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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
January 21 - Mylos Hall, 56 Andrew Georgiou, Thessaloniki, Greece
January 22 - Gagarin 205, 205 Liosion Street, Athens, Greece
January 28 - Classic Rock Night, Messe Halle A1, Friedrichshafen, Germany
February 20 - Concert Hall Moryaki, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Russia
February 21 - Concert Hall Moryaki, Vladivostok, Russia
February 23 - Concert Hall Moryaki, Habarovsk, Russia
February 24 - Drama Theatre, Komsomoisk on Amur, Russia
February 26 - Culture Centre Trud, Irkutsk, Russia
February 28 - Big Concert Hall of the Philharmonics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
March 1 - The Regional Philharmonics, Kemerova, Russia
March 2 - Entertainment and Sports Centre, Tomsk, Russia
March 3 - Night Club Rock City, Novosbirsk, Russia
March 4 - Entertainment Centre Kosmos, Ekateringburg, Russia
March 5 - Samara, Russia
March 7 - Ice Arena,Orsk, Russia
March 8 - Ice Arena, Orenburg, Russia
April 29 - Bern Arena, Bern, Switzerland
May 13-15 - Lillehammer  Rockefestival, Lillehammer, Norway
All details, links, etc.:

- Stunning live pics of Uriah Heep live in 1971 at the Canton Memorial Auditorium in Ohio, USA can be seen here: http://www.moreheep.com/canton/ .  Also, pics of Heep live at the Akron Civic Theatre also in Ohio, in 1972, can be seen here: http://www.moreheep.com/akron/ (thanks to Gary Baker).

- Heep trivia: "Little-Heepy" is a hand made Bavarian bear, who was put on this earth to worship Uriah Heep, to travel the world with Heep, meet Heepsters and convert the unfortunate non-believers to the music of Uriah Heep.  More details and photos here:
http://www.singleton20.freeserve.co.uk/Little_Heepy_Pics/Little_Heepy.htm .  By the way, "Heepy" can be seen on a few Uriah Heep DVD's as he's always on the front row!


- The "Travellers in Time" website offers now a survey page to gauge interest in Heepvention 2005, to be tentatively held in Knoxville, TN, USA:
http://www.travellersintime.com/HV05Survey.html .

- Whitesnake, UFO and Thin Lizzy tribute albums featuring Bernie Shaw:
http://www.thestoreformusic.com/ .

- Photos of a concert featuring Ken Hensley's Free Spirit live at the Planet Music Hall in Vienna on 11. June 2002 can be found here:
http://www.eventsfoto.at .  Also, at http://www.lepsifoto.at there are other pictures from this gig in Austria taken by Andreas Lepsi (thanks to Manfred Schmid for the info).

- The 28th of February marks David Byron's death's twentieth anniversary.  The UH Italia website would like to remember David with a kind of "virtual wall", on which all Heepsters (not only Italian) can write a sentence or a thought to remember our dearest David.  So that you can have an idea about our enterprise, you can see that is been written till now on this URL:
http://www.uriah-heep-italia.com/muretto/uriah_heep_italia_commemorazione_byron.htm (thanks to Francesca and Luca of Uriah-Heep-Italia.com).

- An interview with John Sloman, including a recent photo of him, can be found here:
http://www.themusicindex.com/rockahead/interviews/john_sloman.htm?john+sloman= .

- Wondering what happened to Don Kirshner after all these years?  Check this link out:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A12629-2004Dec19.html .  There's a brief mention of Heep and the Bron's on page 4 of the story in connection with Heep being on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" (thanks to Dave "Big Dog" Griffin for the info).

- Granada TV is making a TV documentary of Steven Keetley's life and death, and Ken Hensley's "I Close My Eyes" song is used as the music in one section.  Also Trevor Hensley (Ken's brother) wrote a song especially for it called "How Soon".  Steven's father is Alan Keetley, a dedicated Heepster a lot of you know from the London Heepy scene.  Soon, a webpage about this documentary will be published and we'll post the link here.

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