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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
Feb. 22 - Stara Sportova Hall, Kosice, Slovakia
Feb. 23 - Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
April 17 - Rockin' 70's event, Katinkulta, Vuokatti, Finland
May 22 - Harley Davidson Celebration, Istanbul, Turkey
May 28 - Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany
May 29 - Festival Tent, Siegen, Germany
May 30 - Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany
June 1 - Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern, Germany
June 12............. watch this space!!!
August 20 - Open Air Tufertschwil 2004, Tufertschwil, Switzerland
(http://www.tufertschwil.ch/pages/frameseiten.htm - thanks to Monika Kahle)
All details, links, etc.: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/livedates.php

- All the info, pics, etc., about the Dutch tour are available NOW at
! Sad news: Dutch Heepster Frans Keerssemeeckers passed away at the age of
47. Please leave a message in his online memorial book at
http://uriahheepholland.mygb.nl/ .

- A review and pics from Sinister Purpose, who opened for Heep during the
recent Dutch tour, can be found here:
http://www.xs4all.nl/~jhkorpel/sinisterpurpose/bandpics02/photosen001.html .

- We are in "Modem Week" at Heep Radio during all week! Please let us know
how the reception is for the people with ordinary modems... at
dave@uriah-heep.com .


- For more on Lee Kerslake's project "Living Loud", please check out the
News section of the following link: http://www.jimmybarnes.com/ (thanks to
John Medos)

- A 5-day Holland tour for the John Lawton Band is confirmed:
http://www.moreheep.com/lawtonband/tour2004.htm .

- Uwe Reuters' new book, "Hold Your Head Up - Yearbook 2003", is nearly
ready. Details up at http://www.uriahheepbooks.de .

- Birthday : Feb. 21 - Paul Newton, ex-Uriah Heep!

- Moonstone is the new musical creature from the Italian guitarist Matteo
Filippini. It'll feature special guest appearances by rock giants like Ian
Paice (Deep Purple), John Lawton (Ex-Uriah Heep), Glenn Hughes, Carl
Palmer, Tony Franklin and others musicians not confirmed yet.
The musical direction is a genuine British oriented 70s classic
rock....you'll find bits of Free, Hendrix & Deep Purple...sounding as a
2004 record. Matteo is recording these days in the beautiful town of
Bergamo (Italy) at Silicon Groove Studios. There's no a confirmed record
deal at the moment. Recording sessions will continue until next Spring.
Hopefully the CD could hit the streets on late summer/early fall. Stay
tuned! ArtistLink: http://www.moonstone.it (thanks to Jay Pearson).

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