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- Check here the photos from the "Uriah (s)Heep Market": http://www.uriahsheepmarket.tk . A lot of Heepsters showed up and enjoyed the "Heep Quiz". Ralph Pluym was proclaimed as the winner. He won the Uriah Heep statue made by Evert Achterberg and a huge Arrow Classic Rock poster. Sinister Purpose played a few excellent versions of Heep songs like "Easy Livin'", "Stealin'", "Lady in Black"... and some excerpts from "The Park". The Touch played well known Nederpop hits from Golden Earring, Cuby & the Blizzards, The Outsiders and others. Focus, with Thijs van Leer, ended a great day with an outstanding set.

- A newspaper reviewing the Arrow Classic Rock Festival pictured not only Uriah Heep and the other bands but also one of the Heepfans, Arnold the Wit: http://angel.regioportals.nl/gelderlander/cgi-bin/imageFolio.cgi? . Many heepsters will recognise Arnold as the Heep photographer in many Heepy occasions. At http://www.classicrockfestival.tk more links to reviews and tons of pictures were added! The main opinion from the guestbook writers is that Heep was far out the best set that day! Pictures from both the Festival and the Market can be seen also at http://members.lycos.nl/uriahheep/ , thanks to Evert Achterberg.

- Dutch main magazine for Classic Rock "Aloha" on its July issue chooses "Look At Yourself" as the best symphonic rock album of all times!

- Upcoming: Heep live! 30 July - Kortrijk, Belgium (http://www.rockconcerts.be); 31 July - Dicky, Woodstock Festival, Steenwijk, Holland; 1st August - Plato, Helmond, Holland
- Photos from the Yukon International Bike Show of 28 June 2003 can be seen here: http://www.yukon-cafe.ch/uriaheep.htm

- On the Terrapin Music site is the final update on track listings for both the newly remastered special editions of "The Magician's Birthday" and "Live 73"! Check out all the bonus tracks... http://www.terrapinmusic.com (and go to the "Uriah Heep" section)


- The Charity Auction at Ken Hensley's site is now over! A list with the winners can be seen following the link at http://www.ken-hensley.com . Here's a message from Ken: “Hi everyone! I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” to all of you who bid in the auction. I really didn’t doubt that you would come through but I was really pleasantly surprised that we raised so much money! And an enormous thanks to Rodrigo for putting it all together too!! We’ll begin processing the details on Monday and start shipping as each “order” is cleared. Then, once we are finished we will present the cheque to Father Paco and he has already said that he wants to write to all of you too! We have also donated some sports equipment and some school desks that I came across (quite by accident) so, all in all, we’re going to make some under-privileged kids very happy!! Later this year we will do another auction as well as a benefit concert but, for now, please enjoy the pleasure of having given to some very needy kids and please accept my sincere and grateful thanks. God bless, Ken Hensley <><"

- Breaking news!!!! Bernie Shaw and John Lawton will be recording the "Shaw/Lawton" project, at some point this year!! They have been talking about it for quite a while now and finally found a record company, that will back it. Obviously, their plans have to take into consideration, what Uriah Heep and the John Lawton Band are doing, but they think they can find a spot... The album will consist of some Heep tracks, some originals and maybe a couple of classics! So they are asking the Heepsters to write in and suggest what Heep songs they would like to hear and maybe even some suggestions for the Classics (definitely not "My Way"
;-)! Suggestions can be sent to JLB@ntlworld.com !

- The brand new John Lawton Band studio album, "Sting in the Tale", is now in stock and ready to be shipped on Monday July 14th!! For orders: http://www.johnlawtonband.com or http://www.classicrockproductions.com

- The news about Erol Sora, JLB's guitar player who recently went in for surgery on his back, are good! He is now out of hospital and feeling a lot better. We all wish Erol a quick recovery, we want to see you playing live again soon mate!!


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