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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
June 16 - Kurpark, Bad Bruckena, Germany
June 25 - Festival, Lublin, Poland
July 1 - Festival, Unterempfenbach, Germany
July 2 - Rock Legends Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
July 7 - Legends Of Rock Open Air, Wiesen, Austria
July 8 - Rock Sound Festival, Huttwil, Switzerland
July 15 - Rockperry Festival, Vaasa, Finland
July 29 - Rock Of Ages Festival, Rotenburg am Necker, Seebronn nr Stuttgart, Germany
July 30 - Roots Rock Festival, Nidrum, Belgium
August 4 - TBA, Tornio, Finland
August 19 - Open Air, Schneeberg, Germany
September 9 - Soccer Stadium, Havifov, Czech Republic
September 27 - Canec?, Rock In Concert Brazil Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
September 28 - Via Funchal, Rock In Concert Brazil Festival, S? Paulo, Brazil
September 29 - TBA, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
September 30 - TBA, Bras?ia, Brazil
TBA - "to be announced"
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- Some new updates are available on the "News From The Road" feature: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/uhnews.php .

- Photos from the recent Heep concert (and others too) at the Arrow Rock Festival can be seen here:
http://www.rentrock.nl/arrow2006/arrow20061.htm .  By the way, to see the winners of the Arrow Rock Festival raffle, please go to http://www.rockpromotion.nl/ and click on "Winnaars" on the top menu.  The concert at the Arrow Festival was really special as it happened on Mick Box's and Trevor Bolder's birthday... congratulations Mick and Trev!

- Tickets for the upcoming Uriah Heep concerts in Brazil are for sale now.  Check out the Rock In Concert Brazil Festival's website at
http://www.rockinconcertbrazil.com.br .

- Heepvention 2006 in the USA just announced!  Check out all details and sign up here:
http://www.travellersintime.com/hv06/index.htm .  It will happen in Perrysburg, OH on August 5th and 6th.  Players wanted, especially drummers, so please contact John White at jwhitejwhite@sbcglobal.net if you're interested.  Included will be a raffle and/or drawing for a unique piece of Uriah Heep History donated by our colleague at Heep.com Dave White - proceeds to go to charity.

- Photos from the 1st Brazilian Heepsters gathering available here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/efuheep_a.php .  It happened in Rio de Janeiro on May 27th, and a great success it surely was!

- A big auction is now happening at the Classic Rock Revisited website, including lots of Uriah Heep items, check it out:
http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/auction/auctiontemplate.htm .

- Up at
http://www.uriah-heep.com we now have plenty of recent pics from live concerts... just go to the main page, scroll down and follow the links!


- On the SAT 1 website there are a lot of pics (3 with Ken Hensley) from the recent "Hit Giganten" show.  Just follow this link:
http://www.sat1.de/comedy_show/hitgiganten/ (click on "Let it Rock").  Thanks to Renate Fischer of SOT.

- The new website for the On The Rocks band, featuring John Lawton on vocals and Jan Dum? (ex-Focus) on guitar, is now up and running:
http://www.otr-band.co.uk .

- New updates on the new book written by Ken Hensley are up on his site (
http://www.ken-hensley.com), as well as about the exclusive distribution agreement he has signed with Hamburg based Membran Gmbh for the world-wide distribution of his CDs, DVDs and books.  Follow the link to the "News" page for these updates.  Besides, keep an eye open for the upcoming Ken Hensley concerts in Norway, Germany and Holland.  For the Dutch one there's a page with all the details, tickets ordering, etc.: http://www.rentrock.nl/kenhensley/ .

- Another bit of trivia... this is a link to Heep's "Gypsy" (and some other rock classics) played in traditional Altay people style.  Altayans are small native people with a very own vocal style, located in mountains where Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia meet.  Here's the link:
http://music.lib.ru/b/bugotak/alb3.shtml#highway_star (thanks to Mikhail).

- Talking about cover versions of Heep songs, Evert Achterberg has been compiling a huge list of them, so be sure to check it out here:
http://www.uriahheep-discography.com/index-2.htm .

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