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- Before Uriah Heep's new studio effort, coming out this year, a new live recording is being released: "Live In The USA".  Recorded during Heep's gig at the Classic Rock Festival 2002 in Trenton, the show will be available on both CD and DVD.  Check out the brilliant artworks here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/heepusabroch.jpg (the CD) and
http://www.uriah-heep.com/uhusadvdbig.gif (the DVD).

- On April 15th, BBC's "Top Of The Pops" TV show presented Uriah Heep performing "Wise Man", among others.  Check it out here:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp2/lineup/show2artist07.shtml , as well as long biographical text.  A fragment of the video can be watched here:

- We are sorry to say that "The Heepnet" forum had to be closed for a
while.  We will work to put the content available somewhere at Heep.com soon, and we'll also create a new Forum so people can share info, messages, CDs, and whatever else fits!


- The new John Lawton Band studio album - "Sting In The Tale" - is ready, and to commemorate that what's better than... yeah, a live concert!!  Take note: Friday, May 11th 2003, at the Mean Fiddler (ex-London Astoria 2) in London, UK.  They will be co-headlining with Bulgaria's top rock band BTR.
This event promises to be a winner, so don't miss it!  For more details,
please refer to http://www.johnlawtonband.com .  See you there!
The tracklisting for the new album (being released in June 2003) is below:
1. Take you High (Steve Dunning)
2. Give it Up (Leon Lawson / John Lawton)
3. Written On The Wall (Erol Sora)
4. Reach Out (John Lawton)
5. Firing Line (Steve Dunning)
6. Lately (John Lawton)
7. I'll Be Here (John Lawton)
8. King Con (Steve Dunning)
9. Tracks Of Time (John Lawton)
10. Angels They Cry (Erol Sora)
11. Slamming It Down (Steve Dunning)
12. Dog House (Benjy Reid / Robert Taylor)
Featuring: John Lawton- vocals, acoustic guitar; Steve Dunning - bass, guitar, backing vocals; Erol Sora - guitar, backing vocals; Leon Lawson - keyboards, backing vocals; Benjy Reid - drums, percussion.  Plus: Dave White - guitar on track 4; Tony Cavaye - harmonica on track 12; Cam Blackwood - engineering, mastering & mixing.

- The Ken Hensley Band tour in Russia is going very well!  Packed gigs,
excited crowds, lots of kilometers... and travel tips!  Ready everything on Ken's own "Tour Journal" up at http://www.ken-hensley.com .  Photos also available.  Apart from Ken, the rest of the team is completed by John Smithson - bass guitar, Tommi Lopez - drums and David Hersee - guitar, plus Richard Peach - sound technician, and the Russian team: Tim (security/personal assistant), Stas (backline) and Romi (translator).  The band will be rehearsing inside the Kremlin between tomorrow and Friday, for the special concert of Saturday in Moscow, which will be recorded for a future Double DVD release!

- Dmitry Epstein presents a brand new - and quite interesting - interview with John Wetton on his website (DDME.net):

- As announced here before, John Sloman's new album is out.  Called "Dark Matter", will be available at Buccaneer Records
(http://www.buccaneerrecords.com) on May 2nd, and can be already ordered by other selected CD stores.

- Trevor Hensley (Ken's brother) is releasing his second album, entitled
"The Other Side of a Sixpence".  The cover image can be seen in the Ken Hensley website (http://www.ken-hensley.com), under "Discography"/"Related Releases".  The CD will be available in a couple of weeks both at Terrapin Music (http://www.terrapinmusic.com) and John Lawton's website

vocals has been released: "The Journey Goes On"

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