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The Magician's Birthday Party 2003!!! 

Schedule to happen at the Astoria
Theatre, London, UK, on Saturday, November 8th, 2003, at 7.30pm.  Numbers
are strictly limited, so subscribe right here, right now:

- The Uriah Heep live concerts are happening as we "speak"!  Check out the
complet listing here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/livedates/index.html .
Tonight they're playing at the Lenin Sporthall in Khabarovsk, Russia.  Next
weekend they'll be playing at the acclaimed Sweden Rock Festival in
Sölvesborg, and then it's time to devastate Germany during the "Festivals
Season"... Heep on!!

- A Dutch interview with Mick Box on the "Mindview" website, by Franky
Bruyneel: http://www.mindview.be/modules.php?name==Reviewsrop==showcontentid=%

- In 1983, a UK issued book was published: "The International Encyclopedia
Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal", authors Tony Jasper and Derek Oliver.  Check
out who's on the cover: http://www.mick-box.com/mickmetalmag.html

- BMG has just released a new double Uriah Heep compilation called "The
Ultimate Collection", in conjunction with the band and including extensive
TV campaigns this Summer in Germany, Norway, Finland and Italy.  Details
and cover art can be found here:
http://members.home.nl/uriahheep/ultimatecomp.htm .

- A history/trivia thing... this URL tells us that it's David Byron singing
on this one: http://www.somersetsongs.com/contrib.htm . Thanks to Clemens
Steenweg (http://www.classicrock-startpage.com) for his research.


- There's a new Charity Auction going on now on the Ken Hensley website at
http://www.ken-hensley.com !  Beginning today, it offers some very special
and unique items for sale, and it will be running until July 5th only!  So
hurry and check it out now!  Already open for bids...

- Read Louis Rentrop's and Mike Taylor's review of John Lawton Band's
forthcoming CD "Sting In The Tale" at http://www.johnlawtonband.com , plus
Mike's pics of 11.May at the Mean Fiddler in London!  Photos from this
concert can be also found at http://www.moreheep.com/jlbmay2003/jlb.htm and
on the John Lawton Website: http://www.johnlawton.org/jlb-live-mf2003.htm .
 A report written by Trevor Hensley can be read here:
http://www.moreheep.com/jlbmay2003/jlbtrevor.htm .

- Ken Hensley's "The Last Dance" CD is almost completed!  A special limited
edition CD will be for sale on the website (http://www.ken-hensley.com)
very soon, including some special features that won't be on the regular
edition.  Watch this space for details!  Meanwhile, Ken's own studio
journal relating the recordings is back!  Check it out also on the website.

- Soon a "Maxi Single CD" will be available for sale on Ken's website, with
some brand new versions of "Lady In Black", just recorded by him!  More
details pretty soon...

- Great sale on the John Lawton Band website!  All "One More Night" DVDs at
£11.99 for limited period only!  If you haven't got this fantastic JLB live
CD or DVD yet, now is the time!

- Announcement by JLBmedia: "We have just received Classic Rock Legends new
catalogue, announcing their 'Summer sale'.  On page 12, JLB's new CD "Sting
In The Tale" is advertised for £ 9.99, although I was informed that the
retail price would be £14.99 which was put onto JLBs website, with a £1.00
discount for pre-orders.  I was not aware of this change in price, but will
absolutely match the CPR price, charging only £9.99 & postage, for all
pre-orders.  All our CDs will be autographed by the band!  There was no
intention to "rip off " the fans!!  Regards, Iris Lawton, JLBmedia, London,

- Dmitry Epstein has just announced a cool "Hensley Special" section on
his website, check it out here: http://dmme.net/specials/sp-hen.html

- A German review for the Lawton/Dunning CD "Steppin' It Up"can be found
here: http://www.musikansich.de/ausgaben/aktuell/reviews/p1_lawton.html

- The new John Sloman album was just released in the U.K on Majestic Rock
label on the 26th of May.  You can order it via
Pinnacle records (it will be sold in by Cadiz Music).  Thanks to Adrian
Clay at Majestic Rock for the info.

- Dave Kilminster, the amazing guitar player who played with Ken Hensley on
"Running Blind" and during the Free Spirit World Tour last year, has a new
website up and running: http://www.davekilminster.com !


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