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Hi Heepsters!

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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
27 March - Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
28 March - Divadlo Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- Expect some exciting news soon about the release of the new Uriah Heep studio album, "Wake The Sleeper", and new tour dates to support it! Meanwhile we have plenty of stuff below to (hopefully) enjoy you all...

- The Italian photographer Vincent Lagana has just released his new Uriah Heep photo book called "'Appy Days - Uriah Heep 1997-2005", containing 80 pages filled with outstanding live pics! A total of 123 photos of Uriah Heep, most of them on 8x10 inches (20x25cm) format! This book is the definitive one registering the lineup consisted of Mick Box, Trevor Bolder, Lee Kerslake, Phil Lanzon and Bernie Shaw! For a preview of the book, follow this link: http://w98.photobucket.com/pbwidget.swf?pbwurl=http://w98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/vanderbilt_2006/bfa74759.pbw .
Purchase it now at http://www.blurb.com/user/store/vanderbiltst . Only US$ 28.95 + shipping (less than 20 Euros!).

- The Heep in #4 on Arrow's "Symfo Top 25" of 2007 with "July Morning" from the "Look At Yourself" album: http://www.arrow.nl/rock/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=20&Itemid=47

- Recently, the Greek "Rockpages" magazine posted online two Uriah Heep concerts reviews (thanks to Sakis Nikas of Rockpages):
* Thessaloniki, Greece (25 January): http://www.rockpages.gr/archive/UriahHeep25012008Thes-eng.htm
* Athens, Greece (26 January): http://www.rockpages.gr/archive/uriahheep2008-en.htm

- Great balcony shots (by Betty Vogel) from the Zoetermeer, Holland 20 January gig on this link: http://www.rentrock.nl/uriahboz/Zoetermeer%2020%20january%202008%20by%20Betty%20Vogel/album/index.html . More pics from the same gig here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreopdam/sets/72157603921078128/ (thanks to Andre Opdam).

- Mick Box featured on an ad by Shadow Pickups on the "Guitar World" magazine in their April 2008 issue, see it here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/boxinguitarworldl.jpg . Visit Mick at Shadow Electronics here: http://www.shadow-electronics.com/testimonial.html?id=242 .

- Trivia time... Mick Box was recently at the first very important England game at the Wembley stadium under the new manager Fabio Capello. As Mick & Co were so close to the action they were spotted on TV a few times, and also appear on some photos published by newspapers as the one here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2008/02/07/sfnquo207.xml . You can also check Mick's own photos of the match here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/England%20-%20Switzerland%20february%206%202008%20Photos%20by%20Mick%20Box/album/index.html .

- According to reports, drummer Russell Gilbrook can be seen on Sky TV in the UK giving a drumming master class - intermediate level - on Rock TV! Thanks to Kevin Rickett for the info.

- A very interesting trivia bit here... Although it has been widely reported previously that the filming in Shepperton Studios in 1974 occurred after the recordings for the "Wonderworld" album, allegedly in September '74, we have just get the correct info on that. Check it out here: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/ or more specifically, at http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/shepperton/shepperton.htm . The filming actually happened on the 15th March 1974, which means the "Wonderworld" songs were quite fresh then!
Other interesting stuff to check whilst there:
* A revisited Heepvention 2000 page with lots of pictures (no more dead links or ads). Especially nice for people planning to attend HV2008 in Spain to check how it was back then... http://www.rentrock.nl/hv2000/hv2001.htm .
* A rare 1973 NME Uriah Heep interview with Ken and David: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/1973MMinterviewc.jpg .
* Gary Thain school pics: http://www.oldfriends.co.nz/InstitutionPhotoView.aspx?id=18793 .
* The complete "Circus" magazine Heep feature from September 1975 (to Hilco Arendshorst of http://www.classicrockphotos.nl ): http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/circus75/ .

- Images from old tour programs are now available through the following links:
* 1972: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Uriah%20Heep%20Tourbook%201972%20Thanks%20to%20Iain%20Barnes/album/index.html (thanks to Iain Barnes).
* 1973: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Tourboek%201973%20-thanks%20to%20Mike%20Taylor/album/index.html (thanks to Mike Taylor).
* 1977: http://www.thewizplace.it/tourbook_1977.htm (thanks to Enrico "the Wiz" Fusco).

- Snippets from 35 years Uriah Heep (thanks to Iain Barnes)

- A blast from the past, "Firefly" on German TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m8DZodGShA .

- Listen to Uriah Heep on Internet radio!
* Real Classic Rock radio plays classic rock music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lots of Uriah Heep included, of course! Check them out here: . Please pay attention to "The Big TiT" show ( http://www.travellersintime.com/TheBigTiT.html ) featuring our friends from the Travellers In Time fan site and the Carolina Heepsters Association ( http://www.travellersintime.com ), and you might hear some unexpected gems from the band's past!
* On 15.3.2008 at 8pm (German time) a Uriah Heep special will be broadcasted on http://www.sqrr.de . Over 3 hours of known and rare Heep stuff will be presented. A chat will be happening together with the show, so feel free to join. Also, who wants to contribute with rare stuff to be played at the show please get in touch with Michael at i-cafe@web.de or http://www.myspace.com/michaelrockt .


- The www.uriah-heep.com video contest winner is... Jerihon ( http://www.jerihon.com/ ), from Israel! They did a splendid rendition for "Easy Livin'" adding some unusual elements like a violin! This response from Mick Box personally: "The winner Jerihon (Easy Livin’) overall a complete version with good harmonies. They look like they are enjoying themselves and are comfortable with their performance which is a big part of what Heep is all about! It has also got the correct drum shuffle a la our Lee". Thanks to everyone who joined the contest, and click here to check the winner:

- Tongue-in-cheek Heepvention 2008 statistics:
* First person to book their HV08 ticket: Staf Pypen (Belgium)
* Country of most HV08 bookings: 1. Finland (best organised for ticket & hotel bookings); 2. Faroe Islands, 11 (out of a population of only 48000 ;-); 3. UK & Norway. Runners up: Germany, Sweden, Russia, USA, Hungary & Belgium. Surprise bookings: Paul Kubler & John Parisi (blast from the past ;-), USA & Canada). Come on you yanks, get booking... it's not the same without ya'll there!
* Team:
Alan Keetley (our main man in Spain!), John Lawton (second in line;-)); HV Jam band coordinators: Dave White and Muzzy; "Official" HV photographer: Esa Ahola (we all know his great photos from previous events ;-); Official HV08 website: Dave White
3 of the HV recommended Hotels are already booked out, the fourth almost full!
Ken Hensley, John Lawton, Lee Keslake and Paul Newton already working out their set!
PS: don't forget to book by 1. March, and you will automatically enter the draw to win back the money for 2 tickets. The draw will be held at HV08 on 19. September.
Please keep sending your HV08 video thoughts and greetings to uheep1@yahoo.com (use HV2008 fan video as the subject line) and they'll be uploaded to the Heepvention site ( http://www.heepvention2008.com/ ) and John Lawton's site ( http://www.johnlawtonmusic.com ).

- A new press release telling details about the upcoming album by the OTR ("On The Rocks") band featuring John Lawton on lead vocals can be read here: http://www.otr-band.co.uk/ (go to News). The album, entitled "Mamonama", is completed and the deals are being made in order to have it out pretty soon!

- A video showing Ken Hensley and Swiss artist Daniel Kandlbauer performing "Lady In Black" together at the Swiss Awards ceremony: http://www.sf.tv/sf1/swissaward/index.php?docid=showacts2007&catid=swissawardmanualx (thanks to Renate Fischer of SOT). Another TV appearance can be watched here: http://www2.erba.de/erba/index.jsf .

- New Ken Hensley & Live Fire live dates are now available at http://www.ken-hensley.com , including some festivals. Highlights are the 5th annual Ken Hensley Summer Party in Norway and the Sweden Rock Festival where they'll be joined by John Lawton! And there's more to come... Watch this space!

- On the 18th January John & Iris Lawton's first grandchild was born... a baby girl called Allegra! Anyone willing to send compliments please do so through John's guestbook at http://www.johnlawtonmusic.com/ .

- The Nits, who played a short tour together with Uriah Heep in 2006 have just released a new album and started their new tour. On the new album and featured on stage is the song "Moondog" which was inspired by the concert they did together at the very unusual venue in a
deep mine. On stage the song is introduced by a hilarious little story about having to go down for 300 metres and then being whisked away on a wild ride in a truck with only centimetres to spare between their heads and the ceiling. Reportedly one of the Heep members absolutely refused to wear the obligatory hardhat because "I just done me hair". Later on the same member wandered off into one of the expressly forbidden dark corridors where you could get lost forever. He did return claiming he'd seen a werewolf! Reportedly, "the song was played in Heep-style, upbeat and very much fun".

- Firefly, a Heep tribute band from Germany have been getting very positive feedback for their gigs, as you can check here: http://www.firefly-band.com/html/wp_1207.html and http://www.firefly-band.com/html/sz_1207.html . Their next gigs will be on March 8 at the Eulenspiegel in Steinau-Seidenroth and on April 26 at the Hajos Hotel Germania in Rüdesheim.

- As written on an article published on the "Jornal da Tarde" newspaper in São Paulo, Brazil: "Carnival is a huge thing in Brazil as everyone knows, but for those who are not into samba and prefer good old rock'n'roll, São Paulo has been providing alternatives for the holidays: the Blackmore Rock Bar is promoting Carnametal, a true concerts marathon with 18 bands comprising all kinds of styles in heavy music. One of the bands is called 'O Poderoso Chefão' ("The Godfather") and includes Uriah Heep songs in their repertoire!". Thanks to Antonio Pirani for the info.

- A great Czech Heep revival band can be found here: http://uriahheeprevival.webgarden.cz/ .

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