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- Now that both the "Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble" and "Salisbury" special deluxe
extended versions are available in stores, the next couple ("Look At
Yourself" and "Demons And Wizards") are being finished!  A "bird of prey"
told us that some BBC live sessions will be finally available officially,
as well as never before released versions - bonus tracks - of "Tears In My
Eyes" (with an extended acoustic section!), "What Should Be Done" (a
different take from the one released on the original album, also included
here), Heep's version for "Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf", and a surprise -
never ever heard before - song composed by Gary Thain!  These new remasters
can be found at http://www.terrapinmusic.com .

- Uriah Heep have done it again: "Easy Livin'" is number 324 on About.com's
Top 500 Classic Rock Songs!

- "An 8-Track/UFO Testimonial"... yes, this is Heep-related!  Check it out:
rackheaven.com%2F (go to 8-Tracks and UFOs, then scroll down to find the
refered article)


- Official news about Ken Hensley's new plans will be published soon at
http://www.ken-hensley.com .  Meanwhile, you can check here a poster from
his upcoming concert in St. Petersburg with an orchestra:
http://www.roks.ru/image/poster/hensley_big.jpg (thanks to Vladimir Milovidov)

- Triumphant return for John Wetton: It has been suggested that Wetton's
latest CD is his finest work ever.  Featuring contributions from Geoff
Downes, "Rock of Faith" demonstrates that John's semi-retirement during
2002 has nurtured a masterpiece.  Japan release - 22 Jan, Marquee Avalon;
Europe - 24 February, GEP.  A "Celebration Concert" will be happening on 16
March at The Underworld, Camden, 7 AM doors open.  John and his band have
confirmed they will be playing for the first time in nearly 2 years.  This
will be a one-off gig, in advance of an international tour in September!

- Uwe Reuters has just published his new book, "Different World - Yearbook
2002".  For complete info on this book and his previous ones, please refer
to http://www.uriahheepbooks.de .  Ordering also available there.

- From the recently released book "Rainbow Rising - The Story of Ritchie
Blackmore" (published by Helter Skelter): allegedly, John Lawton (whom
Ritchie knew from his time in Germany during the sixties) was approached in
72/73 by Ritchie to join his new band, which also included Ian Paice of
Deep Purple and Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy!  Also, Peter Goalby auditioned
with Rainbow in 78/79 and recorded a few vocals in Geneva, Switzerland, for
the "Down to Earth" album.  He fully recorded "Since You've Been Gone", but
was then fired and his work erased, and replaced by Graham Bonnet's parts.
Said Ritchie: "We found he couldn't sing above a top A... so we sent him
away (...)".  Believe it or not... (thanks to Bertrand Athouel for the info)


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