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- Keep an eye open for the upcoming Heep concerts!  June is coming, and
with it the concerts season.  Summer will be like hell, if The Heep is
coming to town!  Check out the live dates at
http://www.uriah-heep.com/livedates/index.html , so you won't miss Heep
when it's close to you!  Please also notice that the concert scheduled for
June 21st changed from Sonnenbuhl to Schwenningen (Germany).

- Something wrong happened with the link we placed on the latest issue of
e-heep, regarding a concert review made by the metal web-zine called
"Firegoat" (http://www.firegoat.com/eng/).  Anyway, here it is again:
http://www.firegoat.com/eng/?id=8d=16 (in case something weird happens
again, it's only needed to go to "Live Reports" and look for The Heep!
Thanks again to Ales Podbreznik.

- Trivia time again!  Check this out, a hilarious fake story somewhat
(thanks to Kevin Julie)


- Last call: the John Lawton Band and Bulgaria's top rock band - BTR - will
play at the Mean Fiddler on May 11th 2003 (Sunday), also featuring Trevor
Hensley as a special guest!  To buy tickets in advance, you can either go
to http://www.meanfiddler.com/version1/mf/index.asp or
http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk .  See you there!!
Mean Fiddler
Charing Cross Road
London, UK
Doors open 6.30pm, first band on at 7pm
Price 13.00, booking office phone number: 0207 4349592

- Great May sale at the John Lawton Band website!  All "One More Night" CDs
& DVDs for 10 for a limited period only!  If you haven't got this
fantastic JLB Live CD or DVD yet, now is the time:
http://www.johnlawtonband.com (and got to "Merchandise").

- You can read a review of JLBs forthcoming CD "Sting In The Tale" at
http://www.johnlawtonband.com (a link is provided on the main page), as
written by Mike Taylor.

- The last instalment of Ken's Journal regarding the successful Russian
Tour has been just uploaded, so check it out at http://www.ken-hensley.com .


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