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- Uriah Heep & Deep Purple will be touring together in Scandinavia, Finland
and Estonia in November 2003!  Check out the dates here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/livedates/index.html .  By the way, the tickets
for Swedish & Danish concerts are already on sale.
In Sweden they can be ordered at http://www.ticnet.se and in Denmark at
http://www.billetnet.dk.  In Finland the place is
http://www.lippupalvelu.fi (thanks to Tapio Minkkinen for the help).

- The joint work involving Heep and Purple members doesn't stop there...
according to Mick Box, a new CD is currently being recorded in Florida,
USA, by this lineup: Lee Kerslake - drums; Bob Daisley - bass; Jimmy
Barnes- vocals; Jon Lord - keyboards; and Steve Morse - guitars!!  It will
surely be an exciting project...

- The Arrow Classic Rock Festival is coming!  25,000 people are expected...
details here:
http://members.home.nl/uriahheep/lichtenvoorde/lichtenvoorde.htm .  Uriah
Heep is still in the lead in the bands poll at
http://www.classicrockfestival.tk .  The aftergig party takes place on July
5 at the Uriah sHeep market, with Sinister Purpose (Heep cover band), The
Touch (Nederbeat) and Focus (with Thijs van Leer).  Details:

- Classic Rock Productions will have a raffle of Uriah Heep DVD's and CD's
on the Festival ground.  Members of Y&T, Thin Lizzy & Uriah Heep will
appear in the stand for signing sessions.  To participate in the raffle
fans have to print out the frontpage of
http://www.classicrockproductions.com , add their name to it and deliver it
at the Rock Ezine stand.  So the print is their raffle ticket.  Around
18.15 (but that may change), band members will pick the tickets!

- Pictures by Kjell Erik Berg at the Sweden Rock Festival can be found at
http://homepage.mac.com/keberg/PhotoAlbum11.html and
http://homepage.mac.com/keberg/PhotoAlbum10.html .

- The "Live In The USA" CD/DVD (recorded at the "Classic Rock Festival"
last year in Trenton, USA) is now shipping from Classic Rock Productions!
For details and ordering: http://www.classicrockproductions.com

- Part of The HeePnet is back!  Check out our new Forum at
http://www.heepsters.com !


- Robin George informs that the David Byron lost recordings CD is planned
to be out on August 1st.  All orders will be airmailed on the same day!  He
is currently setting up a PayPal account for ordering/payment.  Robin adds:
"Great to think of a wordwide playback almost simultaneously!  The response
to the project is amazing.  It's great to know how many fans still care
about David and his music.  Cheers, Robin".  The first review plus some old
pics can be found at
http://www.robingeorge.co.uk/byron%20band%20credits.htm .  For more
details, tracklisting, credits, etc. (including ordering when available),
please go to http://www.robingeorge.co.uk/ and click on the "Byron Band"

- Breaking news: a new interesting book is being prepared in Russia... it's
an almanac, the anthology of literature portraits of our great
contemporaries where the authors are classics of the modern world
literature and the "heroes" are celebrated, talented and distinguished
people whose names already belong to the History.  The core of the project
is following: one of the greatest authors of  the modern literature writes
an essay about the most distinguished people of our time.  Both the writer
and the character of the book sign each page of the essay, i.e. they put
1,000 authentic autographs on the special sheets that will be attached to
the book "The Autograph of the Century".  The first volume of the book will
include 25 essays written by 5 authors.  Why is this Heep-related?  Ken
Hensley will be one of the refered characters!!  (thanks to Alexander
Kolesnikov for the info)

- The "Running Blind Movie" is now at Streamingrockclips.com.  This is the
movie that goes behind the scenes with
Ken Hensley as he was actually recording the "Running Blind" album!  Shot
on location in St. Louis Missouri in the USA and the  Liscombe Studios in
the UK, here is your chance to see the bonus CD that came with the "Making
of Running Blind" pre-subscribers copies a year or so ago!  Check it out
here: http://www.streamingrockclips.com/index.html !!

- The Charity Auction is still running on the Ken Hensley website.  Thanks
to all those who already send their bids!  You can still place yours, since
the auction will be active until July 5th.  Specifically for the photos and
laminates/passes and posters, as there are several available.  Check it out
at http://www.ken-hensley.com !

- John Lawton's "Sting In the Tale" is in the final steps before release,
and should be available soon from Classic Rock Productions (notice that our
colleague at Heep.com Dave White guests on the song "Reach Out"!).  The
cover image won't be anymore the "Fishwoman" as previously shown on John's
website, though.

- The new Heep tribute CD, "A Return To Fantasy", will be released on
August 18th, on Century Media.  It will include bands such as Angel Dust,
Narnia, Tad Morose, Liege Lord, Nightingale, Lana Lane, Vintersong and
Metalium (feat. Ken Hensley on organ), amongst others.

- A short interview with John Wetton is now available at Daniele Liverani's
website: http://www.geniusrockopera.com/ (click on "Interviews" and scroll

- Heep-related History links:
http://leatherwarriors.web.infoseek.co.jp/Stratus/index.html and
http://leatherwarriors.web.infoseek.co.jp/GrandPrix/index.html (thanks to
Marije Essink)

- Ken's brother Trevor Hensley is starting to put a number of gigs together
to promote his brand new album, "The Other Side of a Sixpence".  So far
they are: July 7th - Club 85 - Hitchin, UK; August 21st - Doctor's Tonic -
Welwyn Garden City, UK; September 3rd - Songwriters Night - The Boat Race
Cambridge, UK.  Besides, Trevor's new website will be ready soon!


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