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- The Heep on Tour!!!
Oct 16 - Tel Aviv - Israel - Wohl Amphitheater
Oct 17 - Haifa - Israel - Congress Hall
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205
Nov 7 - The Magician's Birthday Party - John Wetton Band & John Lawton Band at the Mean Fiddler
Nov 8 - The Magician's Birthday Party - Uriah Heep & Focus at the London Astoria
** Uriah Heep on tour with Deep Purple **
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Finland - Ice Hall
Nov 22 - Tallinn - Estonia - Saku Suurhall / Arena
Nov 24 - Stockholm - Sweden - Hovet
Nov 25 - Oslo - Norway - Spektrum
Nov 27 - Gothenburg - Sweden - Liseberghallen
Nov 28 - Malmö - Sweden - Baltiska Hallen
Nov 29 - Århus - Denmark - Scandinavia Congres Center
Nov 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark - KB Hallen
** Uriah Heep on tour with Blue Öyster Cult **
Dec 3 - Hannover - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 4 - Koln - Germany - E-Werk
Dec 5 - Saarburg - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 6 - Karlsruhe - Germany - Festhalle Durlach
Dec 7 - Mannheim - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 9 - Memmingen - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 11 - Munchen - Germany - Muffakthalle
Dec 12 - Hamburg - Germany - Fabrik
Dec 13 - Tuttlingen - Germany - Neue Stadthalle
Dec 14 - Lichtenfels - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 16 - Nurnburg - Germany - Lowensaal
Dec 18 - Stuttgart - Germay - Filharmonie Filderstadt
Dec 19 - Nordenham - Germany - Nordenham Stadthalle

- We are very happy to announce that Focus will appear as special guests at the Magician's
Birthday Party 2003 in London UK on November 8th. Heepsters from all over the world do come
over to meet and greet each other and to watch headliner Uriah Heep again. Thijs van Leer
was one of the special guests at The Magician's Birthday Party 2001 when he played the flute
on three songs. His magnificent appearance can be watched on the related DVD. Focus also
played at the Astoria during the Classic Rock Festival 2002 as special guests of Caravan.

- "See You On The Road - A Photo Essay From Mick Box"! Check these cool pics taken by Mick
during the recent Heep concerts: http://www.uriah-heep.com/Mickpics/ . All captions written
by Mick himself!

- As reported here previously, Mick Box played on two songs on Spearfish's covers album,
"Back, For The Future". The songs are Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" and Free's "The
Stealer". The complete info can be found at Mick's site: http://www.mick-box.com/ . All proceeds
will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation. The CD will be available for orders from "Sweden
Rock" (http://www.swedenrock.com) on October 31st 2003. The price will be approximately 15 Euro /
US$ 17 + shipping. Spearfish's homepage: http://www.swedenrock.com/spearfish .

- Heepvention 2003 will be happening during this weekend in Anaheim, California, USA!! As soon as we
get photos and news from the attendees, we'll post them at http://www.uriah-heep.com/hv03.html !
Have a great time fellow Heepsters!

- You can find a review and photos of Uriah Heep's show in Lorca, Spain, at "The Sentinel" at
http://www.thesentinelwebmag.com in Spanish.

- Worlds Best Band poll update! Thanks to all who voted: 689 votes so far. The Heep is now in #20,
and soon we'll beat Led Zeppelin, so please keep voting!! Here's the link:
http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html (thanks to Egil Bokn).

- We all voted for "July Morning" to get the song into the Arrow "Symphonic Top 40". The top 40 will be
broadcasted on October 18 and 19 between 20.00 en 23.00, DJ Kees Baars. Tune in at
(please copy and paste the whole URL into your browser's address field, if
clicking here doesn't work).

- You can also vote at national Dutch radio for "Easy Livin'" in the "Top 70 of the 70ths". Please go to
http://portal.omroep.nl/radio?nav=wpabHsHdDoBVfEJ and click on STEMMEN, look for "Easy Livin'", and that's it!

- Paperlate Rock Radio is compiling a progressive rock list for the 400th anniversary broadcast. Send your "Top 10" list (let's all put "Demons And Wizards" on #1 ;-) to DJ André Steyns at paperlate@concepts.nl .

- Thanks to Kurt Senn and his Swiss Heepy Archive, we are putting some nice and rare old Heep pics here: http://www.geocities.com/joerajahiep/pic0.htm


- The Rage! The supergroup collaboration of Jimmy Barnes (vocals - Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes solo), Bob Daisley (bass - Ozzy, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, etc.), Steve Morse (guitar - Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), Lee Kerslake (drums - Ozzy, Uriah Heep) and Don Airey (keyboards - Ozzy, Sabbath, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, etc.) is called The Rage. They recently recorded 11 tracks in Florida for their forthcoming CD, titled "Relentless". The project started as a dream of Bob Daisley nearly 20 years ago. Having co-written and played on the landmark Ozzy Osbourne albums "Diary Of A Madman" and "Blizzard of Ozz", selling in excess of 30 million albums worldwide, Bob had always wanted to give some of the more anthemic numbers that he had co-written a different perspective. The result is a hard rock project based around those two albums, plus the infusion of a number of new tracks in the same mould. Producer Darren Schneider (Deep Purple, Matchbox 20, Creed) is currently in Australia putting the finishing touches to the album mix, under the guidance of Jimmy Barnes and Bob Daisley, with Jimmy having just a few vocal harmonies and parts to add. The project has attracted amazing attention, with UNICEF requesting to use one of the new tracks, "In The Name of God", as part of a fundraising event to raise awareness and monies for the kids of Iraq. The album's release date is planned for February 2004, but there may be a single release prior to Christmas. Source:
http://www.JimmyBarnes.com (thanks to Kerrie Sutton). It is also important to add that the MelodicRock.com's info previously included here regarding The Meek (now named The Rage) was an uncredited lift from the Jimmy Barnes message board.

- Ken's new studio album, "The Last Dance", is now officially released in Russia! Pretty soon it will be also released in all the other markets. Meanwhile, a special limited edition, signed and numbered, is available only through Ken-Hensley.com (http://www.ken-hensley.com)! But hurry as only 500 copies were made!! Order yours their now... go to http://www.ken-hensley.com and click on the CD cover in the main page. In addition, the complete info (tracklisting, cover arts, etc.) about the Russian and the Limited Edition can be found now in the "Discography" section of the website (scroll down and click on "The Last Dance").

- The Online Chat with Ken Hensley will happen this Saturday, October 11th, beginning at 16:00 (4 pm) Spain time! To join it, please go to the "Goodies" page at http://www.ken-hensley.com , and click on the "Chat" link. That will mean, we guess, 15:00 (3 pm) in the UK, 10:00 in the USA East Coast, 7:00 in the USA West Coast, 11:00 in Brazil, 18:00 (6 pm) in Israel, 23:00 (11 pm) in Japan, and 16:00 (4 pm) in most of Europe.

- Good news! Jeff Perkins of Africanbreeze Books informs us that the new David Byron book will arrive from the print house this coming Thursday. They will be shipped as soon as they arrive and payments are received. If anyone who hasn't ordered yet and who wants a copy - please let him know as soon as possible as they are suddenly selling fast!! Also, if anyone has ordered but hasn't yet sent the payment please let him know as well to get it sorted out. Jeff's e-mail address: rockingrodents@btopenworld.com . If anyone else wants a copy the payment can be made via PayPal to rockingrodents@btopenworld.com. Cheques made payable to D. Perkins, or Cash (at sender's risk), can be sent to 10 Warren Lingley Way, Tiptree, Essex, CO50FE, England. The price will be (per book):
For shipping to USA/Canada: £12.50 plus £4.50, total: £17.00 (UK pounds)
For shipping to the UK: £12.50 plus £1.80, total: £14.30 (UK pounds)
For shipping to the rest of Europe: £12.50 plus £2.45, total: £14.95 (UK pounds)
Any other countries please e-mail Jeff at rockingrodents@btopenworld.com.

- Bernie Shaw and John Lawton will be doing "Total Rock" with Malcolm Dome on Saturday 25th October at about 20:00 (8 pm). For extra details: http://www.totalrock.com .

- During the recent John Lawton Band gigs in Germany, this has been the setlist:
1. Take You High (J.L.B 2003)
2. Give It Up (J.L.B 2003)
3. The Look Of Your Eyes (Z A R 1989)
4. One Way Ticket To Hell (L.F 1994)
5. Lately/I'll Be There (J.L.B 2003)
6. I'm Alive (U.H 1978)
7. Rollin' On (U.H 1977)
8. Burning Ships (L.F 1972)
9. Tracks of Time (J.L.B 2003)
10. Tomorrow (J.L 2000)
11. Breaking Out (J.L 1980)
12. Angels They Cry (J.L.B 2003)
13. Firefly/Come Back To Me (U.H 1977)
14. Heartbreaker (L.F 1994)
15. Free Me (U.H 1977)
It looks like their concert at the Magician's Birthday Party weekend will be something not to miss!!

- New JLB pics from the latest gigs in Germany (Eichstätt, Hamburg and Berlin) can be found at the Stay On Top website: http://www.uriahheep.de (thanks to Renate Fischer for the info).

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