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- Uriah Heep played last weekend at the Arrow Classic Rock Festival for a
huge crowd of 28,000 people, together with other great classic rock acts!
Read here what people wrote in the festival's guestbook (thanks to Monique
Spruit for the translation):
"Far out!  Fantastic show by by absolute faves: Uriah Heep, also Lynyrd
Skynyrd were great!  The festival area was well organised, enough space,
plenty of caterers and clean toilets.  No need for parking as the camp site
was nearby.  Ideal!  Definitely a festival to repeat!" - Marije
"Gee man, what a wild day.  Compliments for the organisation and most bands
were great.  Would love top see Uriah Heep on the main stage again but
please, after 5pm!" - Nick
"A great festival but Heep beat them all.  Status Quo is just all the same
thing over and over again, Deep Purple only a few good songs and the others
all a bit tedious.  Thin Lizzy was good and so was Manfred Mann.  There
were four of us from Standdaarbuiten and we even ran into other rockin'
locals.  We'll go again next year.  Only please, make sure Heep will play
from 10 pm till midnight!  We got home OK at 4am, bit crowded on the
parking lot." - Rens Nachtzaam
"Musical taste is something you can't argue about but when it comes to
presentation and show Heep was simply the best.  Even though they played at
5pm, they were able to reach more people compared to the bands playing
later." - Bram
"I'm only 19 so I was born 30 years late but Arrow makes up by creating a
festival like this.  That I would ever see bands like Deep Purple, Skynyrd,
Status Quo, Wishbone Ash ­ just great!  The highlight of today was of
course Uriah Heep, what a master performance!" - Marco
"I had never seen Heep in concert before and basically knew the band
because of Easy Livin' and Stealin'.  The music has appealed to me though.
The concert was out of this world!  You can read the various other reviews
on various sites: they're justly on the no.1 position when it comes to
polls.  I hope they will return to this festival again!  Let the 70s and
80s revive!" - Jan Willem
"I went to Rock Arrow in Lichtenvoorde last night and to me Heep was the
best!  What beautiful music!  When it was over I had a lump in my throat
and tears in my eyes.  Some bands just ignite this spark while others
can't, Uriah Heep is under my skin and very close to my heart!" - Melanie J.
Check some live pics out here:
http://www.moreheep.com/lichtenvoorde/index.html .  Very soon we'll have
many more up at http://www.uriah-heep.com !!!

- And don't forget about the "Arrow Classic Rock After-Gig Party"!  It will
happen on this coming Saturday... details at http://www.uriahsheepmarket.tk !


- Coming on October 31st 2003, on Sweden Rock Records: Spearfish's "Back,
For The Future" (With a Little Help From Friends).  All profits to be
destined to a Child Cancer Fund.  Tracklisting: "Mercury Blues" (by David
Lindley), "Justice In Ontario" (by Steve Earle), "The Shining" (by Jon
English), "Stayin' Alive" (by Bee Gees), "In The Ghetto" (by Elvis), "Gone
Shootin'" (by AC/DC), "What You're Doing" (by Rush), "Midnight Moses" (by
Alex Harvey), "Maybe I'm Amazed" (by Paul McCartney), "Stealer" (by Free),
"Fools Gold" (by Thin Lizzy), "Fortunate Son" (by Creedence Clearwater
Revival), "Mexican Girl" (by Spearfish, only on the bonus CD).  The first
3,000 copies will contain a bonus CD with Spearfish live at Sweden Rock
Festival 2003 plus "Mexican Girl", and some additional stuff.  Guest
artists on the album, among others: Paul DiAnno (ex-Iron Maiden), Dave Hill
(Demon), Nicky Moore (ex Samson), John Nitzinger (ex-Alice Cooper and
Bloodrock), Mats Levén (Dogface, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Stefan Elmgren
(Hammerfall), Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath), Rob Tognoni, Martin Kronlund
(Dogface), Robin George (ex-Byron Band), and our own MICK BOX!  Further
details at http://www.swedenrock.com/spearfish (Thanks to Johannes
Lindstrom for the info - http://www.swedenrock.com)

- Robin George has set his PayPal account up already, so orders can be
placed for the long awaited Byron Band "Lost and Found" 2-CD set!  Check out
his website at http://www.robingeorge.co.uk/ !

- John Lawton informs us that Erol Sora (the JLB guitarist) is going in for
surgery on his back on the 5th July, the day of their upcoming German gig.
They will be playing that gig as a 4 piece with Leon (keys) taking over the
guitar.  We all wish Erol well and our thoughts will be with him!

- Last days for the Charity Auction at Ken Hensley's website, so check it
out at http://www.ken-hensley.com !

- Trevor Hensley's website is now up and running, check it out:

- Read here the official announcement about the forthcoming Tribute to
Uriah Heep's music, "A Return To Fantasy":
"To pay tribute to one of the biggest and most influential rock bands of
the last decades a distinguished and diverse group of metal as well as rock
bands and artists have added songs to "A Return To Fantasy" (A Tribute To
Uriah Heep) which was compiled with loving care.  Not only a playing-time
of 62:41 minutes, but also the beautiful artwork and an in-depth Uriah Heep
history will make the heart of every classic rock fan beat a little faster.
 Tracklisting: 1. Angel Dust - "Easy Livin'" (only released as US bonus),
2. Narnia - "Sunrise" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 3. Tad Morose -
"Rainbow Demon" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 4. Onward - "Bird Of
Prey" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 5. Liege Lord - "Too Scared To
Run" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 6. Jack Frost - "Lady In Black",
7. Nightingale - "Stealin'" (exclusive, previously unreleased, feat. Dan
Swanö!), 8. Lana Lane - "Weep In Silence" (only available on Japanese
compilation), 9. Vintersorg - "Rainbow Demon", 10. Sacred Steel - "Return
To Fantasy" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 11. Easy Livin' - "Circle
Of Hands" (feat. members of Helloween, Gamma Ray etc.), 12. Freebase -
"Suicidal Man" (exclusive, previously unreleased), 13. Metalium feat. Ken
Hensley - "Gypsy" (exclusive live version, feat. the former Uriah Heep
keyboardist on organ).  Out on August 18th 2003!! (thanks to Christof Mallet
for the info)


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