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- Tour dates in December have been added to the website.. seems it will be a very Heepy Holiday season in "Beerland"! These dates are subject to change but here they are as they stand now.
Oct 16 - Tel Aviv - Israel - Wohl Amphitheater
Oct 17 - Haifa - Israel - Congress Hall
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205
Nov 7 - The Magician's Birthday Party - John Wetton & John Lawton at the Mean Fiddler
Nov 8 - The Magician's Birthday Party - Uriah Heep & Wishbone Ash at the London Astoria
** Uriah Heep on tour with Deep Purple **
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Finland - Ice Hall
Nov 22 - Tallinn - Estonia - Saku Suurhall / Arena
Nov 24 - Stockholm - Sweden - Hovet
Nov 25 - Oslo - Norway - Spektrum
Nov 27 - Gothenburg - Sweden - Liseberghallen
Nov 28 - Malmö - Sweden - Baltiska Hallen
Nov 29 - Århus - Denmark - Scandinavia Congres Center
Nov 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark - KB Hallen
** Heep in Beerland ** - The following dates are subject to change!
Dec 3 - Hannover - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 4 - Koln - Germany - E-Werk
Dec 5 - Vacha - Germany - Vachwerkhalle
Dec 6 - Karlsruhe - Germany - Schwarzwaldhalle
Dec 7 - Sarrburg - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 9 - Memmingen - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 11 - Munchen - Germany - Eiserhalle
Dec 12 - Hamburg - Germany - Fabrik
Dec 13 - Neumarkt - Germany - GR Jurahalle
Dec 14 - Lichtenfels - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 16 - Tuttlingen - Germany - Neue Stadthalle
Dec 18 - Stuttgart - Germay - FilharmonieIL Filderstadt
Dec 19 - Nordenham - Germany - Nordenham Stadthalle (To be determined)
Dec 21 - Hamels - Germany - Rattenfangerhalle

- A new "exhibit" featuring pictures taken by Mick Box will be on the site in the upcoming weeks! These promise to be "quite interesting!"... watch this space!

- There are still tickets available for the 2003 Magician's Birthday Party... be sure to get yours now. Please surf over to
http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/mbp2003.html for all the details. This year's event will be held at the Astoria Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, on Saturday November 8th. Doors open at 6pm. Special guest stars this year will be John Lawton and John Wetton!

- The review on the concert recently happened in Lorca, Spain, can be found at http://www.moreheep.com/heepnieuws.htm .

- Uriah Heep Belgian gig report: http://www.rockreport.be/gigreport.asp?id=24 (thanks to Franky Bruyneel).

- Some past issues of Classic Rock Productions' Uriah Heep Journals still are available for ordering. See the ordering page at

- We are getting many requests again for lyrics and chords from Heep songs. Please note that we have many of these available at
http://www.uriah-heep.com/goodies/chords.html as well as http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/1079/htapiom/discogr/index.htm (Tapio
Minkkinen's site) and tablatures for many of the old and new songs courtesy of Per Rannug at http://home.online.no/~prannug/heep/heeptabs.htm .

- Steve Honest, Mick Box's guitar tech, has a complete set of all the backstage passes from all of the shows of 2002... and would consider trading for some Heepy stuff. :-) Steve says: "... the only exceptions being the March shows in Germany from 2002, as I wasn't on board yet". At the time of this writing, these were available still. Please send an e-mail to Steve at Stevehonest@hotmail.com .

- Soundbits from the recently released Uriah Heep Tribute CD, "A Return To Fantasy", can be found here: http://www.spv.de/scripts/ktrack_e.asp?nummer=774012&label=ns

- Uriah Heep are now on position 22 on the Worlds Best Band!! Thanks to all who voted: 553 votes so far. Please vote now if you haven't yet, soon we'll be in front of Pearl Jam and Guns N'Roses! Here's the link: http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html (thanks to Egil Bokn).

- Another poll, this one at a site that's at nearly 9 million hits. We suggest that everyone vote for "Demons & Wizards" for Best Melodic/Hard Rock album so that we get maximum impact! Here's the link: http://www.melodicrock.com/vote-bestever.html (thanks to Jay "DeepHeep" Pearson).

- A new Swiss Uriah Heep website is now online: http://www.uriah-heep-romandie.com/

- An old (but quite interesting) interview with Lee Kerslake can be found here: http://www.the-fuze.com/lkerslake.html (thanks to Ron Mann of "Travellers In Time" - http://www.travellersintime.com - for the tip).


- From MelodicRock.com: Jimmy Barnes and cohorts Jon Lord, Steve Morse and Bob Daisley have been hard at it recording the debut album for new project The Meek. Here's a blurb from the band's executive producer Drew Thompson: "Hi guys, I just thought I should drop you a short note regarding Jimmy's new project. Last February, Jimmy hooked up with an old mate, Deep Purple's Jon Lord, when they recorded at The Basement (The CD/DVD will be out in the next few months through EMI -Tony will keep you informed). Through Jon he met Bob Daisley who has played on some of the great rock albums including Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath & Rainbow (just to name a few). They tentatively discussed a recording project, and thankfully the project which originally was called Blizzard fell into place. Jimmy headed off to the USA in early July and met up with Steve Morse (Deep Purple), and Bob Daisley/Lee Kerslake (aka Ozzy Osbourne's band). Back here in Australia, I was a little tentative on how it would all work out. I arrived a week into the project to find they had done 11 songs - yes, 11 songs. Now I have to say it has been one the most amazing musical experiences of my career with the guys recording 11 phenomenal tracks. I can tell you that you have never heard Jimmy like this. His vocal delivery is outstanding - power with control, and the tones he has achieved are better than anything I have heard from any vocalist, anywhere! Due to timing, mixing, etc., it will probably be released early 2004, unless we can pull off a miracle and get a single out earlier. Believe me this is worth waiting for... Cheers, Drew" (thanks to Henrik Kjellerup). Pictures from the recordings of this album can be found at http://www.bobdaisley.com/Photo_Gallery7.htm . Also available on Daisley's website are an interview with Lee Kerslake and a reply from Bob and Lee to the March "Guitar World" article: http://www.bobdaisley.com .

- Ken Hensley and band are back in tour... Read the first installments of the new diary on Ken's site: http://www.ken-hensley.com! And check out the tourdates there too. The touring band is: Ken Hensley - lead vocals, keyboards, guitars; Fabian Santangelo - lead guitar; John Smithson - bass guitar; Tommy Lopez - drums; Jorge Henderson - sound engineer.

- Suonna Kononen wrote this small article for the biggest newspaper in Joensuu, Finland, called Karjalainen (47,000 copies): http://www.geocities.com/~wonderworld/images/ken_ad_01.jpg . It says: "In March 2002 here in Joensuu played Ken Hensley, who has released a new miniCD called 'Lady In Black'. There will be four new versions of this Uriah Heep classic written by Hensley. North Carelian Heep & Hensley specialist Heikki Kyllästinen has ordered one hundred CDs with Hensley's autograph and will sell them to those who want it for the same price he bought them. You can get in touch with Kyllästinen by email: heikki.kyllastinen@kolumbus.fi". Besides, Heikki brought one copy to the local radio station "Radio Rex" in Joensuu, as they have a "Jukebox" which is working from 6pm to 6am... people can call them and choose what they wanna hear, and the songs will be randomly put to play after 20 minutes. For new records they have a "Hotlist" (songs added to the "Jukebox"). Check out what is on the "Hotlist" right now: http://www.radiorex.fi/layout/index.htm ... Ken's brand new version of "Lady In Black"! It's on number 2711. Thanks to Heikki Kyllästinen for the great work!

- Upcoming John Lawton Band concerts:
Sept 18 - Blues Garage - Hannover/ Isernhagen - Germany
Sept 19 - Down Town Blues Club - Hamburg - Germany
Sept 20 - Neu Helgoland - Berlin (Müggelsee) - Germany
More details at http://www.johnlawtonband.com

- The very first concert by Ken's previous touring band, "Free Spirit", happened in Kokkola, Finland on March 1st 2002. Rainer Frilund wrote this report about it: go to http://www.saunalahti.fi/fubb/index.htm , then select "About" and from there "The First Ever Non-Finnish Wishbone Ash Member in Kokkola".

- Tons of neat Heep-related stuff can be read on Kevin Julie's "Universal Wheels" site: http://www.travellersintime.com/uw/index.htm . Check it out now!

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