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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
Feb. 6 - Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland
Feb. 7 - Pop Podium, Hardenberg, Holland
Feb. 8 - Bosuil, Weert, Holland
Feb. 21 - Novesta Hall, Zlin, Czech Republic
Feb. 22 - Stara Sportova Hall, Kosice, Slovakia
Feb. 23 - Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
All details, links, etc.: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/livedates.php
Ticket sales for Holland are going very well, so hurry if you don't wanna
miss the best band in the world... live! At all fan meetings we have
auditions for the "World Karaoke Heep Idol". We are looking for handsome
Heepsters and beautiful Heepstress who can sing "Easy Livin'". Tell us
that you will climb on stage... write to: louis@uriah-heep.com . Eternal
global fame will be yours... At
http://people.zeelandnet.nl/uriahboz/dutch.htm pictures are added of the
Deep Purple/Uriah Heep jacket that will be part of the raffle.

- Still to be officially confirmed at Heep.com, the Heep is supposed to be
playing in a two-day event called "Rockin' 70's" held on 16th & 17th of
April in Vuokatti in Northern Finland. There are some Finnish bands from
the 70's and Heep is playing on Saturday 17th. The website of the festival
is here: http://www.vuokatti.fi/rockin70s . It's ca. 600 kilometers north
from Helsinki, and Tapio Minkkinen is hiring a bus to take all the
Heepsters there. He has a page for this with a sign-up form on his site
already: http://www.saunalahti.fi/~htapiom/vuokatti.htm (thanks to
"Tapster" Minkkinen for the info).

- Pictures from the recent Israel tour are up at http://www.uriah-heep.com
. Just click on the "See You On The Road" link! All these pictures
(except for the ones with him in them :-) were taken by Mick Box! You will
see some people you know in there, and lots of gorgeous shots of the country.

- The new Heep release from Classic Rock Productions, "Classic Heep - Live
from the Byron Era", has new and updated information available about
it. See http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/uriahheep/clheep.html
for all the information on this superb product! They will go fast so get
yours now. Shipping is expected to begin at the end of this month!

- Don't forget to check out "Magic Night", the Magician's Birthday Party
2003 DVD, also from Classic Rock Productions
(http://www.classicrockproductions.com). The DVD/CD set features a
glittering array of hits and special guest appearances by former Heep
vocalist John Lawton and Heather Findlay of Mostly Autumn
(http://www.mostly-autumn.com). Here is the definitive proof that in the
21st Century Heep keep on rocking stronger than ever. All the info you
need on this fantastic release is at
http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/uriahheep/mbp2003.html .

- The entire live dates listing from 1969 onward is now listed at
http://www.uriah-heep.com . The years 2001, 2002 and 2003 will be added
this week. Click on "Heep Gig History" link! A link to the various tour
and gig setlists has also been added to the website. Again, just click on
"Heep Gig History".

- Trevor Bolder is the new endorser of D'Alegria Custom Basses. Check out
the news here: http://www.electricbasement.com/news.htm (in English) or
here: http://whiplash.net/newsmore.mv?inicial=11806 (in Portuguese,
including photo). On D'Alegria's website (http://www.dalegria.com), under
"Gallery", "Endorsers", a full bio is included as well as a "making of" his
new Defender JB bass guitar.

- We are looking for more stories for your " How and when did you come
across Uriah Heep" section. Please e-mail Dave White at uheep@en.com to
get your personal Heep story listed!

- Thanks for the *very nice* comments about the website redesign for
2004! Easier to navigate, and getting chock full of new features! We have
been beta testing a low band Heep Radio station for the last few weeks, and
now have added links to our broadband version as well. Information on Heep
Radio can be found by clicking on Heep Radio at http://www.uriah-heep.com
. A third version, somewhere between the two we currently offer will
probably become the final version. We would love to hear from you
regarding these stations, as it is our goal to make it what YOU
want! Please mail your comments/questions directly to
heepradio@uriah-heep.com .

- Awesome live pics of Uriah Heep live in 1973 at the London Music Festival
can be found here:
http://www.repfoto.com/repfoto/uriah%20heep/heep2/index.htm (thanks to Mike
Taylor for the tip).

- Hilco Arendshorst builds up a huge rock photos website. Great Heepy
content there: http://members.home.nl/arendshorst.1/index.html . Pictures
of Pinkpop Festival and Amsterdam in 1976.

- Recent photos of Heep in Copenhagen, Denmark, opening for Deep Purple:
http://www.thehighwaystar.com/reviews/03-4/pics-aarhus-i-heep.htm (thanks
to Mike Taylor for the tip).

- The "More Heep" Website has a brand new look:
http://www.moreheep.com/uriah.htm>http://www.moreheep.com/uriah.htm ...
with lots of good stuff to peruse!


- Mick Box's website (http://www.mick-box.com) has just received a
facelift... more news concerning this website in the next e-heep!

- New... Dutch/Belgian dates for John Lawton Band in 2004! The "Shakin'
The Tale" Tour!
8. April - Rock Cafe Triangle, Weert, Holland
9. April - Blues Cafe, Apeldoorn, Holland
10. April - Donkey Shot, Heemskerk, Holland
11. April - Borderline, Diest, Belgium
See http://www.johnlawtonband.com for more details!! Also here:

- The new John Lawton Band DVD - "Shakin' The Tale" - recorded live at the
Mean Fiddler, 7. Nov. 2003, will in fact be a combined CD & DVD Set for
only £14.99 (featuring a young John Lawton with "Lucifer's Friend" as bonus
track on the DVD!!)... to be released soon!! You can pre- order your copy
at http://www.johnlawtonband.com . All pre-orders via the JLB site, will
be autographed by the band. Please note: you will NOT be charged before
the CD/DVD Set is in stock and ready to be shipped!!

- Jørgen Angel, who used to be Uriah Heep's official photographer in
Scandinavia in the 70s, is offering a special offer to Hensley/Heep
fans! A special Ken Hensley Portrait (24x30 centimeters / 9.5x12 inches),
signed by Ken! Check it out here:
http://www.angel.dk/specialoffer/kenautograf/ . Only a few copies are
available, and they're being offered here before he actually announces them

- Don't forget the annual Stay On Top gathering "Circle Of Friends" from 23
to 25.September 2004, in Hamburg!! Including on the 24 & 25. September the
John Lawton Band & the Ken Hensley Band at the Down Town Blues Club in
Hamburg! Make your arrangements early!!!
All infos here:
http://www.rena.onlinehome.de/SOT/sotbirthday/sotparty2004.html . Special
combined ticket price for all gigs or just the two Lawton Band & Hensley
Band gigs.

- Pictures of John Lawton with the German band Cosmic Banditos can be found
here: http://users.skynet.be/staf.p/pictures.htm and here:
http://www.cosmic-banditos.de/John_1.html . Thanks to Staf Pypen of the
John Lawton Band Clan (http://www.johnlawtonbandclan.be).

- Some great pages on David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) & The Spiders From Mars,
featuring "our" Trevor Bolder on bass: http://www.5years.com/spiders.htm
. Lots of info and neat old pics there (thanks to Jay Pearson for the tip).

- The Travellers In Time website has just been giving another
overhaul! Check out all the new pages and things at
http://www.travellersintime.com .

- A website with a huge list of all music inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's
books/stories, and that also include a list of songs/albums that apparently
had something to do with Tolkien, but in fact didn't, is available here:
http://www.tolkien-music.com/ . Check out Uriah Heep included amongst the
exclusions ("Exclusions" link). Also this website goes in the same
direction... http://www.telia.lv/~witchcraft/jrrt/jrrt1.htm .

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