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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
June 11 - Brno, Czech Republic (venue TBA)
July 1 - De Fabriek, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
July 2 - Bospop Festival, Weert, Holland
July 31 - La 15ème édition de l'Estivale Open Air, Place Nova-Fribourgo, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
August 5 - Holjat Festival, Forssa, Finland
August 6 - Ankka Festival, Korso Soccer Pitch, near Helsinki, Finland
August 11 - Venice Rock Festival, Venice, Italy
September 9 - Jack Rocks Open Air, Faak Am See, Austria
September 10 - Planet Music, Vienna, Austria
September 23 - Tent Festival, Schupfart Nr Basel, Switzerland
All details, links, etc.:

- Bospop Festival July 2nd in Weert, The Netherlands!  Uriah Heep will be on stage at 16.45 in the afternoon.  A PDF timetable is available at http://www.bospop.nl .

- New pictures from Uriah Heep live are added to the 2005 tour page at
http://www.uriah-heep.com .

- For those who have been asking... here's the current setlist:
Blood Red Roses / Cry Freedom / Rainbow Demon / So Tired / Words In Distance / If I Had The Time / Year And A Day / Between Two Worlds / Love In Silence / Free Me / Sunrise / Only The Young / The Other Side Of Midnight / Gypsy / Look At Yourself / July Morning / Easy Livin? / Lady In Black .

- This is an absolutely great site, with some series of really cool Heep photos under each thumbnail!  Check them out:
http://www.repfoto.com/repfoto/uriah%20heep/index.htm .

- A nice 1972 poster featuring The Heep:
http://members.tripod.com/great_offwhite_dude/buxton-72.html .


- This is the tentative tracklisting for the upcoming 2-CD David Byron Anthology, as put together by Robert Corich (this has yet to be approved by Sanctuary, who's going to release the anthology soon):

** CD 1 (The Early Years and Uriah Heep)
. It's All In The Game (David Byron)
. It's Alright Now (David Byron)
. Wanna Thank You Girl (John Schroeder)
. The Bird Has Flown (John Schroeder)
. Witchi Tai To (John Schroeder)
. Born In A Trunk (Uriah Heep)
. Come Away Melinda (Uriah Heep)
. Wake Up Set Your Sights (Uriah Heep)
. Gypsy (Uriah Heep)
. The Wizard (Uriah Heep)
. Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep)
. Rain (Uriah Heep)
. Stealin' (Uriah Heep)
. Sweet Freedom (Uriah Heep)
. Wonderworld (Uriah Heep)
. The Easy Road - live 74 (Uriah Heep)
. Beautiful Dream (Uriah Heep)
. Rock'n'Roll Medley (Uriah Heep)

** CD 2 (Solo Albums and Later Years)
. Man Full Of Yesterdays (David Byron)
. Love Song (David Byron)
. Midnight Flyer (David Byron)
. What's Goin' On - prev unreleased (David Byron)
. Silver White Man - prev unreleased version (David Byron)
. Scared (Rough Diamond)
. Hobo (Rough Diamond)
. Sea Song (Rough Diamond)
. Baby Faced Killer (David Byron)
. Heaven Or Hell (David Byron)
. All In Your Mind (David Byron)
. African Breeze (David Byron)
. Down On My Luck (David Byron)
. How Do You Sleep? (Byron Band)
. Piece Of My Love (Byron Band)
. Safety In Numbers (Byron Band)
. Learn To Dance (Byron Band)

- At the sHeep Market on June 18 is already a success, with 250 attendees confirmed yet!  More details at
http://www.moreheep.com/sheep2005/ .

- Summer Sale at Ken-Hensley.com... check it out at
http://www.ken-hensley.com !

- A bit of trivia!  A stamp with Ken Hensley's "Eager To Please" album cover was released in Joensuu, Finland, on April 22nd 2005!  The person behind this is Heikki Kyll?tinen.  Nowadays in Finland it is possible to get official stamps from your own photos.  Those stamps can be used only in Finland of course.  As Heikki adds: "'Eager To Please' was released in 1975 so this could be called a '30th Anniversary Stamp', right?  There are at the moment only about 200 stamps mainly for Ken's personal use, so unfortunately it is not possible to send
them to all Ken Hensley / Uriah Heep fans".  But in any way if you have a colour printer you can print the stamps from the following page:
https://puoti.pmk.posti.fi/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/yp2.d2w/yleis?pic=ok795745290541113995072 .  Hurry as this link will be deleted one of these days!

- A recent interview with Chris Slade (in German), even talking about his time with The Heep, is now available at
http://www.drumhouse.com/drumhouse.html (thanks to Renate Fischer of SOT for the info).

- The mystery is finally solved: Trevor & Stella Hensley's twins are 2 beautiful girls!  They have been called Daisy May and Lulu Rose, and are going really well!  Anyone willing to send congratulations, please do so at TREVORHENSLEY@aol.com .

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