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- Uriah Heep is preparing the new songs for their upcoming 2003 studio CD!
Yeah, the first since 1998.  We heard through the grapevine that 12 songs
are ready now.  Recordings should take place in May!

- Well here we go again!   Heepvention 2003 is being planned for October
11th, 2003, in Anaheim, California, USA.  Yes, the land of Mickey Mouse is
now the land of Mick Box too (terrible joke, we know!).  We want to get an
idea of how many people are interested in coming.  A strong committee is
formed this time and they have had two major meetings so far, planning the
strategy and narrowing the venue down to one really nice location right
across from Disneyland.  As they get input from prospective attendees, then
they can go to the hotel and start talking numbers with them.  All those
interested in attending, please e-mail Dale Fredericks at
dalhel@earthlink.net , so he can start compiling the list.


- Stay On Top Fan Club in Germany releases once again their brilliant
magazine "Times".  Featuring the outstanding work by Herr Mallet, some bits
and pieces of the new issue can be found on their website at

- The John Lawton Band's recordings are going very well.  See the latest
pics here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gunhill/xstudio03.htm (featuring
special guest Mr. Dave White, our co-webmaster at Heep.com, on guitar!).

- Ken Hensley has been also updating again the studio journal on his
website: http://www.ken-hensley.com .

- The new John Sloman solo album is ready now!  Reportedly a very good
album, basically a mix of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley influences.
Release date planned for June!


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