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Hi Heepsters!

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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
27 March - Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
28 March - Divadlo Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia
21 May - BZK Oktiabrskyi, St. Petersburg, Russia
21 June - Open Air, Reutter, Austria
27 June - TT, Assen, Holland
28 June - De Kade, Zandaam, Holland
18 July - Bikefestival, Sumiswald, Switzerland
20 July - Clam Castle, Klam, Austria
25 July - Rock of Ages festival (headliner), Rottenburg-Seebron, Germany
08 August - Picture On Festival, Bildein, Austria
06 September - Open Air, Koprivnica, Croatia
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- We have now a brand new look for the official Uriah Heep site, based on the artwork of the upcoming "Wake the Sleeper" CD, check it out: http://www.uriah-heep.com/ . Please join us also on MySpace:

- More Uriah Heep tour programs added (1975, 1976, 1978, 1984 and 1985), check them out: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/tourbooks/tourbooks.htm . Also available now, some recently added vintage cool Heep stuff: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Vintage%20Uriah%20Heep%20articles%20and%20photos/album/index.html , as well as (thanks to Yves Monast) some cool rare pics of Heep with Mark Clarke and with Steff Fontaine: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Vintage%20Uriah%20Heep%20scans%20by%20Yves%20Monast/album/index.html . A collection of images from the Pinkpop Festival 1976 on which Heep headlined: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/Pinkpop%201976%20Geleen%20The%20Netherlands/album/index.html (thanks to Kees Baars of Arrow Rock radio for the David Byron backstage photo). A video: http://www.123video.nl/playvideos.asp?MovieID=244425 shows the festival promoter Jan Smeets talking about Heep’s appearance. Heep roadies at first refused television cameras on stage, so there was a brief fight between them and the festival crew. The video also shows "Sweet Lorraine" performed as the encore. Many thanks to Hilco Arendshorst of http://www.classicrockphotos.nl for his great help. Finally, a concert poster advertising the 2nd Annual "British Rock Meeting" Open Air Festival in May 1972 featuring Uriah Heep, which was due to take place in Mannheim, West Germany: http://www.maximumrnb.com/various.htm (thanks to Árpád Blázy).

- Navigate around this site and you'll catch a few Heep photos and a few quotes: http://www.ccphotoart.biz/index.html (thanks to Mike Taylor).

- The Heep Related news page is growing steadily - help us to spread the work about Uriah Heep on the 'net and send your news items and links from here http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/heeprelated.php .

- Once again we'd like to show our appreciation for Konstantinos Takos' great efforts to help us find info on "new" live dates from the seventies. The lists are being updated all the time! If you miss any gigs in the lists and have proof of these gigs by tickets or posters or newspapers ads, please get in touch with Louis: louis@uriah-heep.com . Images of ticket stubs from any eras are also welcome!

- Please keep voting for The Heep on the Arrow Festival site: http://www.arrowrockfestival.nl/Default.asp?id=&LNG=EN .

- The Classic Heep blog just started, check it out here: http://www.moreheep.com/ .

- Some short videos from one of Heep drummer Russell Gilbrook's previous band:


- If you haven't yet ordered your copy of David Byron's "That Was Only Yesterday - The Last EP" mini-LP sleeve CD, please run! Apparently they're selling like hot cakes and soon will be sold out. With the first 250 copies a special poster is available but they should be running out of these as we speak. Order your copy now at http://www.travellersintime.com/byronorderpage.html .

- Heepvention 2008 news: more than 100 people already registered and paid for this very special event. Also, 4 of the nearby hotels are now fully booked and so the organisers have put another hotel up on the site for all to see: http://www.heepvention2008.com/ . That's got over 70 rooms. Book NOW if you're planning to attend! The venue itself is licensed for 700. For any questions at all regarding the event, travel, local attractions or accommodation, please e-mail Alan Keetley at akeetley@gmail.com . In addition, get your reservations in if you are going to be playing in the Heepsters Jam Band. The songs have been picked and player selections will begin shortly - don't miss out! A Heepvention2008 song contest may be happening - it will be announced in the NEXT e-heep if it comes to pass!

- A nice article about the Ken Hensley Racing Team can be checked here: http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/racingteam.htm (thanks to Graham Hulme). Also, some really cool pics of Ken's musical past (thanks to Árpád Blázy): Kit and the Saracens with Ken, Photo Session at Stevenage Locarno Ballroom, 1964: http://groups.msn.com/ColinStandringsHomepage/shoebox1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=25 and http://groups.msn.com/ColinStandringsHomepage/shoebox1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=26 ; Ken Hensley in The Jimmy Brown Sound, live 08.1966: http://groups.msn.com/ColinStandringsHomepage/Shoebox1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=24 ; The Jimmy Brown Sound Concert Poster with the Who (04.02.67) on the left side, scroll down: http://www.maximumrnb.com/who.htm .

- Available at http://www.ken-hensley.com (News section) are some links to Radio interviews featuring Ken Hensley (thanks to Runar Wadseth), as well as a charity auction for the number 0001 of the "Blood On The Highway" boxed set.

- There was recently a facelift at http://www.heepstermusic.com , check it out... Heepster Spotlight coming in April - stay tuned for details.

- A very interesting interview with Miller Anderson who played with Gary Thain on the Keef Hartley Band in the 70s - before Thain joined Heep - can be found here: http://dmme.net/interviews/mander.html . Thanks to Dmitry Epstein.

- She Says, a band who toured with Uriah Heep last December are in a voting thing, details here for anyone who saw them live and wants to give a hand: http://www.amadeus-award.at/voting/index.php .

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