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With the war going on, the world's attention has been unfortunately
deviated to things we thought belong to the past.  At the same time we pray for all those directly or indirectly involved with it, and for a quick end, we all have the obligation to keep the spirits as high as possible... so, e-heep is back after a short break!

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- Dave Ling's "Wizards and Demons" book has just won "Best Book" in the Classic Rock Magazine Readers' Poll!!  The magazine has a circulation of 65,000 and Dave's opus won by a long chalk so it proves it's a goodie! Congratulations Dave, we make us also proud!  Buy the book here:

- The "Heep Summer" is coming up, so check the "Live Dates" page at
http://www.uriah-heep.com for all Heep gigs and festivals!!  The latest addition is a gig in Belgium on July 30th at Kortrijk:

- The Dutch Classic Rock Festival on June 27th with Deep Purple, Uriah
Heep, Wishbone Ash, etc., expects now 25,000 people to show up!  No hotels or campings are available in the area.  For news on the festival,www.mojo.nl will launch a festival website shortly.  Till then and also thereafter you are invited to visit the Uriah Heep Holland festival website: http://www.arrowclassicrockfestival.nl .  Also, the page http://www.classicrockfestival.tk is a huge success, having more then 300 clicks a day...

- The brand new special deluxe expanded editons (uff!) of "Look At
Yourself" and "Demons & Wizards" were released yesterday, March 31st, following the release of the first two albums.  Incredible sound quality and beautifully done booklets, including updated notes by ex and current band members, and liner notes written by Dave Ling (of UK's Classic Rock magazine).  Order them at http://www.terrapinmusic.com (UK, check out also
their "Heep related" section, recently including albums where Keith Baker and Iain Clarke played, and many more!) or http://www.buccaneerrecords.com
(USA), or your favorite store!

- Some interesting (hmmm... really?) comments on Mick Box's... hair!
Thanks to usual collaborator Kevin J. Julie:

- Heep album reviews can be found here:
http://www.superseventies.com/uriahheep.html ,
http://www.superseventies.com/spuriahheep2.html and
http://www.superseventies.com/spuriahheep3.html (thanks to Harrie Hendriks).

- All Heepsters are welcome to the Dutch Uriah sHeep Market on July 5th 2003.  A get together for all Heepsters of the world!  Uriah Heep coverband Sinister Purpose will entertain you... as will the famous Dutch bands The Touch & Focus!  All completely FREE!!
Check it out at: http://www.uriahsheepmarket.tk

- And don't forget about UK's "Gathering Of Friends 2"...


- After a 2-week break from recording, the amazing John Lawton Band are back in the studio to add some final touches to the mix of their new album
- defiantly yet ironically entitled - "Sting In The Tale".  The album will
be finished by April 16th with a release date set for June!  More details
as always provided by Mrs. Iris Lawton at http://www.johnlawtonband.com .

- The upcoming tourdates for Ken Hensley & band are now available at
http://www.ken-hensley.com !  A double DVD will be recording during the Moscow concert, for future release.  Works for the new "The Last Dance" CD are also almost concluded, check out the studio journal on the site, just updated!

- The Praying Mantis CD with John Sloman on vocals has been released: "The Journey Goes On"

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