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- Upcoming Uriah Heep gigs:
Oct 16 - Tel Aviv - Israel - Wohl Amphitheater
Oct 17 - Haifa - Israel - Congress Hall
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205
Nov 7 - The Magician's Birthday Party - John Wetton & John Lawton at the
Mean Fiddler
Nov 8 - The Magician's Birthday Party - Uriah Heep & Wishbone Ash at the
London Astoria
** Uriah Heep on tour with Deep Purple **
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Finland - Ice Hall
Nov 22 - Tallinn - Estonia - Saku Suurhall / Arena
Nov 24 - Stockholm - Sweden - Hovet
Nov 25 - Oslo - Norway - Spektrum
Nov 27 - Gothenburg - Sweden - Liseberghallen
Nov 28 - Malmö - Sweden - Baltiska Hallen
Nov 29 - Århus - Denmark - Scandinavia Congres Center
Nov 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark - KB Hallen

- Uriah Heep are now on position 29 on the Worlds Best Band!! Thanks to all
who voted: 407 votes so far, hopefully more to come.  Please vote now if
you haven't yet!!  Here's the
link:  http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html .

- "The Ultimate Collection" did , and still does very well in the
Scandinavian and Finnish CD charts!  Check out:
http://www.yle.fi/top40/index.php?page=lista_top40, this is the Finnish
official albums chart from week 32 when the collection
was at highest position 11 (check
http://www.saunalahti.fi/~htapiom/fin/lista.jpg).  It's now at 17th so this
means already 8 weeks in Top30 and 7 consecutive weeks in Top20!  Also,
http://www.saunalahti.fi/~htapiom/fin/lista2.jpg , this being the chart of
Anttila - the biggest Finnish department store chain - from last week.  The
CD is at no. 8 there now, but it was at no. 6 a few of weeks ago when it
was 11th on the official chart.  Thanks to Tapio Minkkinen.  In Norway, the
CD dropped to number 19 this week but still hanging in there (thanks to
Egil Bokn).

- The World Nature Festival's site has about 150 Heep pictures at
http://www.fp-pix.de/ !  We also have a new pictures link for the July 30th
concert in Belgium: http://www.moreheep.com/holland2003/kortrijk.htm
.  Last but not least, pictures from the August 1st gig in Helmond,
Holland: http://home.planet.nl/~pelle237/index.htm

- HEEPVENTION 2003 Update!!  The organizers say: "We are very appreciative
to the many people who preregistered for the Heepvention in Anaheim, CA in
October.  Based on the positive support we received, we moved forward with
making plans, booking the venue, etc.; however, the actual registration has
been very light, and we could be in danger of having to cancel the
event.  We are all still very excited about holding the Heepvention and DO
NOT want to have to make the decision to cancel and miss this wonderful
opportunity for Heepsters from all over to get together for fun,
socialising, and of course, celebrating the music and legacy of the
greatest band in the history of Rock and Roll!  Please remember that you
are not actually registered until you fill in the official form and send in
your payment.  If you haven't already submitted your registration, please
try to get it in right away, or contact dalhel@earthlink.net for other
arrangements.  Thank you, HV03 committee."

- We have great "new" pictures in our Heep archive of the Dutch 1980 Heep
gig in Utrecht.  The line-up then: John Sloman, Mick Box, Trevor Bolder,
Ken Hensley & Chris Slade.  Thumbnails direct you to big sized photos:
http://members.home.nl/vriensr/utrecht1980/utrecht19802/ (thanks to Hilco
Arendshorst & Harrie Otten).

- As we know, Uriah Heep impressed the 30,000-rock fans crowd at the Dutch
Arrow Classic Rock Festival on June 27th.  Reports and pictures keep coming
in.  New links are added to http://www.classicrockfestival.info .  Arrow
Classic Rock Radio (http://www.arrow.nl) celebrates the 100th broadcast of
Kees Baars (Heepfan!!) "sympho programme" for this station on October 18th
and 19th with a "sympho top 40".  Listeners are requested to send in their
"sympho top 10".  Lets all vote for "July Morning".  Just send an email to
baars@arrow.nl .  Arrow Classic Rock Radio can be listened at:

(thanks to Jos Min).

- Uriah Heep's "Stay On Top" videoclip was broadcasted on VH-1 Classic on
the "Rock Fest" segment on 20th August.  Another Heep sighting so to
speak... Planet Rock Internet radio featured Heep on their "ROCK LEGENDS"
segment on August 29th at 16:00 EST.  Planet Rock is a UK based I-Net
station.  Started off with that the band was known originally as "Spice",
original line up of David Byron, Mick Box, Ken Hensley, Alex Napier and
Paul Newton.  Then revealed that they became UH in the '70s.  Played the
following songs: "Gypsy", followed by "Bird of Prey".  Thanks to Keith Shaw
for the info.


- John Lawton & Steve Dunning with Steerforth - 2VCDs "Steppin' It Up in
Japan 2002":
http://www1.odn.ne.jp/~cam83420/event/jlsd2002/video.htm .  Filmed at the
"Circle of Hands" meeting last year, this original video was edited by Dave
White and transferred to VCD format by the Carolina Heepsters Association
(CHA).  If you have not seen this, you need to!  Available in PAL or NTSC
formats, a two disc set packaged in great artwork in double DVD case.  All
contact information is available, this item is approved by John Lawton
himself.  These VCDs include the sightseeing video of John and Steve in
Japan and their concert video at Ebisu Guilty, Tokyo, July 21st,
2002.  Also the Japanese Heep cover band "Steerforth" joined in the first
half of their concert.  John & Steve played on "Still Payin' My Dues..",
"Feelings","Firefly/Come Back To Me", "Wise Man", "Tonight", "Shoulder To
Cry On", etc.  Price: 2VCDs/NTSC (worldwide), US$12 plus shipping &
handling (for USA: US$ 2; rest of the world: US$ 5).  Please notice:
Following requests, now NTSC & PAL copy are available!  If you want to
order this, please email Hiro Matsushita at sweetfreedom2000@yahoo.co.jp
.  Highly recommended collectors item!

- Ken Hensley's new studio CD, called "The Last Dance", is now mixed!  A
new update (including details about the special limited edition) can be
found on Ken's site (http://www.ken-hensley.com), under the "News"
link.  Also, brand new tourdates have been just announced!  Ken Hensley &
band will be playing in Ukraine and Russia in September, promoting the
brand new album.  Check out the "Tourdates" section on the site for details.

- A while ago we mentioned here a new book being prepared in Russia about
several personalities, and now we have the confirmation that the famous
Russian/American/French writer Vasily Aksenov
(http://it.stlawu.edu/~rkreuzer/ltrn101/aksenov.htm)  is going to write
about Ken Hensley.  More news about this special project soon!

- Available through CHA is their book "Tales of Heeplore".  A collectors
book for all true Heep fans, but please notice that only less then 30
copies remain from their only printing of this!!!  When they are gone, they
are gone.  The price is only US$ 15.  For those of interest, check out
http://www.travellersintime.com and click on the marquee passing under the
banner ("Uriah Heep Collectibles").

- Stay On Top, the Uriah Heep Fanclub in Germany, has a brand new website:
follow either http://www.uriahheep.de or http://www.stay-on-top.de !  A
great work by Renate Fischer, who might be contacted ar
sot@rena.onlinehome.de .

- Last week we included a link to Uwe Reuter's great Uriah Heep books, but
we forgot to mention that the story isn't over yet... after releasing the
main piece and 4 "yearbooks" (from 1999 to 2002), a new yearbook ("Hold
Your Head Up") is already planned for a May 2004 release, covering the 2003
Heepy facts!  For complete details and ordering, please visit his website
at http://www.uriahheepbooks.de .

- Today, Sept 3rd, Trevor Hensley (Ken's brother) will be playing at the
Boat Race in Cambridge.  It is a singer/songwriters night so it will all
original stuff.  But for good measure Stella (Trevor's wife) and her
guitarist John Wright will also be playing songs from their new CD so there
will be double the value.  Kicks off around 8.30 p.m.  Fans of Trevor's
music should also check out his web site (http://www.trevorhensley.com) and
click on the "Fun Stuff" icon.  It shows a different side to music!!


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