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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
May 11 - Market Square Festival, Lovech, Bulgaria
May 19 - Oddablues, Odda, Norway
May 20 - Classic Rock Festival, Sandnes, Norway
May 23 - TBA, Varna, Bulgaria
May 24 - TBA, Sofia, Bulgaria
May 25 - Silja Rock Boat Ride, Helsinki-Stockholm, Finland-Sweden
June 2 - Superrally'06, Vinstra, Norway
June 9 - Arrow Classic Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Holland
June 25 - Festival, Lublin, Poland
July 1 - Festival, Unterempfenbach, Germany
July 7 - Legends Of Rock Open Air, Wiesen, Austria
July 8/9 - Rock Sound Festival, Huttwil, Switzerland
July 15 - Rockperry Festival, Vassa, Finland
July 29 - Rock Of Ages Festival, Rotenburg am Necker, Seebronn nr Stuttgart, Germany
July 30 - Roots Rock Festival, Nidrum, Belgium
September 9 - Soccer Stadium, Haviov, Czech Republic
TBA - "to be announced"
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- The impressive line up for the Arrow Classic Rock Festival (June 8-10 2006) includes Wishbone Ash, Blackfoot, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Status Quo, Deep Purple, John Waite, George Thorogood, Journey, Ray Davies, Def Leppard, Roger Waters, Pavlov?s Dog, Porcupine Tree, Dio, Queensr?he and... Uriah Heep!

- To watch Uriah Heep featured on German TV on March 23rd 2006 click here:
http://www.rtl.de/musik/musik_914900.php .  The crash of Mick Box's acoustic guitar was not shown, but you can hear in the background the ?bang? when the guitar fell to the floor!

- Available all over the place at the international record fair this weekend (the biggest in Europe) a lot of Uriah Heep stuff distributed by Classic Rock Direct.  Heep's name was therefore showcased in every DVD selling stand, as well as picture disc versions of "Demons And Wizards", "Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble" and "Salisbury".  For the picture discs surf to http://www.abraxasrecords.com/select.asp and select Uriah Heep.

- Revolver Magazine (Netherlands) is going to publish a 4-page feature on the band on their June issue.  That's a huge promotion towards Heep's appearance on Arrow Rock.  Robert Haagsma will talk to members of the band later this month.  More details at
http://www.revolvermagazine.nl/ .
- Video excerpts from various points in Heep's history can be seen here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eQjP4ALOes&search=Uriah%20Heep .  Some well known, others pretty rare...

- Never before published pictures from Heep in 1973 Live in Amsterdam, by photographer Leen Boere:
http://www.rentrock.nl/uriahheep/amsterdam73/ .
- Uriah Heep story in German at
http://www.musikansich.de/ausgaben/0406/l_uriah.html - the 4th part.  Written by Norbert von Fransecky.

- You can now buy these neat Heep car stickers:
http://www.heeprena.de/Heepaufkleber/ .

- A review of the "Chapter & Verse" 6-CD boxset can be found at the webzine The Sentinel:
http://www.thesentinelwebmag.com - section "Discos", in Spanish.

- Uriah Heep on the ?Bang your Head Festival - The Best of? - 2 DVD Edition!  The ?Bang Your Head Festival? is one of the biggest and most important heavy metal/hard rock events in Germany.  On March 16th 2006 e-m-s music GmbH released a double DVD with the top acts of the festival from 2001 to 2005.  Heep are represented on it with ?Bird of Prey? (from the festival in 2001)!  More info at the follow websites:
- http://www.digitalvd.de/nachrichten/3945.html
- http://www.gamesunit.de/pcms/artikel.pcms?artid=8619
- http://www.dvd-palace.de/dvd-datenbank/25183.html
Thanks to Renate Fischer of Stay On Top Heep German Fan Club for the info.

- On the latest issue (#237, April 2006) of the Brazilian Rock Brigade magazine (
http://www.rockbrigade.com.br) there's a 3-page article about the recent expanded reissues that Sanctuary Records have been releasing, including a special box describing all the details about the Uriah Heep new remasters.

- Brazilian classic rock radio station Kiss FM has been playing Heep's "Fallen Angel".  Let's ask them to play more Heep:
http://kissfm.cidadeinternet.com.br/Telas/Faleconosco/Default.asp .  Thanks to Antonio Pirani for the info.

- Cover versions: Evert Achterberg is always searching for new cover versions of Heep songs, and found some new ones: at 
http://www.black-satin.de/ a minute "Lady in Black" by Black Satin, a German band.  Arakain (Czech)  http://arakain.cz/diskografie/ also did a  minute Czech version of "Lady in Black" ("Slecna zavist").  A "Stealin'" demo version can be found here: http://www.horrible-hannah.ch/ .

- The US Heepvention will take place in Perrysburg, OH this year, some time between the end of July and the beginning or August.  More details soon!

- The launch of the revamped Mick Box website, including prizes... at
http://www.mick-box.com !!

- Phil Lanzon caught with The Sweet in Russia:
http://rusfil.ru/eng/concert_the_last.php?the_last=121005 .
- Trevor Bolder live with Spiders From Mars in 1996:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=zNChbj_iFQ8 .  They did some editing, but it's still interesting to see Trevor play with The Spiders.

- Interviews with Lee Kerslake & Chris Slade at
http://www.drumhouse.com/archive.html (in German).  Chris talks openly about his time with Heep.

- Ken Hensley's new auto-biography, "When Too Many Dreams Come True", can be ordered now!  The 15 chapters and other contributions cover more than 150 pages and the book also includes many rare and previously unpublished photos.  Shipping will begin on May 17th, but you can already order it at
http://www.ken-hensley.com (go to the "CD Store").  Also, a new auction is happening now at Ken's website and this time it's a rare and completely unique piece of memorabilia: a guitar built by hand by Boris Dommenget for Ken in 1993.  Hurry to the site and place your bid.  Finally, new tour dates have been just announced for the second half of the year in Europe, and there's a new promotion going on the CD Store for all items.

- Ken Hensley just returned from Berlin where he joined the recordings of the TV show "Hit-Giganten" (Hit Giants) that happened on March 30th.  Toto, Ritchie Blackmore, Scorpions, Fish, John Miles and others were also there.  It will be broadcast throughout on the SAT1 channel on May 31st in prime time.

- John Lawton will be "special guest" with BTR in London on Sunday May 21st 2006.  More details on John's website:
http://www.johnlawtonband.com .

- The John Lawton Story in German, as written by Ralf Sch?emann, is now online!  This John Lawton Story should be a supplement to the numerous know discographies and biographies about John Lawton.  The purpose is to give a comprehensive overview about John Lawton?s musical creation, including less known or forgotten projects.  You can find this special website at
http://www.heeprena.de/John-Lawton/ .  Thanks to Renate Fischer and Ralf Sch?emann.

- "The Butterfly Ball" DVD (feat. John Lawton) release news:
http://www.rogerglover.com/writings/messages/20060311.html .

- The albums "Weed" (by Weed, featuring Ken Hensley), "Orgasm" (by Head Machine, featuring Lee Kerslake and Ken Hensley) and "Rough Diamond" (by Rough Diamond, featuring David Byron) are now officially released by Hurricane Records in Germany:
http://www.hurricanerecords.de/ .

- Some of you surely know Alan Keetley, a dedicated Heepster from the UK who helped with the organisation of 2000's Heepvention in the UK amongst other things.  His wife Margaret Davies is releasing a book on her son Steve's life and untimely death, "For The Love Of My Son".  It will be published worldwide on September 25th.  Published by Hodder and Stoughton ltd ISBN number 034089900x.  Also Amazon.com have it on pre-order:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/034089900X/qid=1144354686/sr=1-4/ref=sr_1_0_4/203-6795768-5726361#product-details .  For you all willing to buy and read the book, it has taken an awful lot out of Margaret and Alan to do it, but it will stand as a legacy for Steve's children, which is what they hoped to achieve.

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