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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
Feb. 21 - Novesta Hall, Zlin, Czech Republic
Feb. 22 - Stara Sportova Hall, Kosice, Slovakia
Feb. 23 - Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
April 17 - Rockin' 70's event, Katinkulta, Vuokatti, Finland
May 22 - Harley Davidson Celebration, Istanbul, Turkey
May 28 - Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany
May 29 - Festival Tent, Siegen, Germany
May 30 - Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany
June 1 - Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern, Germany
June 12............. watch this space!!!
August 20 - Open Air Tufertschwil 2004, Tufertschwil, Switzerland
All details, links, etc.: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/livedates.php

- "If you're looking for a place you can fly together..." - http://uriah-heep.web01.hosting.core.com/newa/
PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for Uriah-Heep.com and you can't find it, please be advised that all is OK, and it will be back in a day or two.
A "problem" which is in the process of being corrected is prohibiting the website from being seen in some areas of the world under the http://www.uriah-heep.com domain name. The website will be back on board hopefully world wide by Tuesday! Thank you in advance for your patience while we resolve this issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. In the meantime, just point your browser to http://uriah-heep.web01.hosting.core.com/newa/ and do check out the Heep Radio! We would really like to hear your opinions... please send your responses to the e-mail address you will find on the radio page!

- Evert Achterberg's full review (with photos) of the Dutch Heep Tour can be found here: http://www.uriahheep-discography.com (just follow the link there).

- On this interview with Roger Glover of Deep Purple, there's a photo showing him with our Lee "The Bear" Kerslake... check it out! URL: http://thehighwaystar.com/interviews/glover/rg2003-2.html (thanks to Harrie Hendriksen for the info).


- Originally called as The Meek and then The Rage, Lee Kerslake's new project's name will be... Living Loud! The band features Jimmy Barnes on vocals, Steve Morse on guitars, Bob Daisley on bass, and apparently Don Airey on keyboards (although there are still rumors that Jon Lord took part of the recordings!). The first single will be "In The Name of God", written by Barnes, Daisley, Kerslake and Morse... you can see a videoclip of this song here: http://www.deeppurple.com.au/QT/movie04.mov . Their album, "Relentless" will be released through Liberation Records in Australia (thanks to Jay Pearson and Harrie Hendriksen for the info).

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