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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
July 31 - La 15ème édition de l'Estivale Open Air, Place Nova-Fribourgo, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
August 5 - Holjat Festival, Forssa, Finland
August 6 - Ankka Festival, Korso Soccer Pitch, near Helsinki, Finland
August 11 - Venice Rock Festival, Venice, Italy
August 12 - Rock in Izola, Izola, Slovenia
September 9 - Planet Music, Vienna, Austria
September 10 - Jack Rocks Open Air, Faak Am See, Austria
September 23 - Tent Festival, Schupfart Nr Basel, Switzerland
February 10 - The Red Tree Music Festival, MMrad Grounds Bandra, Mumbai, India
All details, links, etc.:

- Some new unusual Uriah Heep covers!  Thanks to Evert Achterberg...
* "Lady in Black" goes jazz:
* "Easy Livin'" for religious fanatics:
* Czech Uriah Heep cover band's website, incl. a "Circle of Hands" sound file:

- Trivia time... memories from Heepster David Chetkin: "There was a small movie theatre with a balcony in Long Beach, California called the Fox Theatre on Ocean Blvd., a block from the Long Beach Convention Center and the Queen Mary.  It had to be in 1970 or 71.  What triggers this is having read the news that Long John Baldry passed away.  Uriah and Baldry were the only 2 acts I saw before making Long Beach Arena my second home.  I remember distinctly that Baldry played on a 4th of July weekend, being drowned out sometimes by firecrackers.  Heep might have been on 'Look At Yourself' but I can not be sure.  Are there any recollections from the band members regarding lost dates?".  Mick Box comments: "Yes that was a good tour and an old friend of ours Denny Ball was on bass with Long John Baldry.  Denny played with me and Lee on David?s solo album.  Long John Baldry was quite a character and will be sadly missed.  Characters like that do not seem to be around in the music scene today which is a shame.".


- Heepvention 2005 update... Dave Griffin, one of the main organisers, speaks: "We're having as special guest Doc Schaff who was the original drummer on The McCoys 60's hit 'Hang on Sloopy'.  His band De-Ja-Who will play that as part of the Classic Rock set".  All other details up at
http://www.heepvention05.com .

- Bob Daisley's progressive hard rock group Kahvas Jute from 1970 held a reunion gig on 17 July.  As well as Bob were original members Dennis Wilson and Tim Gaze with Cliff Hoad brought in on drums.  The gig was held at the Basement night club in Sydney in front of family, friends and fans lucky enough to hear about it.  The show was filmed and recorded and apparently will be released as a live album and DVD to coincide with a re-release of their 1970 album "Wide Open" with extra tracks recorded this year.  Anyone familiar with the album can rest assured the new tracks rock just as hard as the original classics.  Thanks to  Michael Keating for the info!

- An article on Ken Hensley was published on the latest issue of the German "Good Times" magazine (
http://www.goodtimes-magazin.de).  Also, on the latest issue of the "Rock Brigade" magazine in Brazil a review on Ken Hensley's "The Wizard's Diary" CD was published... 8 out of 10!

- Errata: on the latest e-heep newsletter we announced John Lawton's birthday as being on June 11th, but we should have written July 11th instead!  Also, we wrote "Congratulations to John and Paul", where it should read "John and Peter" as we were talking about Peter Goalby.  All those beers...  ;-)  Sorry for the confusion!

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