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Hi Heepsters!

New Uriah Heep CD being recorded - more details below!!!

URIAH HEEP   http://www.uriah-heep.com

- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
April 14 - Rockin' 70's Festival, Katinkulta, Vuokatti, Finland
May 12 - Meisel Rock Festival, Bayreuth, Germany
May 27 - Laugardalshöll Music Hall, Reykjavík, Iceland
July 6 - Lovely Days Festival, Saint Polten, Austria
July 14 - Rowlit, Parainen, Finland
July 20 - Meripäivät, Kotka, Finland
July 21 - Open air, Breitenbach, Germany
July 26 - Keitelejazz, Äänekoski (north of Jyvaskyla), Finland
July 27 - Umpitunneli, Tornio (north of Oulu), Finland
All details, tickets info, phone numbers: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/livedates.php

- Uriah Heep are currently in the Chapel Recording Studios with producer Mike Paxman recording the new studio CD!  To read daily reports written by no one but Mick Box himself, please visit http://www.uriah-heep.com/ .  The studio diary is on the main page of the site.  Mick has been also taking photos and they're uploaded there as well.  Check the site often as updates will be added frequently!

- Watch here a short video showing Russell Gilbrook, Heep's new drummer, in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORpQUr_vJmw .  By the way, Russell's band was called "The Gods" (Generators Of Distorted Sound)... funny as Lee Kerslake used to play in the now legendary "The Gods" (another band of course) back in the late 60s!  Also, Russell played with brothers Dave and Denny Ball in a reformed version of Bedlam some years ago, which means he also replaced the late great Cozy Powell.
Russell's bio is now available at the current lineup's pages at Heep.com: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/theband.php .

- Another Heep song played on this week's episode of the "Life On Mars" British TV series: "Traveller in Time".  Check details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/lifeonmars/series2/ep6_music.shtml .  Thanks to Pete "Pint" Wharton for the info.

- The ticket stubs page is recently updated with new 1972 and 1974 items added: http://www.moreheep.com/ticket2.htm .

- Check the Heepholland rare pictures page at http://www.rentrock.nl/fotoboek/pic0.htm , now updated with many rare pictures and

- Adrian Singleton 's Heep guitar design: http://www.uriahheep.web-log.nl/uriahheep/2007/03/heepgitaar.html .


- Lee Kerslake is selling items from his personal collection of jackets and t-shirts.  Check the items here: http://uriah-heep.com/newa/leekerslake/ .  The items will be for sale at the Mega Record & CD Fair ( http://www.recordplanet.nl ) in Utrecht, Holland, happening on April 14th and 15th 2007.  Lots of other rare Heep collectibles will be available as well!

- An update from Ken Hensley on his latest activities, in studio or live, is available at http://www.ken-hensley.com (click on the News section).  Check also the gig/tickets details on the upcoming concert in Hamburg, Germany, on May 25th, the official release of the "Blood On The Highway" CD (News and Tourdates).  The concert will feature Ken Hensley & Live Fire, plus special guests Glenn Hughes, J?n Lande, John Lawton and Eve Gallagher.

- The new official MySpace page of Ken Hensley is now up and running, including sound samples: http://www.myspace.com/kenhensleymusic .

- A message from Keith Baker (Heep's drummer on "Salisbury") to Mike Taylor, who has been forwarding all the support e-mails to him (who is under treatment for prostate cancer): "Mike, I would just like to thank you so much for forwarding all of these e-mails.  The support I have had is fantastic... I really can't believe it, and I'm so grateful for everyone's thoughts and comments.  I am doing ok.... it's a long road but I'll get there in the end, and I have had a 'dabble' on the kit already.  My aim is to get back gigging as soon as I can!  I will be speaking to Paul (Newton) again soon.... so keep in touch, and once again many many thanks for everyone's support and your time in forwarding these fantastic e-mails!  Keith".

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