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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
Feb 28 - Festival Atarde Vea Rock, Campo De Futbol Atarde, Granada, Spain
April 17 - Rockin' 70's event, Katinkulta, Vuokatti, Finland
May 22 - Harley Davidson Celebration, Istanbul, Turkey
May 28 - Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany
May 29 - Festival Tent, Siegen, Germany
May 30 - Hyde Park, Osnabrück, Germany
May 31 - Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany
June 1 - Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern, Germany
June 12............. watch this space!!!
August 20 - Open Air Tufertschwil 2004, Tufertschwil, Switzerland
All details, links, etc.: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/livedates.php
From Charlotte Evans (Heep's sound engineer): "Just in case anyone has not checked the live dates page... We play tomorrow (N.E.: today!) a festival in Granada, Spain. We only found out yesterday that we are replacing Saxon who are a no show. The festival is pretty much all Dark Metal so Mick has told me that our 1 hour time slot will be the "faster stuff"! We will be scheduled for a stage time of approx 20.40pm so if anyone is in southern Spain, come and see us and cheer the lads on!!! BTW travel directions are on the UH live dates page! Al-riiiightyyy!!

- Still more pictures and reviews coming in on the recent Dutch Uriah "The" Heep tour... at http://people.zeelandnet.nl/uriahboz/dutch.htm !!

- Pictures from Heep Live in Budapest on February 23th: http://www.petoficsarnok.hu/nyitooldal/nyitoldal.php#

- "Classic Heep - Live from the Byron Era" DVD begins shipping on Monday March 1st 2004!
All technical problems have now been overcome and the first copies of "Classic Heep" begin shipping on Monday!! All copies will have been dispatched by Friday March 5th. UK customers should begin receiving them from Monday March 1st onwards. Overseas deliveries tend to vary between 3 days and 28 days depending on local post offices.

- The new Special Deluxe Remasters of "Sweet Freedom" and "Wonderworld" are almost ready and will be released on March 29th 2004. Work has already begun on the next 2 remasters: "Return To Fantasy" and "High And Mighty".

- Come visit Mick "King of Wah-Wah" Box at Marshall Amplifiers: http://www.marshallamps.com/images/marshalllaw/quotes/quotes.html

- The "See You On The Road..." series of personal pics by Mick B-B-Box presents 2 new instalments:
Holland 2004: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/Mickpics/hollandfeb04/index.html
Czech Republic 2004: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/Mickpics/czech2004/index.html

- Read here an interview with Lee Kerslake made by George Anasontzis: http://www.rockpages.gr/interviews/uriah_heep2003-en.htm


- Check this book out... "The Granary Club - The Rock Years 1969 to 1988", by Al Read: http://www.thegranaryclub.co.uk . There are entries about Uriah Heep, Ken Hensley and Shotgun, The Gods, Cliff Bennett and Toefat, etc.

- The cover artwork for the upcoming Living Loud album "Relentless" (featuring Lee Kerslake hitting the skins) can be seen here: http://whiplash.net/forceframe.html?/newsmore.mv?inicial=12383 or http://whiplash.net/newsmore.mv?inicial=12383 .

- John Lawton & Steve Dunning also at the Uriah (S)Heep Market (http://www.uriahsheepmarket.tk) in Langbroek, The Netherlands, on July 3rd. John and Steve will do a complete set together and join Fastfinger (for a few Heep songs), which includes drummer and Heepster Erik van Loenhout: http://fastfinger.webcenternet.com/ ... this is a free event!!!

- The new John Lawton Band Clanzine is released.... a great mag compiled by David Amendolara and Staf Pypen. Become a "clan member" by joining them here: http://www.johnlawtonbandclan.be . For complete info on the expanded Dutch/Belgian John Lawton Band's "Shakin' The Tale tour" in April 2004, please go to http://www.moreheep.com/lawtonband/tour2004.htm . You can see there the great cover art of the new "Shakin' The Tale" DVD (expected release: March 2004). Info on upcoming JLB gigs can also be found here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gunhill/xgigs.htm .

- Read here an interview with John Lawton made by Andrea Zazzarini: http://www.therockexplosion.com/Interviews/John%20Lawton%20English%20Interview.htm

- Check out some videoclips of John Lawton together with the German band The Cosmic Banditos here: http://www.cosmic-banditos.de/videos.htm

- From melodic rock.com: "The Byron Band - Lost And Found - David Byron is one of the legendary voices of hard rock, every bit the rock star and front man that Plant, Gillan and his other contemporaries were. His work with the Uriah Heep stands up as some of the best and most important hard rock of the period. That his life was cut so short is ultimately one of rock's greatest tragedies. This 2 CD set collates studio, demo and live recordings from his first post Uriah Heep project. Featuring a young Robin George on guitar, this release belongs in the collection of any fan of Uriah Heep, Robin George or classic seventies rock in general. CD1: (Demos - London '82) Learn The Dance / I Need Love / Fool For A Pretty Face / Safety In Numbers / Bad Girl / One Minute More / Bad Girl (Live Demo) / Fool For A Pretty Face / She Was A Dream / She Got Pride / Untitled Melody / Learn The Dance. CD 2: (Rehearsal '81) How Do You Sleep? / Safety In Numbers / I Need Love / Piece Of My Love / Goodnight Blues / Last Chance Jam (Live Liverpool '80) / Bad Girl / Start Believing / July Morning / How Do You Sleep? / Sweet Lorraine / Piece Of My Love / Liverpool Blues / Roll Over Beethoven / Angelsong.

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