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- Phil Lanzon is helping out Sweet on keys at a show in Germany...
tomorrow!!  Read all details here:

- Upcoming Heep gigs:
July 30th - Kortrijk, Belgium (http://www.rockconcerts.be/uriahheep)
July 31st - Dickies Woodstock Festijn, Witte Paarden, The Netherlands
August 1st - Helmond, The Netherlands
August 2nd - Rock Festival, Brienz/Bern, Switzerland
Regarding the July 30th gig in Belgium, there's a special promotion:
English version:
This is for the pure Heep fan!  We can offer you our VIP package for the
July 30th Uriah Heep gig at Kortrijk Belgium.  These packages are strictly
limited and are offered to you for 250 Euro.  What do you get?
1. Tickets for two persons
2. Backstage entrance where you can meet the artists
3. 10 food tickets
4. Free drinks backstage (beer and refreshments)
5. Two persons room in top class Hotel Damier, for the night from 30/7 to 31/7
Subscribe sending an e-mail to franky@rockconcerts.be or calling 0032
Dutch version:
Voor de echte Uriah Heep fan of gewoon voor de pure genieter kunnen wij u
onze VIP paketten aanbieden.  Deze paketten zijn strikt gelimiteerd en
worden u aangeboden voor de prijs van 250 Euro.
Voor deze som krijgt u het volgende:
1. Inkom voor 2 personen
2. Backstagetoegang voor 2 personen alwaar u oa de artiesten kan ontmoeten
3. 10 Eetbonnen
4. Gratis drank in de backstageruimte (bieren & frisdranken)
5. 2persoonskamer in het gerenomeerde Hotel Damier, voor de nacht van 30/7
op 31/7
Voor in te schrijven: mail naar franky@rockconcerts.be of bel 0032


- The "Lady In Black Maxi Single CD" is now available at
http://www.ken-hensley.com !  It includes 4 different, brand new versions
of the Uriah Heep classic "Lady In Black", recorded in 2003.  At the
website's online store it's possible to listen to some soundbytes of 2 of
the versions.  Also available now are signed Russian "Running Blind
Posters", as well as the last batch of signed "A Glimpse Of Glory" CDs (the
original version from 1999)!

- John Lawton will be doing "Total Rock" radio with Malcolm Dome on
Saturday 26th July, between 19:30 & 21:00, plugging "Sting In The Tale"...
don't miss it!!  More details at http://www.totalrock.com

- A personal message from John Lawton to the fans:
"Hi guys and gals...
Now that the shipping of "Sting In The Tale" is underway, I would like to
say thanks for your patience and again, apologise, that the cover is not
the one, we originally intended it to be. It was beyond our control, but
hopefully the music will carry it through...
I would also like to add a few more "thanks" than was possible in the CD
Firstly to my wife Iris, who has burned the "midnight oil" on her computer,
making sure that all the orders went out as promptly as possible and having
to deal with all the problems of pricing, cover, etc. that were thrown at
us at the last minute. She does a great job and I love her to bits.....
To all the webmasters, who try and keep up with the "coming and goings"
and that ain't always easy :-))))).....
To the guys in JLB.....
Benjy (animal on the drums) :-)) who layed down all the drum tracks in a
day and a half....wow !!...
Erol, who had to find the right position to play, sometimes lying down to
ease his back pain, but once again proving just how good a
player/songwriter he is......
Leon, for being one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, aswell as being
a fine keyboarder/guitar player and will re-string anybody's guitar at the
"drop of a hat"... :-))))
Steve, who contributed so much to this album, not only in his playing (pure
genius) and songwriting but also being my right hand man, when it came down
to the nitty gritty.......
The album bears my name as producer (well somebody has to carry the can)
:-)))) and it was a joy to do, but all the guys were there, when it mattered.
Finally, to all our friends out there....... thank you for your friendship
and continued support, we love ya'
To order your own signed copy, please go to http://www.johnlawtonband.com
and click on "Merchandise"!


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