob for
the info)

- A new John Wetton interview is currently available on the "Classic Rock
Newswire" (http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/classicrocknews/join) and will
be online at "Get Ready to ROCK!" (http://www.getreadytorock.com) very soon
too. (thanks to Jason Ritchie for the info)


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