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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
March 7 - Ice Arena,Orsk, Russia
March 8 - Ice Arena, Orenburg, Russia
April 29 - Bern Arena, Bern, Switzerland
May 6 - Die Halle, Reichenbach, Germany
May 7 - Karl Rau Halle, Heidenheim, Germany
May 8 - Kulturzentrum Harres, St. Leon-Rot, Germany
May 9 - Spectrum, Aschaffenburg, Germany
May 11 - Spectrum Musikclub, Augsburg, Germany
May 12 - Kulturspeicher, Regensburg, Germany
May 14 - Lillehammer  Rockefestival, Lillehammer, Norway
July 2 - Bospop Festival, Weert, Holland
August 5 - Holjat Festival, Forssa, Finland
August 6 - Ankka Festival, Korso Soccer Pitch, near Helsinki, Finland
All details, links, etc.:

- Brand new live photos from the Russian Tour (going on as we "speak"!):
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/russia2005/ .

- Uriah Heep was meant to be on the Bospop Festival stage on Sunday July 3rd with Iron Maiden, but...... according to our sources Iron Maiden didn't want to play after Heep..... as you can see our guys have a live reputation!!  And so The Heep will now play on Saturday July 2nd.

- Reviews of the new "Between Two Worlds" DVD can be read here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/btwdvdrev.php .  Please send yours to louis@uriah-heep.com .

- The new "Heep Quiz" (#3) is online now:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/heepquiz.php .  Answers to the first two are available there as well.

- Canada's XM satellite radio has been playing Heep regularly on its "Deep Tracks" Channel (Ch 40), and that even includes a long track such as "Paradise/The Spell" as well as shorter ones like "The Wizard" (thanks to Dan Reeves for the info).

- A nice anecdote from Heepster Brian (USA): "I was a foreign exchange student in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, from 2001-2003 and must say, your band is a legend in that post-apocalyptic provincial city.  They never heard a foreign band play live in 500 years and probably never will again.  Yoshkar-Olians translate Uriah Heep to "shit pile", you might want to clarify uriah is not fertilizer (urea) next time!  Brian's travelogue:
http://www.yoshkar.com .

- Wondermus?!?  Just a few more days... coming soon... March 9th!!


- On the March issue of the German "Gitarre und Bass" magazine (actually one the biggest professional musicians magazines in Germany) there is a big article on Steve Morse and the Living Loud project, and an interview with Bob Daisley (including with his discography).  Thanks to Manfred Helwig.

- John Lawton will be on "Total Rock" radio with Malcolm Dome on Saturday 19th March!  As John says: "Going in for a bit of a 'chat & gossip'...." - so, don't miss!  John should be on around 7:00pm (19:00) UK time.  Access it here:
http://www.totalrock.com/ .

- Tribute to "The Wall" featuring John Wetton:
http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/news/0502212.html .  A lot of interest is growing over a forthcoming album playing tribute to Pink Floyd's "The Wall".  Billy Sherwood is producing the tribute to Roger Waters' 1979 masterpiece, for Cleopatra Records.  In January, Alan White recorded drum parts for three pieces: "Hey You", "In the Flesh", and "Mother".  Geoff Downes will be playing on a few tracks, including "Hey You" and "Mother" - tracks which John Wetton has contributed vocals and bass to.  Wetton donated his performance fee to the UK's National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).  Others involved include Vinnie Colaiuta (ex-Frank Zappa, ex-Allan Holdsworth), Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, ex-Geoff Downes) and Aynsley Dunbar (ex-Frank Zappa, ex-Jeff Beck Group, ex-Journey).  Thanks to Jay "DeepHeep" Pearson for the info.

- Former BBC Radio One DJ Tommy Vance passed away on Sunday 6th March, after suffering a stroke.  Tommy started out on US radio before moving to Radio Caroline, but is probably best remembered as the voice of BBC's "Friday Night Rock Show" which helped boost the popularity of rock music in the late 70s & early 80s.  In the 90s he presented the "Friday Rock Show" on VH-1.  Tommy loved the music of Uriah Heep, and participated in the Magician's Birthday Party 2001 event as the quiz master, searching for the World's Biggest Heep Fan.  Thanks Tommy for your support.  Rest in peace.

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