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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
July 31 - La 15?e ?ition de l'Estivale Open Air, Place Nova-Fribourgo, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
August 5 - Holjat Festival, Forssa, Finland
August 6 - Ankka Festival, Korso Soccer Pitch, near Helsinki, Finland
August 11 - Venice Rock Festival, Venice, Italy
September 9 - Jack Rocks Open Air, Faak Am See, Austria
September 10 - Planet Music, Vienna, Austria
September 23 - Tent Festival, Schupfart Nr Basel, Switzerland
All details, links, etc.:

- Brand new interview with Mick Box at the "Classic Rock Revisited" website: http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/Interviews05/mickbox.htm .

Pictures from the Bospop Festival 2005 featuring Uriah Heep can be seen at: http://www.bospop.nl/media/zaterdag2/index.htm .

- June 15th was the birthday of Heep's lead singer (and joker) Bernie Shaw... Congratulations Bernie!!

- Another reason for a celebration: "Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble", Heep's first album, was released in Europe on the 19th of June 1970 - 35 years ago!  Thanks to Tapio Minkkinen for the reminder...

- Arrow Classic Rock has released a 3-CD compilation called "The Best Symfo Rock" to promote the Bospop Festival, and Uriah Heep's "July Morning" is included.  More details at
http://www.imusic.dk/item/0602498303320/v-a-2005-best-of-symfo-rock-cd .


- David Byron 2-Hour Radio Special!  ARFM radio (
http://www.arfm.co.uk) in the UK will present a 2-hour programme dedicated to David Byron on Sunday the 10th of July, from 16:00 to 18:00, the day before Sanctuary release "Man Of Yesterday".  The DJ is Paul Chamberlain, and station details are: ARfm Sky Digital Channel 913, Europewide via Eurobird 1 Satellite and streaming online at http://www.arfm.co.uk .

- Photos from the 2005 sHeep Market - Dutch Heep Convention can be found here:
http://www.classicrockphotos.nl/classic-27/page6.html and http://www.soni76.de/circle-of-hands-18.06.05.html. Reviews about the whole event are here: http://www.moreheep.com/sheep2005/2005review.htm and http://www.rena.onlinehome.de/SOT/sheepmarket2005.html .

- A brand new interview with Ken Hensley, talking about his career after Heep and current and future plans, can be found on the new issue (#228, July 2005) of the Brazilian "Rock Brigade" magazine (

- The "Rhythms of the World" festival is taking place in Hitchin, Hertsfordshire (in the UK) next weekend and Trevor Hensley will be playing three times: on Saturday 9th July, 1.00 p.m. on the Willow Stage, 3.20 p.m. on BBC 3 counties radio (playing live and interview) and 5.00 p.m. on the Eclectic stage.  This is a great weekend with a really diverse range of music and entertainment, so you UK music fans don't miss it!

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